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Released: 1999
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12" Evergreen Tree1999General Products0
12" Mountain Pine1999General Products3
36 Chasing Mini Light - Clear19992005Holidays0
36 Chasing Mini Light - Multi19992005Holidays2
40 Stick-On Clips19992015Holidays1
Al's Cab19992005Village Collection74
Berkshire Cathedral19992001Holidays0
Brand New Tv19992003Holidays0
Brick Home, rust color House number 1868 1999Lighted House / Building0
Bringing Christmas Cheer19992015Holidays11
Bringing Home The Tree19992014Holidays0
Can'T Wait Till Christmas19992011Holidays7
Cap'N Bob19992012Holidays9
Cape Cottage19992004Holidays0
Captain And His First Mate19992003Holidays12
Carmans Gas Station19992002Holidays0
Caroller Man19992005Holidays7
Caroller Woman19992005Holidays14
Carollers Quartet19992005Holidays6
Carolling Granddaddy19992005Holidays29
Carriage And Wagon Dealer19992003Holidays4
Carriage House19992003Holidays5
Cedar Creek Inn 19991999Caddington Village2
Celebrating The Season19992005Holidays0
Child At Heart19992003Holidays2
Chimney Sweep Team19992008Holidays19
Christmas Art19992003Holidays0
Christmas Confections19992003Holidays7
Christmas Greeting19992006Holidays8
Christmas Morning Delivery19992003Holidays0
Christmas Tree1999Holidays Seasons0
Christmas Tree Song19992006Holidays12
Classic Car Set Curved Road19992001Holidays0
Classic Car Set Road Extension19992001Holidays0
Clearing A Path19992006Holidays Seasons0
Clock Emporium19992003Holidays0
Colonial Stone Wall, Set Of 101999General Products52
Conover's Lamps19992002Holidays5
Crafton House 19991999Caddington Village1
Crosby House19992004Caddington Village0
Dad And Fawns, Set Of 41999General Products25
Dansford Bakery19992002Caddington Village5
Decorative Lamp Posts19992003Holidays5
Deer On The Hoof1999General Products15
Devonshire Arms Hotel19992002Holidays0
Dog House & Begging Beagle 19991999Figurines0
Doo Wop Christmas19992011Holidays0
Dora's Bed & Breakfast19992002Holidays2
Dots Donuts19992002Holidays2
Fantastic Footwork19992005Holidays1
Fawn At Rest19992012Holidays8
Festive Fire Engine19992012Holidays2
Fine Harvest Winery19992002Harvest Crossing3
Fireman/The Dalmatian/Hydrant19992010Holidays1
Flower Peddler19992005Holidays9
Gambrel House19992003Holidays1
Gathering Ammunition19992006Holidays11
Gathering Christmas Greens19992003Holidays1
Good News19992006Holidays0
Grand Hotel19992004Caddington Village2
Grandpa's Gift19992003Holidays14
Herald Times1999Millennium 2000 Celebration6
Holiday Hula Hoops19992012Holidays1
Hula Hoop Champ19992015Holidays0
Ice Dancers1999Holidays Seasons10
Imperial Farm House19992003Holidays0
Into The Fray19992003Holidays2
Kensington Art Museum19992004Holidays1
Kensington Train Depot19992002Holidays7
Large Ski Mountain Backdrop1999Vail Village0
Large Ski Platform1999Vail Village0
Laura Richards House1999Members Only7
Let Me See !19992012Plymouth Corners13
Lighted Grand Gazebo19992007Village Collection26
Lighted Sculpture-Christmas Tree Large19992007Holidays0
Lighted Sculputre - Metal Arbor19992003Holidays0
Lighted Somerset Foot Bridge19992006Holidays7
Lighted Victorian Gated Fence19992005Holidays14
Locksmith/Porcelain Palace19992004Holidays0
Look! Mother I'M Skating19992006Holidays3
Luggage Carrier19992011Holidays6
Manchester Museum of Fine Art 1999Lighted House / Building0
Maple Tree Extra Large19992015Holidays0
Maple Tree Large19992004Holidays8
Maple Tree Medium19992004Holidays3
Medium Ski Mountain Backdrop1999Vail Village0
Memorial Library19992002Holidays1
Merry Mistletoe 1999Lighted House / Building2
Midtown Bank19992002Hearthside Village2
Mill Pond, Set Of 61999Vail Village33
Mill Stream, Set Of 111999Vail Village12
Millennium Souvenirs1999Millennium 2000 Celebration0
Mister Snowman1999General Products30
Mr. & Mrs. Santa Snowman19992005Holidays7
Mr. Santa Claus19992005Holidays3
