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Released: 2007
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Building Lighting System20072011Holidays Seasons1
12" Snowy Cedar20072020General Products0
12-PC Assorted Fir Trees20072020General Products0
6 Building Lighting System20072011Holidays Seasons0
6" Lighted Silhouette Tree, Blue2007General Products0
9" Lighted Silhouette Tree, Blue2007General Products0
A Farmer's Life20072011Harvest Crossing1
A Little Night Music20072009Spooky Town12
A Perfect Proposal20072011Holidays0
A Taste Of Italy20072018Caddington Village10
After The Hunt20072011Village Collection1
Afternoon Picnic20072013Village Collection0
Agatha's Costume Crypt2007Spooky Town10
Albee's Pharmacy20072009Harvest Crossing1
Ambulance20072014Village Collection0
Anything For Me Mr. Postman?20072011Holidays4
Apple Pickers20072014Harvest Crossing0
Assorted Figurines2007Spooky Town7
Attending Services20072018General Products0
Autumn Chores20072014Holidays1
Back From The Dead20072011Spooky Town6
Barn Birdhouse20072014Holidays8
Be Careful What You Wish For20072013Spooky Town1
Biding Time20072012Holidays4
Blackbeard's Ghost20072015Spooky Town6
Blackbeard's Tattoos20072008Spooky Town6
Blossom's Flower Shop20072012Vail Village4
Bluebird Acres 2-Light Cord20072010Harvest Crossing3
Bow From Bow-Wow20072013Harvest Crossing1
Boy's Best Friend20072011Holidays3
Boys v. Girls20072020Caddington Village3
Breezy Cove Lighthouse2007Carole Towne Collection1
Bridge Of Bones2007Spooky Town50
Bringing Christmas Home20072011Village Collection8
Brock's Toys20072013Caddington Village0
Bucaneer Poker20072014Spooky Town10
Buck's Hunting Cabin20072014Vail Village5
By The Sea20072012Holidays3
Cafe Latta2007Carole Towne Collection5
Camping Tent20072016Vail Village3
Cannon20072012Spooky Town3
Captain Andrew's Residence20072015Plymouth Corners1
Carlof's Costumes & Masks20072010Spooky Town4
Carriage For Two2007General Products4
Cathedral Of The Sacred Heart20072012Caddington Village0
Charting A Course20072011Santa's Wonderland1
Chiariello's Italian Bakery20072009Harvest Crossing5
Chow Time20072015Harvest Crossing4
Christmas Arbor20072014Holidays20
Christmas Eve Manor20072010Caddington Village1
Christmas Garden Shop2007Coventry Cove1
Christmas Harmony, Set Of 42007Caddington Village3
Christmas Memories2007Carole Towne Collection3
City Sidewalks20072013Caddington Village3
Clifton's Butcher Shop20072015Harvest Crossing1
Coffin Maker20072013Spooky Town4
Coffins, Set Of 32007Spooky Town30
Coffins, Set Of 32007Spooky Town14
Conover Estate20072013Caddington Village3
Costume Contest20072016Spooky Town0
Cotton Candy Stand20072015Carnival0
Count Down To Christmas2007ShopKo Exclusive0
Country Roads Gift Shop20072014Harvest Crossing0
Countryside Veterinary20072008Harvest Crossing2
Court House20072009Caddington Village0
Coventry Cove Lighthouse2007Coventry Cove0
Crawford Residence20072010Caddington Village0
Creepy Corn Row20072011Spooky Town3
Creepy Critters20072015Spooky Town4
Creepy Lamp Post20072013Spooky Town8
Creepy Tree Large20072013Spooky Town1
Creepy Tree Medium20072013Spooky Town2
Cross Country Skiers20072018General Products2
Cruel & Unusual20072014Spooky Town1
Cursed Tomb2007Spooky Town14
Dairy Fans20072012Holidays8
Dancing Skeletons, Set Of 22007Spooky Town17
Dark Haven Lodge20072019Spooky Town15
Dead Man's Point20072014Spooky Town14
