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Released: 2021
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
A Christmas Tale2021General Products5
Apparition Academy2021Spooky Town9
Bakery Delivery2021Caddington Village1
Belinda's Biscuiteer2021Caddington Village0
Black Raven Manor, With 4.5v Adaptor2021Spooky Town8
Boot Country2021Harvest Crossing0
Bright Meadow Elementary2021Caddington Village0
Bunny Slope Beginners2021Vail Village1
Butcher's Hollow2021Caddington Village0
Canine Holiday Sweater Contest2021Caddington Village0
Carnival Of Carnage2021Spooky Town28
Carriage Cheer2021General Products0
Cassie's Couture2021Caddington Village0
Chains2021Spooky Town22
Chapel Of Everlasting Life2021Caddington Village0
Checking His Horrorscope2021Spooky Town10
Chocolate Time2021Caddington Village1
Christmas At The Savoy2021Caddington Village1
Christmas Cheer Carousel2021Caddington Village0
Christmas City2021General Products4
Christmas Coop2021Harvest Crossing0
Christmas Grove Skating Rink2021Michaels Exclusives0
Christmas Mailbox2021General Products21
Christmas Supply Loft2021Caddington Village3
City Police Station2021Caddington Village0
Clark's Snowcap Retreat2021Vail Village0
Clearing The Sidewalk2021Vail Village2
Clydesdale Tractor & Farm Equipment2021Harvest Crossing0
Cocoa Corner2021Gift Spice0
Coffee And Friends2021General Products1
Cookie Boarding2021Gift Spice0
Cooper's Cottage2021Caddington Village0
Countdown 'til Christmas2021Michaels Exclusives1
Creepy Balloon Seller2021Spooky Town17
Crepe Cafe2021Caddington Village0
Dead In The Water2021Spooky Town3
Deer Delights2021Gift Spice0
Dog House2021Gift Spice0
Dog Park Water Fountain2021General Products0
Dog Parking2021Caddington Village0
Dog Sledding Afternoon2021Vail Village1
Dover General Store And Newsstand2021Caddington Village0
East Village Barber Shop2021Caddington Village1
Edward Bros. Fine Woodworking2021Caddington Village2
Engine Company No. 92021Caddington Village0
Esmeralda The Great2021Michaels Exclusives57
Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery2021Spooky Town6
Fancy Paws Boutique2021Caddington Village0
Farm 2021Harvest Crossing0
Farm Fresh Vegetable Trailer2021Harvest Crossing0
Festive Friends2021General Products1
Firewood Delivery2021Vail Village2
First Halloween2021Spooky Town9
Flower Seller2021Caddington Village1
Freda's Fine Art2021Caddington Village1
Free Samples2021Spooky Town10
Friendly Forest Clockworks2021Santa's Wonderland1
Friendly Neighbors2021General Products1
Frosty Says "Hi!"2021General Products1
Gargoyle Lamp Post2021Spooky Town0
Garland And Wreaths2021General Products5
Getting Ready To Decorate2021Vail Village2
Gingerbread Joy!2021Michaels Exclusives1
Gingerman Post2021Gift Spice0
Girls Backyard Camping2021General Products1
Girls Christmas Shopping Trip2021General Products3
Girls Night Out On Halloween2021Spooky Town0
Go-Cart Racers2021General Products2
Gothic Well2021Spooky Town5
Halloween Cats2021Spooky Town19
Handbell Choir2021General Products1
Happy Scoops Ice Cream Cart2021Caddington Village2
Helga's Hats2021Michaels Exclusives9
Heritage House2021Caddington Village4
Hilltop Cafe2021Michaels Exclusives0
Hinterland Holiday2021General Products3
His First Fishing Lesson2021General Products1
Holiday Shoppers2021General Products9
Horror Arch2021Spooky Town11
Hot Cocoa Drinkers2021Michaels Exclusives0
Isle Of Creepy Jacks2021Michaels Exclusives58
James' Pet Village2021Vail Village0
Jazz Funeral2021Spooky Town6
Jitterbones Dance Party2021Michaels Exclusives3
Jonathan's Houseboat On The Bay2021Plymouth Corners0
Landlubbers Lodge2021Plymouth Corners1
Lumberjill Sonia2021Vail Village2
Meet Santa Paws2021Michaels Exclusives0
Meow Mansion2021Michaels Exclusives58
Message In A Bottle2021Spooky Town0
Miss Terry The Bookstore Owner2021Spooky Town3
Mistletoe & Ivy Pub2021Caddington Village2
Mj's Gourmet Bakery2021Caddington Village0
