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Released: 1992
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
6-7" Dry Tree19922003Holidays0
Blessed Mary 19921999Figurines3
Blue Top Post Office/Barber Shop 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Boy with Dog 19921999Figurines3
Bringing Home the Tree 19921999Figurines22
Building a Snowman 19921999Figurines8
Cardiff Academy19921998Plymouth Corners0
Carrying Trees 19921999Figurines1
Cobbler/Watchmaker 19921994Lighted House / Building0
Comforting Son 19921999Figurines0
Crossed Wooden Fence19922003Holidays0
Crown Theater 19921996Lighted House / Building2
Dry Tree Medium19922005Holidays0
Durham Cathedral 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Essex House 19921993Lighted House / Building1
Father and Daughter 19921997Figurines4
Festive Children 19921999Figurines5
Fountain 19921999Figurines21
Fox Hunt 19921999Figurines2
Gatwick House 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Girls with Wreath 19921999Figurines0
Hathaway General Store 19921996Lighted House / Building3
Holiday Sleigh Ride 19921999Figurines3
Hotel Royale 19921994Lighted House / Building0
Land's End Lighthouse19922001Holidays3
Langley Court House 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Learning to Skate 19921996Figurines3
Metal Kiosk19922003Holidays0
Metal Mailbox19922003Holidays3
Metal Park Bench19922003Holidays2
National Museum 19921996Lighted House / Building1
Nativity Set, set of 5 19921999Figurines33
Oxford School 19921994Lighted House / Building0
Pied Piper 19921999Figurines0
Ridley Station 19921996Lighted House / Building8
Row House 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Santa with Sled 19921999Figurines10
Shoppers 19921999Figurines19
Sledder 19921999Figurines3
Sledding Party 19921999Figurines0
Snowball Fight 19921999Figurines0
Spot Light19922003Holidays28
St. Andrew's Church 19921998Plymouth Corners0
St. Michael's Church19922001Harvest Crossing0
St. Paul's Church 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Stratford House 19921994Lighted House / Building1
Street Sign Label19922003Holidays0
The Olde Lamplighter 19921999Figurines14
Tightening Laces 19921999Figurines3
Train, set of 3 19921994Figurines3
Tree Harvest 19921999Figurines2
Tree Lot1992Caddington Village28
Tree Vendor 19921999Figurines2
Trumpet Girl 19921999Figurines0
Under the Lamp Post 19921999Figurines0
Visiting Santa Claus 19921999Figurines6
Walking Children 19921999Figurines0
Westmill Farm House 19921994Lighted House / Building0
Winter Fun 19921999Figurines14
Wooden Fence19922008Holidays39
Wooden Footbridge19922006Holidays17

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