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Released: 2008
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
#1 Easy Street2008Carole Towne Collection1
18" Wired Wooden Fence2008General Products16
3rd Street Five & Dime20082016Harvest Crossing2
A Gift For Frosty20082014Holidays5
A Pirate's Life20082014Spooky Town3
Abandoned House2008Spooky Town1
Admiral Stevens' House20082013Plymouth Corners0
Ancient Gods20082015Spooky Town1
Anderson Family Grocery Store20082010Plymouth Corners0
Antique Anchor20082010Holidays4
Anybody Home?20082014Holidays Seasons19
Aspen Pine Tree - A Large20082012Holidays0
Aspen Pine Tree - B Large20082012Holidays0
Aspen Pine Tree - C Large20082012Holidays0
Assorted Birds, Set Of 52008Spooky Town0
Assorted Birds, Set Of 52008General Products0
Assorted Birds, Set Of 62008General Products5
Beach Wagon20082012Holidays13
Big Fish20082012Holidays6
Big River Station20082010Caddington Village0
Big Tarantula2008Spooky Town14
Bike, Barber & Stationery Shop2008Plymouth Corners1
Black Bull Tavern2008Coventry Cove5
Blakely House20082014Caddington Village0
Block & Cleaver Butcher Shop20082012Vail Village0
Bob's Barber Shop & The Shoe Shiner20082014Caddington Village6
Bradley Academy Of Arts20082013Holidays3
Bride And Monster20082011Spooky Town1
Bridgeport Inn20082014Plymouth Corners0
Bringing The Tree Home20082015Holidays3
Broadhurst St. Firehouse2008Carole Towne Collection3
Brothel Women20082015Spooky Town1
Bubble Bubble20082011Spooky Town1
Buzz's Honey Pot20082012Harvest Crossing1
Camel20082011Spooky Town6
Candy Apple Stand20082014Carnival5
Candy Cane Copper20082012Holidays2
Cannery Truck20082013Holidays0
Carnival Billboard20082014Carnival1
Carnival Corn Stand20082010Carnival7
Carnival Flags20082013Carnival0
Carnival Lemonade Stand20082014Carnival1
Carnival Sign20082014Carnival1
Carnival Snack Shack20082016Harvest Crossing1
Carrington House20082012Caddington Village1
Caution Sign20082014Spooky Town4
Chariot20082015Spooky Town12
Chatsworth Railroad Station20082015Caddington Village1
Christmas Ball At The Essex Manor2008Carole Towne Collection8
Christmas Carousel20082013Holidays8
Christmas Train20082013Holidays14
City Zoo Entrance20082013Carnival13
City Zoo Visitors20082016Carnival1
Claim Jumped20082011Spooky Town4
Claire's Card Shop20082013Caddington Village6
Claus Manor20082011Santa's Wonderland0
Clownin' Around20082015Carnival9
Cobras20082011Spooky Town9
Corado's Grocery2008Carole Towne Collection2
Coventry Cove Athletic Club2008Coventry Cove2
Coventry Cove Bikes & Roller Skates2008Coventry Cove3
Cowboy Gravesite20082015Spooky Town11
Creepy Cruisin'20082014Spooky Town8
Curse Of The Mummy20082011Spooky Town2
Cynthia's Bed & Breakfast20082013Caddington Village3
Daily Gazette20082014Caddington Village5
Daniels House20082012Caddington Village1
Dead As A Doornail Morgue2008Spooky Town5
Deadwood Water Tower20082013Spooky Town13
Demons20082011Spooky Town1
Dog Walker20082013Holidays22
Doll Maker20082017Caddington Village4
Douglas Fir Tree Extra Large20082011Holidays0
Douglas Fir Tree Large20082011Holidays1
Douglas Fir Tree Medium20082011Holidays1
Dreadful Manor20082016Spooky Town11
East St. Police Station20082013Caddington Village0
Egyptian Ruins20082011Spooky Town0
Egyptian Urns20082011Spooky Town0
Emily's Bed & Breakfast20082010Vail Village0
End Of The Trail20082014Spooky Town10
Evil Pumpkin20082013Spooky Town17
Faith Chapel20082009Harvest Crossing3
Family Sleigh Ride20082015Holidays8
Father Christmas20082012Holidays26
Favorite Passenger20082010Holidays3
Fire Eater20082013Holidays2
Fire Matey!20082014Spooky Town3
First Time At The Salon2008Coventry Cove1
Fishin' Pond20082013Carnival9
Flower Cart20082012Holidays15
Fortune Teller20082013Carnival4
Frank's Salon2008Spooky Town5
Full Moon Apothecary20082009Spooky Town10
Ghoulish Refreshment20082010Spooky Town0
Giraffe Cage20082013Carnival3
Going Steady20082013Holidays Seasons0
Grave Robber's Surprise2008Spooky Town9
Greedy To The End20082015Spooky Town6
Gruesome Garbage20082015Spooky Town0
Gunfighters20082011Spooky Town0
Gunsmith & Tanner20082012Harvest Crossing3
Halloween Party2008Spooky Town24
Hangin' Hill20082015Spooky Town1
Harbor Fire Boat2008Carole Towne Collection0
Harrison Co. Flea Market20082013Harvest Crossing2
Haunted Outhouse20082015Spooky Town11
Haunted Pyramid2008Spooky Town9
Haunted Windmill20082023Spooky Town3
Hayden's General Store20082012Harvest Crossing5
Henry And Sons Blacksmiths20082013Caddington Village4
Hickory Tree Extra Large20082011Holidays0
Hickory Tree Large20082011Holidays0
Hickory Tree Medium20082011Holidays1
Highway Patrol Hq20082015Vail Village4
Hillside Mausoleum2008Spooky Town1
Holiday Houseboat20082013Holidays5
Homicidal Maniac20082015Spooky Town1
Hoop Stars20082012Carnival3
Horse Shoe Plaza20082013Vail Village8
Janet's Floral Design2008Carole Towne Collection2
Jay's Woodworking2008Harvest Crossing1
Jerry's Hamburgers20082014Harvest Crossing2
Jesse's Boat Supplies & Restaurant20082023Plymouth Corners1
Junior Flight School20082020Carnival15
Kayak Building20082012Plymouth Corners2
Kegler Lanes2008Coventry Cove0
Kelvin Brothers Bagel Cafe20082010Plymouth Corners3
Kids Tommy Tiger20082013Holidays3
King Of The Dead20082011Spooky Town0
Kissing Booth20082013Carole Towne Collection16
Kjoy Radio Station20082013Holidays4
Ladies And Gentlemen!20082013Holidays2
Lamplighter20082010Holidays Seasons0
Lancaster Cathedral20082012Caddington Village1
Last Minute Shopping20082012Holidays9
Lawson's Winery20082014Vail Village3
Learning To Ride20082014Holidays6
Letter To Santa2008Caddington Village18
Little Waterboy20082012Holidays12
Lobster Fishing20082010Holidays2
Lyon's Photography2008Coventry Cove2
Madame Viola's Tent20082013Carnival2

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