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Released: 1997
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
4-3/4" X 35" Pvc Brick Road19972003Holidays0
4-3/4" X 35" Pvc Pebble Road19972003Holidays0
4-Ft Memory Makers Poster19972003Holidays0
6" Mountain Pine1997General Products3
9" Mountain Pine1997General Products0
A Gift For Rex1997Memory Makers3
A Good Throw1997Memory Makers0
A Winter Breakfast 19971999Figurines14
Ambushed1997Memory Makers0
Ashley Inn19972003Caddington Village8
Baker's Mill19972004Harvest Crossing5
Brick Mat1997General Products0
Brown's Dry Goods19972002Plymouth Corners6
Carolling With Granddaddy1997Memory Makers2
Carrying Wood 19971999Figurines10
Colonial Red Door1997Memory Makers0
Column Bridge Mini Light19972001Holidays0
Country Christmas 19971999Figurines7
Country Fence19972003Holidays2
Cozy Sleigh Ride 19971999Figurines11
Double The Fun19972003Holidays3
End Of The Ride19972003Vail Village0
Enough For Everyone1997Memory Makers5
Family Ski Along19972008Holidays1
First Skating Lesson1997Memory Makers0
Fun On Ski Mobile19972003Holidays1
Georgian Blue Door1997Memory Makers0
Girl Walking Dog 19971999Figurines4
Gray Oaks Cottage19972002Holidays0
Hancock Jewelers19972002Hearthside Village2
Heading for Grandma's 19971999Figurines0
Heading For Trail19972009Holidays0
Hold On Son1997Memory Makers0
Hunter's Lodge19972018Holidays0
Last Minute Shoppers1997Memory Makers0
Lighted Christmas Tree Large19972008Holidays0
Lighted Christmas Tree Medium19972008Holidays0
Lighted Sculpture - Reindeer19972013Holidays1
Lighted Sculpture - Sleigh19972008Holidays7
Lighthouse Replacement Bulb19972006Holidays0
Loading The Gifts1997Hearthside Village7
Maple Season 19971999Figurines5
Market Place19972018Members Only4
Misty Harbor Lighthouse19972019Holidays2
Mountain Pine Small19972014Holidays0
Mountaincrest Chapel19972002Holidays0
Park Square Bistro19972002Holidays13
Passing The Puck1997Memory Makers2
Pebble Mat1997General Products1
Pembroke Chapel19972002Holidays2
Playing in the Snow 19971999Figurines3
Preachers Chat1997Memory Makers0
Pull Me Daddy1997Memory Makers3
Race To The Finish19972003Holidays0
Ready For Action1997Memory Makers0
Regency Brown Door1997Memory Makers0
Reunion Chapel19972002Holidays1
Rocky Mt. Falls19972006Holidays1
Rocky Point Lighthouse19972003Holidays9
Sampson Residence19972002Holidays0
Santas Gift For Billy1997Memory Makers0
Ski Bunny19972015Holidays3
Skiing Date19972003Holidays1
Skiing Party19972006Holidays2
Slippery Mishap1997Memory Makers0
Slippery Situation1997Memory Makers3
Snow Angels 19971999Figurines25
Snow Bunny Renumbered to #82245 19971999Figurines11
Snow Shoes1997Memory Makers4
Snowy Mountain Pine1997Memory Makers2
St. Peter's Church19972001Harvest Crossing0
Starting To Ski19972006Holidays0
Suppertime 19971999Figurines1
The Church1997Memory Makers428
The Forgotten Summer 19971999Figurines16
The Fury Freeloader 19971999Figurines6
The Impostor1997Memory Makers2
The Oddball 19971999Figurines5
The Old Salt 19971999Figurines3
The Pony Ride 19971999Figurines16
The Repair 19971999Figurines14
The Yule Log1997Memory Makers1
Timmy's Tumble1997Memory Makers2
Twin Snowy Mountain Pines1997Memory Makers0
Unexpected Meeting1997Memory Makers0
Vail Village Chalet19972002Holidays1
Waiting for Bus 19971999Figurines0
Waiting For Lift19972010Holidays1
White Christmas Predicted1997Memory Makers2
White Cliffs Lighthouse19972019Holidays15
White Pine Large19972014Holidays Seasons0
White Pine Medium19972014Holidays Seasons0
Winter Preparation 19971999Figurines11
Woodland Retreat19972002Vail Village0

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