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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2018
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
A Christmas Eve Balloon Ride2018Michaels Exclusives0
All I Want For Christmas2018Harvest Crossing1
All Ye Faithful Church2018Caddington Village0
American Flag Decoration20182020Summer Americana9
American Flag Post20182019Summer Americana0
American Flag String Decor20182020Summer Americana0
Anything For Us2018Table Pieces1
Apple Hill Grocery2018Caddington Village1
Babys First Christmas2018Caddington Village0
Backwoods Snowshoe Rental Shop2018Vail Village1
Bag Of Bones2018Spooky Town0
Baseball Buddies20182019Summer Americana1
Beamans Bakery2018Caddington Village1
Benjamins Bakery2018Caddington Village0
Berryville Bus Depot2018Harvest Crossing0
Best Decorated House20182019Sears Exclusive Product0
Bettes Cake Boutique20182019Sears Exclusive Product0
Bird Fountain2018Accessories5
Boo Pumpkins2018Spooky Town4
Bramble Gate2018Spooky Town5
Bread Peddler2018Caddington Village4
Buckets Of Candy2018Spooky Town1
Buying A New Home2018Spooky Town1
Camper Christmastime20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Campfire Cookies2018Sugar n Spice1
Candlers Coaching Inn2018Caddington Village2
Cedar Falls Grist Mill2018Harvest Crossing0
Charley The Vet2018Figurines4
Cheese Please2018Kmart Exclusive0
Chestnut King2018Michaels Exclusives10
Christmas Couple2018Figurines33
Christmas Decorations20182019Harvest Crossing17
Christmas Evergreen Tree2018Trees44
Christmas In The City20182019Michaels Exclusives18
Christmas Moon2018Vail Village6
Christmas Residence2018Michaels Exclusives3
Christmas Rush2018Figurines51
Cinnaswirl Cabin2018Sugar n Spice2
Coffin Break2018Spooky Town4
Coming Alive2018Michaels Exclusives2
Coming Home From The Fair2018Carnival3
Cookie Exchange2018Sugar n Spice1
Coopers Hardware2018Caddington Village3
Cow-ghoul Lasso2018Spooky Town1
Cozy Christmas Eve2018Caddington Village0
Craftsman Tool Truck2018Sears Exclusive Product1
Create A Reindeer2018Vail Village2
Creepy Cabin2018Spooky Town13
Creepy Confections2018Spooky Town8
Dad Gets Help20182020Vail Village0
Dads Snowman2018Caddington Village5
Davids Deli2018Caddington Village0
Davidson Residence2018Caddington Village2
Deadly Conversation2018Spooky Town0
Delightful Dip Chocolate Shop2018Sugar n Spice0
Do Not Disturb2018Spooky Town6
Dog Walking Agency2018Caddington Village0
Double Trouble2018Spooky Town2
Draft Bros Home Brewing Supplies2018Harvest Crossing0
Eerie-go-round2018Michaels Exclusives18
Elk Mountain Music Festival2018Vail Village1
Emma's Cottage2018Caddington Village0
Espresso Yourself2018Caddington Village3
Evil Pumpkin Tree2018Spooky Town7
Evil Pumpkin Water Tower2018Spooky Town6
Fables Bookstore2018Caddington Village0
Family Day At The Park2018Table Pieces2
Feliz Navidad2018Table Pieces0
First Time Buyers2018Spooky Town2
Flower Bed Boxes2018Accessories5
For Mom2018Figurines2
Frankenstein Lamp Post2018Spooky Town5
Full Moon Moonshine2018Spooky Town5
Gargoyle Stone Benches2018Spooky Town2
Garland Grove Tree Lot2018Vail Village1
Gateway Halloween Countdown2018Michaels Exclusives8
Gathering Kindling2018Caddington Village0
Gerrys Hamburger Joint2018Vail Village3
Ghoulish Gardeners2018Spooky Town0
Ghouls In Well2018Spooky Town6
Gingerbread Skating Pond2018Sugar n Spice1
Going To School2018Caddington Village7