Moss Display Mat2021General Products0
Mountain Holiday Reunion2021Vail Village1
Nancy's Christmas Boutique2021Caddington Village0
North Pole Mail Room2021Santa's Wonderland3
North Pole Skating Rink2021Santa's Wonderland0
Off Trail Adventurers2021General Products2
Olive Hills Fellowship2021Caddington Village1
Our Barn, Our Home2021Harvest Crossing0
Our Family Ski Cabin2021Vail Village1
Out Of This World Toy Shop2021Jukebox Junction1
Outdoor Skating Rink2021Vail Village0
Parson's Bindery & Books2021Caddington Village0
Playing With Gramps2021General Products2
Please Share2021General Products1
Point Dread Lighthouse2021Spooky Town9
Practicing2021Spooky Town19
Pumpkin Tree House2021Spooky Town22
Puppy Gets A Swing Ride2021Harvest Crossing1
Reading In Peace2021Spooky Town7
Relaxing Snowman2021General Products2
Renegade Roadhouse2021Harvest Crossing1
Rick Mccall's Fix-it-all2021Caddington Village0
S'mores & Snow2021Vail Village0
Santa Express2021Santa's Wonderland0
Santa's Chalet2021Michaels Exclusives0
Santa's List Toy Shop2021Michaels Exclusives0
Santa's Petting Zoo2021Santa's Wonderland0
Santa's Reindeer Training Academy2021Santa's Wonderland0
Santa's Sleigh Spinners2021Carnival0
Santa's Stratospheric Observatory2021Michaels Exclusives0
Scary Scarecrow2021Spooky Town16
Secret Snowman Ball, B/o (4.5v)2021Santa's Wonderland0
Serious Snowplow2021Vail Village1
Skeleton Garden Gnomes2021Spooky Town11
Ski Patrol2021Vail Village1
Skull Cairns2021Spooky Town7
Skull Cave Quarry2021Spooky Town9
Snow Hydrant2021Caddington Village3
Sonia's Tree Farm2021Vail Village1
Spooky Celebration2021Spooky Town2
Spooky Town Display Platform2021Spooky Town17
Spooky Victorian Hearse2021Gift Spice0
Springs Creek Post Office2021Caddington Village0
Squeal Street Blues2021Spooky Town3
St. Bernard Chapel2021Vail Village0
St. Patrick's Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen2021Caddington Village0
Sugar Plum Seller2021Caddington Village1
Sun On The Slopes2021Vail Village1
Taco Cart2021Caddington Village2
Talent Contest At Flanagan's Barn2021Harvest Crossing0
Tannenbaum Clock Tower2021Caddington Village0
Tattoo Katarina & Cat2021Michaels Exclusives10
The Bad Apple Shop2021Spooky Town25
The Big Catch2021Gift Spice0
The Bird Feeders2021General Products1
The Christmas Chocolatier Truffle Factory2021Michaels Exclusives0
The Coffee Bean Grinder2021Caddington Village2
The Corkage2021Caddington Village1
The Festive Outdoors2021General Products1
The Final Touch2021General Products2
The Ghost Writer's Antique Bookstore2021Spooky Town0
The Horrid Haunted Hotel2021Michaels Exclusives31
The Inviting Porch Home2021Caddington Village1
The Juice Bar2021Plymouth Corners0
The Lakeside Market & Tackle Shop2021Vail Village2
The Rusty Anchor Deep Sea Charter Fishing2021Plymouth Corners1
The Skull And Rose Tattoo Studio2021Michaels Exclusives9
The Witching Hour2021Michaels Exclusives26
Time After Time2021Caddington Village0
Tis The Season Shops2021Michaels Exclusives0
Tombstone Duo2021Spooky Town14
Traveling Chimney Sweep2021Caddington Village1
Traveling Photographer Wagon2021Caddington Village0
Tree Farm Display2021Vail Village1
Twilight Bed & Breakfast2021Caddington Village1
Umbrella Sharing2021Caddington Village1
Undead Groove2021Spooky Town15
Victorian Dairy Farmer2021Caddington Village0
Victorian Toboggan Ride2021Caddington Village1
Warming Their Bones2021Spooky Town6
Web Of Terror Ferris Wheel2021Spooky Town52
Wester St. Row House2021Caddington Village0
Willow Creek Equestrian Center2021Harvest Crossing0
Winter Adirondack2021Vail Village1
Wintergarten Lane2021General Products0
Winterhaus Resort2021Vail Village3
Witch Gate2021Michaels Exclusives6
Witch Gazebo2021Spooky Town11
Wright & Sons Lamplighters2021Caddington Village0
Yonder Peak Ski & Snowboard School2021Vail Village1
Zombie Records2021Spooky Town17

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