Death On A Pale Horse20072014Spooky Town15
Dog Show Pageant20072011Holidays0
Doggie Express20072010Holidays0
Don't Forget These, Santa!2007Santa's Wonderland2
Downing House2007Carole Towne Collection2
Dry Gulch Hotel2007Spooky Town5
Dungeon20072012Spooky Town4
E12 12Volt Replacement Bulbs (Clear)2007General Products0
Ed's Christmas Tree Lot20072012Holidays11
Elementary School20072008Harvest Crossing0
Elf Diner20072009Santa's Wonderland0
Elf Naptime20072010Santa's Wonderland0
Elf Sledding Party20072013Santa's Wonderland0
Ellen's Flower Shop20072012Caddington Village1
Engine Co. No.3320072010Caddington Village1
Fernando's Hideaway20072013Caddington Village0
Fiber Iced Tree Extra Large20072008Holidays0
Fiber Iced Tree Large20072008Holidays0
Fiber Iced Tree Medium20072008Holidays0
Fibre-Optic Tree Large20072013Spooky Town0
Fibre-Optic Tree Medium20072014Spooky Town0
Fibre-Optic Tree Small20072013Spooky Town1
Fireside Fun2007Santa's Wonderland8
First Mate20072014Spooky Town3
Flying High20072011Figurines3
Forsaken Souls Prison20072008Spooky Town6
Fr. William Jumps In20072011Figurines1
Frankenstein's Laboratory20072020Spooky Town6
Frankenstein's Monster20072009Spooky Town7
Free To Good Home20072018Caddington Village1
Garden Swing20072011Holidays2
General Display Platform20072015Holidays0
Gingerbread Competition20072013Holidays5
Girl Fawn20072011Holidays1
Girl Talk20072011Holidays1
Glowing Haunted Crypt20072010Spooky Town2
Good Evening!20072009Spooky Town6
Grim Reaper Graveyard20072009Spooky Town8
Guiding Light Church20072016Caddington Village0
Halloween Edition20072009Spooky Town0
Harley's Antiques20072009Harvest Crossing0
Haunted Stage Coach20072013Spooky Town1
He's Going To Be O.K.!20072011Harvest Crossing1
Heavy Lifting20072012Santa's Wonderland0
Hikers' Cabin20072012Vail Village0
Hill 'N' Dale School20072012Caddington Village0
Hill Top Display Platform2007Spooky Town5
Hill Top Display Platform2007Spooky Town0
Hook & Ladder20072015Holidays12
Hot On The Trail20072011Holidays2
Ice Cream Parlour2007Coventry Cove1
Igor's Ire20072009Spooky Town2
Illuminated Tomb Stones20072016Spooky Town5
It's Alive!20072010Spooky Town4
J.P. Wellman Apothecary-Herbalist20072009Caddington Village6
Jack's Northwoods Brew Haus2007Caddington Village3
Jingle Bell Junction Christmas Shop2007ShopKo Exclusive5
Law Office20072012Caddington Village0
Leslie's Pie & Bake Shop20072014Harvest Crossing0
Life Is Good!20072011Spooky Town6
Lighted Accessory2007Village Collection116
Lighted Christmas Tree Large20072011Holidays Seasons0
Lighted Christmas Tree Medium20072011Holidays Seasons0
Lighted Elm Tree20072014Holidays0
Lighted Silhouette Tree (Green), 3V2007General Products0
Lighted Silhouette Tree(Clear) L20072016Holidays0
Lighted Silhouette Tree(Clear) M20072016Holidays0
Lighted Toy Soldier20072011Santa's Wonderland6
Log Axe20072011Holidays1
Lucy's Tea Room2007Coventry Cove0
Lunch For Bessie20072011Holidays0
Mailbox Tableau20072014Holidays1
Make Way20072019General Products1
Mama's Cocina20072015Harvest Crossing0
Mayville Gazette2007Menards Exclusive2
Metal Bench2007General Products11
Michael Angelo's Pizzeria2007Carole Towne Collection0
Mickey's Barber Shop20072012Caddington Village1
Miners' Shack20072012Vail Village1
Monkey Business20072013Holidays0
Morrison House20072011Caddington Village0
Moving Van20072013Holidays0

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