Golden Rose Cigars2018Caddington Village0
Green Trash Can2018Accessories0
Greenbrook Stables2018Caddington Village0
Grey Gargoyle Gardens2018Spooky Town4
Grim Reaper Tombstone2018Spooky Town9
Grocery Delivery2018Harvest Crossing4
Gumdrop Football2018Sugar n Spice1
Hamburger & Ice Cream Stand20182019Summer Americana1
Handmade Wreaths2018Caddington Village4
Harvest Tavern And Inn20182019Harvest Crossing2
Haunted Bridhouse2018Spooky Town0
Haunted Museum2018Spooky Town14
High Rock Lake Trailer2018Vail Village3
Holiday Cheer Hot Air Balloon2018Table Pieces1
Holiday Open House2018Caddington Village0
Holiday Tower2018Table Pieces13
Hollowgraves Manor20182020Spooky Town0
Horrific Harmonies2018Spooky Town2
Hot Dog Stand20182019Summer Americana0
Italian Gelateria2018Caddington Village0
Its A Dogs Life2018Caddington Village0
Jens Bike Shop20182019Sears Exclusive Product1
Jingle Bells & More2018Caddington Village0
Juliens Belgian Frites Cafe2018Caddington Village1
Kids Playing2018Caddington Village4
King Street Rowhouses2018Caddington Village0
La Fromagerie Fine Cheeses2018Caddington Village0
Le Petit Cafe2018Caddington Village0
Lemonade & Popcorn Stand2018Summer Americana2
Librarian20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Lifeguard Station20182019Plymouth Corners0
Lighted Silhouette Tree2018Enhancements6
Lone Pine Christmas Decorations2018Vail Village1
Loose Maple Leaves2018Table Pieces1
Lounging Around2018Summer Americana3
Magnolia Couture2018Caddington Village1
Mailing Frenzy2018Figurines6
Malvey's Dairy2018Carole Towne Collection0
Marcels Macaroons2018Caddington Village0
Maybridge Public Library20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Merry Mailbox2018Santa's Wonderland0
Monster Hunting Supplies2018Spooky Town24
Monster Reading Spooky News2018Spooky Town3
Moonlight Sonata2018Spooky Town5
Moonlight Stroll2018Spooky Town7
Mrs Claus Kitchen2018Santa's Wonderland3
Nanny2018Caddington Village10
Needle Pine Trees2018Enhancements5
New Holiday Hats2018Caddington Village1
New Hope Parish Church2018Caddington Village0
New Majestic Christmas Tree2018Sights and Sounds1
Night Time Campfire2018Vail Village0
Noras Christmas Boutique2018Caddington Village5
North Pole Signs2018Santa's Wonderland4
North Pole Tower2018Michaels Exclusives7
Oak Hill School2018Caddington Village1
Off To The Library2018Caddington Village5
Ok Truck Stop2018Harvest Crossing0
Old British Pub2018Caddington Village0
Olivers Organic Fruit Market2018Caddington Village0
Park Gazebo2018Summer Americana0
Patriotic Pups20182019Summer Americana0
Peace And Quiet2018Caddington Village1
Peckham's Lighthouse2018Carole Towne Collection0
Pedicab Ride2018Spooky Town2
Penelopes Pottery Studio2018Caddington Village0
Peppermint Food Truck2018Michaels Exclusives9
Percys Paints2018Jukebox Junction1
Pet Pics Photography2018Michaels Exclusives7
Petes Fishing Cabin2018Vail Village1
Picnic Table20182019Summer Americana0
Polar Bear Street Lamp2018Accessories1
Prancing Reindeer2018Vail Village3
Pumpkin Pickers2018Spooky Town6
Puppy Kisses2018Figurines2
Rainy Day With Friends2018Figurines2
Red Globe Street Lamp2018Accessories0
Red, White & Blue Fireworks20182019Summer Americana1
Reindeer Hot Air Balloon2018Table Pieces4
River Moors Christmas Street Festival2018Caddington Village2
Roadside Assistance Headquarter2018Harvest Crossing1
Rolling Readers20182019Caddington Village0
