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Released: 2017
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
1870 House Bed & Breakfast20172018Sears Exclusive Product0
4.5v 1-output Adaptor White Fixed Us Plug2017General Products1
4.5v 3-output Adapter Black Fixed Eu Plug20172019Spooky Town0
4.5v 3-output Adapter White Changeable Plug20172019General Products0
4.5v 3-output Adapter White Fixed Eu Plug20172019General Products0
4.5v 3-output Adaptor Black Changeable Plug20172019Spooky Town0
A Cowboy Christmas20172019Vail Village0
A Cut Above Jewelers2017Caddington Village2
A Day In Town2017Caddington Village3
A Fine Vintage, Set Of 22017General Products2
A New Friend2017General Products0
A Pack Of Pups2017Vail Village0
Alexander's Apothecary20172019Caddington Village0
Allison House20172019Caddington Village0
Alpine Lodge Pet Retreat2017Michaels Exclusives5
Apres-ski Lodge2017Vail Village8
Argyle Hotel2017Caddington Village2
Bad To The Bone2017Spooky Town5
Bear Buffet2017General Products3
Bell's Gourmet Popcorn Factory2017Caddington Village8
Big Bear2017Gift Spice5
Big Pine Gas Station2017Vail Village7
Bike Ride, Set Of 32017General Products4
Black Cat Millinery, Set Of 22017Spooky Town5
Bloomers And Bicycles, Set Of 22017Caddington Village1
Bluebird Inn2017Caddington Village0
Bone Bridge2017Spooky Town11
Boot Drive At The Firehouse2017Caddington Village0
Bottoms Up Brewery20172018Sears Exclusive Product1
Boy's Best Friend2017Caddington Village0
Brad's Place2017Vail Village1
Broken Skull Bar2017Michaels Exclusives24
Buckleberry Church20172020Caddington Village0
Buckleberry Holiday Shoppe20172018Sears Exclusive Product2
Building A Sled2017Vail Village6
Caddington Visitor Center2017Caddington Village0
Can I Have Some Too, Set Of 22017General Products1
Candy Hunters, Set Of 220172018General Products0
Cauldron Broom Holder2017Spooky Town1
Cemetery Gate2017Spooky Town1
Chasing Multi Light Spruce Tree, Large2017General Products5
Chatting With Old Friends, Set Of 22017General Products1
Children Choir20172019Kmart Exclusive3
Christmas At The Farm2017Harvest Crossing2
Christmas Bristle Tree2017General Products15
Christmas Catastrophe2017Caddington Village4
Christmas Celebration2017Gift Spice11
Christmas Eve Party20172019Caddington Village0
Christmas Stories2017General Products5
Christmas Tree Dad2017Vail Village3
Cider Service, Set Of 32017Vail Village1
City Tattoo20172019Plymouth Corners0
Clear Light Evergreen Tree, Large2017General Products1
Clear Light Evergreen Tree, Medium2017General Products0
Clearing The Ice2017Vail Village0
Cocoa Cups2017Sugar n Spice12
Cocoa While We're Waiting2017Michaels Exclusives2
Coming Through2017Vail Village0
Countdown Clock Tower2017Gift Spice4
Cream For Kitty, Set Of 42017General Products0
Creepy Bellboy2017Spooky Town1
Creepy Camper2017Spooky Town9
Creepy Crawlies Pet Sitting2017Spooky Town4
Creepy Neighborhood House2017Spooky Town7
Crepes & Croissants Bakery2017Caddington Village4
Dainty Cottage Collectables & Antiques2017Caddington Village0
Darla's Dolls2017Caddington Village2
Daytime Delivery, Set Of 220172019Kmart Exclusive0
Dead Fraternity2017Spooky Town0
Decorating The Tree2017Gift Spice5
Delivering Milk2017Harvest Crossing1
Dj Wolfman, Set Of 32017Spooky Town2
Double Seated Bench, Set Of 22017General Products2
Drac's Big Bite2017Spooky Town1
East Junction Station2017Michaels Exclusives8
Elf Crossing Sign, Set Of 22017Santa's Wonderland1
Elf Made Toy Factory2017Michaels Exclusives18
Elm Valley Church2017Harvest Crossing0
En Pointe Balletwear2017Caddington Village0
English Lane2017Caddington Village5
Escape From A Grave2017Spooky Town8
Family Fishing Trip2017Christmas & Holiday2
Family Football, Set Of 32017General Products0
Father Daughter Dance2017Caddington Village0
Fido's New House2017Gift Spice0
Fire Pit2017Vail Village0
Firework Soundbox2017General Products0
First Christmas, Set Of 112017General Products1
Floyd's Garage20172018Sears Exclusive Product0
Foot Warmer2017Vail Village0
For Sale: Trailer2017Vail Village1
Fortune Teller, Set Of 320172018Kmart Exclusive0
Four Led Light String Moonlander2017General Products1
Full Moon Birdhouse2017Spooky Town7
Gearing Up2017Vail Village1
Ghost Around2017Michaels Exclusives10
Giant Pumpkin2017Spooky Town3
Gingerbread Jazz2017Gift Spice0
Ginny's Gingerbread Cottage20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Glittering Pine, Large2017General Products2
Glittering Pine, Medium2017General Products1
Good Morning Joe2017Vail Village4
Grace Community Church2017Caddington Village0
Greek Food Truck, Set Of 220172018Kmart Exclusive0
Green View Post Office20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Grim Rider2017Spooky Town7
Gumdrop Games2017Gift Spice0
Hand Pump Helper20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Happy Antlers Reindeer Shelter And Veterinarian2017Vail Village2
Happy Pumpkin Family, Set Of 52017Spooky Town4
Happy Pumpkin Family, Set of 52017Spooky Town0
Harbor Gift Shop2017Plymouth Corners1
Harrison Residence2017Caddington Village0
Harvest Crossing Post Office2017Harvest Crossing2
Haunted Mansion2017Spooky Town6
Henry's Christmas Tree Farm2017Vail Village3
Holiday Open House2017Vail Village0
Holy Night Chapel20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Home For The Holidays2017General Products4
Hopscotch2017Gift Spice0
Jasper's Cabin20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Jones Farmhouse20172020Harvest Crossing0
Just Cloudgazing20172018General Products0
Just For You, Set Of 320172018Kmart Exclusive0
Kodiak's Sled Dog Training20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Kringle's Christmas Tree Lot2017Vail Village8

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