Mrs. Santa Claus19992005Holidays0
Nativity Figurines, Set Of 81999General Products7
Nativity Scene19992003Holidays0
Nautical Figurines19992012Plymouth Corners10
New Point Lighthouse19992002Holidays2
Newgate Chapel19992004Caddington Village0
Noah's Pet Shop19992003Holidays0
North Hill Antique19992003Holidays11
Oak Creek Lighthouse19992003Holidays4
Our Snowman19992005Holidays49
Parke House19992001Holidays0
Pauly's Pet Store19992002Holidays0
Penelope's New Skates19992008Holidays0
Pennsylvania Farm House19992003Holidays0
Piedmont Police19992004Holidays3
Pierce House19992004Holidays5
Plymouth Toy Corner19992003Holidays0
Priceless Jewelry Co.19992002Holidays5
Queen Bee Parfumeria19992002Holidays0
Racing Downhill19992005Holidays13
Railroad Trestle Pillars 419992012Holidays3
Roasted Chestnut Stand, Set Of 41999General Products21
Rod's Car Lot19992002Holidays0
Romeo's Pizza19992002Holidays0
Row Houses19992004Holidays2
Rum Pum Pum Pum19992006Holidays0
Santa's Gift For Billy19992006Holidays27
Santa's Sleigh19992005Holidays Seasons0
Santa's Wonderland Figurines19992006Holidays5
Saving The Snowman19992006Holidays0
Scrub Woman19992011Holidays12
Sea-Leg Sam19992011Plymouth Corners16
Selling Christmas Greens19992003Holidays11
Shimmering Oak Clear Large19992007Holidays0
Shimmering Oak Clear Medium19992007Holidays0
Shimmering Oak Multi Large19992007Holidays1
Shimmering Oak Multi Medium19992007Holidays0
Shimmering Spruce Clear Extra Large19992005Holidays0
Shimmering Spruce Clear Large19992005Holidays0
Shimmering Spruce Clear Medium19992005Holidays1
Shimmering Spruce Multi19992005Holidays17
Shimmering Spruce Multi Extra Large19992005Holidays0
Shimmering Spruce Multi Large19992005Holidays3
Shimmering Spruce Multi Medium19992005Holidays1
Shopping Together19992015Holidays4
Silversmith & Crystalware 1999Lighted House / Building0
Sledding Gramps19992005Holidays4
Small Ski Mountain Backdrop1999Vail Village0
Small Ski Platform19992010Holidays0
Sneak Attack19992003Holidays6
Snow Angel, Set Of 219992019Vail Village0
Sowerberry Shoes19992003Holidays3
St Lucy's Cathedral19992004Holidays0
St. Peter's Church 19991999Lighted House / Building0
Stacked Firewood19992003Holidays42
Stag And Doe19992015Holidays15
Stage Coach19992014Holidays0
Stone Church19992003Holidays0
Street Side Trio19992005Holidays15
Taxi Stand19992006Holidays0
Tea & Crumpets 1999Lighted House / Building1
The Accompanist19992015Holidays13
The Bill Poster19992003Holidays1
The Choir19992005Holidays0
The Christmas Fiddler19992013Holidays4
The Christmas Goose19992003Holidays7
The Christmas Star19992003Holidays8
The Crossing Guard19992011Holidays11
The Little Tree19992003Holidays1
The Merry Horseman19992008Holidays3
The Morning Paper19992006Holidays8
The New Sled19992007Holidays2
The Night Watchman19992008Holidays23
The Scrooge1999Caddington Village26
The Story Teller19992011Plymouth Corners13
The Turkey Seller19992008Holidays4
Three Wise Men19992003Holidays5
Time Out19992014Holidays7
Tina's New Teddy1999General Products5
Tiny's Blacksmith Shop19992003Harvest Crossing0
Tis Better To Give Than Rec'V19992003Holidays2
Town Clock Tower Lighted19992003Holidays1
Town Clock Tower W/Working Clock19992003Holidays0
Town Crier19992007Holidays11
Townsfolk Figurines, Set Of 61999Caddington Village8
Toy Emporium19992002Holidays9
Toy Soldier Factory19992002Holidays2
Upsy Daisy !19992003Holidays4
Victor's Book Nook19992004Holidays0
Village Church, Set Of 101999Village Collection0
Village Florist19992003Holidays3
Village People Figurines, Set Of 61999Caddington Village14
Village School19992004Holidays Seasons20
What Lovely Voices19992006Holidays5
White Pine Extra Large19992014Holidays1
Williams Furniture Store19992003Holidays0
Winter Fun Figurines, Set Of 51999Vail Village5
Winter Village Figurines19992003Holidays6
Wooden Park Bench19992003Holidays0

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