Rustic Log Swing2018Accessories3
Rustic Retreat Bed & Breakfast2018Vail Village0
Sally's Salt Water Taffy2018Plymouth Corners0
Sara's Spice Shop2018Caddington Village1
Sea Spray Sailing School2018Plymouth Corners0
Serenading The Dead2018Spooky Town5
Shady Grove Inn & Retreat2018Caddington Village0
Shopping Spree2018Sugar n Spice4
Shopping Teamwork2018Figurines3
Silent Night Stable2018Vail Village1
Sitting Together2018Caddington Village3
Skeleton Swings2018Spooky Town11
Skip's Surf Shop2018Plymouth Corners3
Snow Day2018Caddington Village18
Snowflake Bundt Cakes2018Caddington Village1
Soaring Stars And Stripes20182019Summer Americana3
Spooky Twins2018Spooky Town7
Spookytown News2018Spooky Town14
Squash Shack2018Spooky Town18
St Constantine Cathedral2018Caddington Village0
St. Elmos Brasserie2018Plymouth Corners1
Stacked Spooky Pumpkins2018Spooky Town2
Stone Creek Cinema20182020Harvest Crossing0
Summer Trailer20182019Summer Americana2
Summit Sign2018Vail Village3
Super Bright Light String20182020Summer Americana0
Super Bright Multi Color Flashing Light String2018Accessories2
Super Bright Multi Color Light String2018Accessories4
Super Bright Yellow Light String2018Accessories1
Sweet Start Cafe2018Harvest Crossing0
Swinging Gate2018Caddington Village11
Symphony Of Screams2018Michaels Exclusives11
Tea Service20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Tessas Tea Room20182019Kmart Exclusive0
The Baguettes And Croissants Shop2018Caddington Village0
The Birdwatcher2018Harvest Crossing3
The Buttermilk Cafe2018Michaels Exclusives6
The Christmas Cubby2018Caddington Village0
The Coffee Shop2018Caddington Village6
The Cookie Palace2018Michaels Exclusives2
The Crypt Casino2018Spooky Town1
The Garden Ballroom2018Caddington Village10
The Grand Carousel2018Caddington Village16
The Haunted House Of Props2018Spooky Town10
The Jazz Age2018Caddington Village0
The Millers House2018Caddington Village0
The Music Corner2018Caddington Village0
The Pewter Shop2018Caddington Village2
The Red Bow Christmas Shoppe2018Caddington Village2
The Sky Swing2018Caddington Village7
Tire Swing Twirl2018Vail Village3
Tis Better To Give2018Accessories1
Toasty Caroling2018Table Pieces3
Tug Of War2018Caddington Village3
Uh-oh2018Spooky Town4
Vals Vitamins & Health Food Store2018Harvest Crossing1
Victoria Park Gateway2018Caddington Village2
Victorian Footbridge2018Caddington Village2
Victorian Greenhouse2018Caddington Village0
Victorian Park Gazebo2018Caddington Village1
Village Post Office2018Caddington Village0
Village Town Hall2018Caddington Village1
Vintage Truck20182019Summer Americana1
Waffle House Waitress20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Wagon Ride20182019Summer Americana0
Walking Family2018Caddington Village1
Wallys Waffle House20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Wasteland Pub2018Michaels Exclusives18
Watermelon Feast20182019Summer Americana1
Wayside Church2018Caddington Village0
Wheelbarrow Tree2018Vail Village1
White Pines National Park Visitor Center2018Vail Village0
Wilson Residence2018Caddington Village0
Winter Wood2018Caddington Village1
Witch And Warlock Residence2018Spooky Town14
Witches Tower2018Michaels Exclusives12
Ye Olde Cobblestone Road2018Caddington Village0
Zombie Garden Gnomes2018Spooky Town5
Zombies2018Spooky Town0

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