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Released: 1991
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
1-1/2" Round Bristle Tree, Set Of 31991General Products00
12" Bristle Tree1991General Products10
2 Ft Plastic Lite Garland19912003Holidays20
2-1/2" Bristle Tree, Set Of 41991General Products70
4 Kids Decorating Tree 19911999Figurines60
4" Bristle Tree, Set Of 21991General Products70
4" Street Lamp19912003Holidays40
4" Street Lamp1991Holidays Seasons60
4" Tree1991Dickensvale10
6" Bristle Tree1991General Products20
9" Bristle Tree1991General Products00
Apothecary 19911996Lighted House / Building60
Apple Stand 19911999Figurines10
Bay Street Dry Goods 19911999Lighted House / Building00
Bayham Street Market 19911996Lighted House / Building00
Beadwell's Bank 19911996Lighted House / Building00
Book Store 19911994Lighted House / Building20
Boy and Girl on Sled 19911999Figurines00
Boy Throwing Snow 19911999Figurines10
Boy/Girl/Cat 19911999Figurines00
Brown & Son 19911993Lighted House / Building50
Camden Police Station 19911994Lighted House / Building00
Carollers 19911999Figurines50
Child Decorating Tree 19911997Figurines00
Children Dragging Tree 19911999Figurines10
Children with Tree 19911999Figurines00
Christmas Tree 19911994Lighted House / Building10
Counting House 19911999Lighted House / Building30
Country Store 19911996Lighted House / Building40
Cumberland House 19911996Lighted House / Building10
Dancing Couple 19911999Figurines00
Dickens Man 19911999Figurines30
Dickensvale Signboard 19911996Figurines10
Doctor's Commons 19911994Lighted House / Building10
Dog House 19911999Figurines20
Dombey & Son 19911994Lighted House / Building00
Elm Cottage 19911993Lighted House / Building10
Father & Son 19911999Figurines70
Flashing Stop Light19912003Holidays10
G. Norton, Esp. 19911993Lighted House / Building00
Gad's Hill Place 19911993Lighted House / Building10
Gift from Santa 19911996Figurines10
Girl At Mailbox 19911999Figurines00
Girl Holding Dog 19911999Figurines00
Girl walking with Dog 19911999Figurines00
Girl with Dog 19911999Figurines10
Girls & Gifts 19911999Figurines30
Helping Mom 19911997Dickensvale10
Horse and Buggy 19911999Figurines90
Horse and Coach 19911999Figurines40
Horse and Sleigh 19911999Figurines190
Horse/Wagon and Tree 19911999Figurines271
Kenwood House 19911996Lighted House / Building00
Large Town Hall 19911994Lighted House / Building00
Man Walking Dog 19911999Figurines30
Mother & Girl 19911999Figurines20
Mother and Son 19911999Figurines20
Mullen's Inn 19911996Lighted House / Building10
News Stand 19911997Figurines121
Oak Ridge Bridge1991Dickensvale70
Old Man 19911999Figurines10
Old Woman with Dog 19911999Figurines00
Organ Grinder 19911999Figurines20
Oval Bristle Tree Medium19912013Holidays00
Oval Bristle Tree Small19912015Holidays10
Parish Church 19911997Lighted House / Building20
Policeman 19911999Figurines10
Policeman with Dog 19911999Figurines00
Porcelain Gazebo1991Dickensvale160
Porcelain Stone Wall Set of 41991Dickensvale50
Post Office/Barber Shop 19911994Lighted House / Building20
Procelain 5" Tree1991Dickensvale00
Pumpkin Harvest, set of 3 19911999Figurines10
Pvc Mirror Lake19912003Holidays30
Red-Lion Restaurant 19911998Plymouth Corners30
Resting Deer 19911999Figurines60
Rolling Hoops 19911997Figurines00
Round Bristle Tree Small19912015Holidays00
Samuel Howe, MD 19911998Lighted House / Building00
Santa Ringing Bell 19911999Figurines10
School 19911993Lighted House / Building480
Seamstress 19911994Lighted House / Building20
Signboard, Merry Christmas 19911997Figurines10
Singing Girl (Green) 19911999Figurines00
Singing Girl (Red) 19911999Figurines00
Singing Man (Brown) 19911999Figurines00
Singing Man (Gray) 19911999Figurines10
Skating Couple 19911999Figurines20
Skating Kids with Dog 19911999Figurines00
Skating Pond 19911999Figurines120
Snowman 19911999Figurines381
Snowman and Kids 19911999Figurines110
St. Mary's Cathedral 19911994Lighted House / Building10
Stone Church blue 1991Lighted House / Building00
Swan Sled 19911997Figurines00
Sweet Shoppe 19911994Lighted House / Building10
Telephone Booth 19911999Figurines200
Three Kids with Towne Belle 19911999Figurines20
Town Band, set of 6 19911999Figurines00
Town Hall 19911996Lighted House / Building180
Town Library 19911996Lighted House / Building00
Train Station 19911994Lighted House / Building90
Train, set of 4 19911992Figurines20
Trash Can 19911997Figurines181
Trumpet Man 19911999Figurines00
Victorian House 19911994Lighted House / Building30
Village Church 19911993Lighted House / Building20
Violin Man 19911999Figurines00
Waiting for Mailman 19911999Figurines10
Waving Girl 19911999Figurines10
Well 19911999Figurines520
Wellington Academy 19911994Lighted House / Building00
Windsor Lodge 19911993Lighted House / Building00
Woman with Fruit Stand 19911999Figurines10

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