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Lemax Listed By Year

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2013
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Lighted Star String - Blue2013General Products1
2-PC Curved Track For Christmas Express2013General Products2
2-PC Stone Road - Curved2013General Products5
2-PC Stone Road - Straight2013General Products5
2-PC Straight Track For Christmas Express2013General Products4
5 Hawk Cabin2013Vail Village5
6 AM Christmas Morning2013Caddington Village0
A Wolf And His Dog20132015Spooky Town1
Alpine Fire Station20132016Vail Village1
Alternative Energy2013Vail Village5
Amy's Sundial Inn2013Caddington Village1
Animal Toy Drive2013Coventry Cove0
Annual Toy Drive20132015Coventry Cove0
Argyle Griffin Pub20132016Caddington Village3
Aspen Ridge Ski & Snowboard Shop2013Coventry Cove1
Balloon Clown2013Spooky Town11
Barton's Books20132016Caddington Village0
Be-Witching Bike Ride2013Spooky Town10
Big Cat Cabin20132023Vail Village2
Blood Of The Vine20132018Spooky Town9
Bobbies Poodle Parlez Vous20132023Jukebox Junction0
Brennan Residence2013Coventry Cove1
Caddington Ballet Academy20132016Caddington Village3
Caddington Candies2013Caddington Village0
Campfire Fondue20132013Vail Village1
Can I Buy You A Soda?20132015Holidays0
Carol's Christmas Corner2013Vail Village3
Carole Towne Fire Department2013Carole Towne Collection3
Cascading Icicle Tree20132020General Products0
Cave Of Skulls2013Spooky Town12
Cedar Creek Church2013Caddington Village0
Cemetery Tour Bus2013Spooky Town0
Chicken Feeding20132015Holidays0
Chimney Sweep2013General Products7
Chocolate Thief2013Coventry Cove0
Christmas Carolers20132015Holidays21
Christmas Lane Trailer2013Coventry Cove6
Christmas Market Candy Seller20132019Caddington Village0
Christmas Market Scene Toys20132015Holidays0
Christmas Pooch, Set Of 52013General Products6
Christmas Shopping With Mom And Dad20132018Caddington Village2
Christmas Wishes, set of 22013Coventry Cove4
Chuckle's Funhouse20132015Spooky Town0
Church Family, set of 22013Coventry Cove0
Clam Digging2013Plymouth Corners0
Clark Residence20132023Caddington Village3
Claws & Paws Pet Hotel20132023Vail Village1
Cornucopia Baskets & Bows20132023Harvest Crossing0
Countdown to Christmas, set of 72013Coventry Cove10
Cowboy Paperboy20132018General Products2
Cramwell College20132015Caddington Village0
Creepy Cider Stand20132015Spooky Town0
Creepy Night Watchman2013Spooky Town7
Creepy's Bed & Breakfast20132019Spooky Town1
Cross-Country Coffee Break2013Vail Village10
Cross-Country Friends, Set Of 22013Vail Village4
Crowley Hall20132023Spooky Town4
Cup-O-Joe Coffeehouse20132015Holidays5
Cupcake Baker2013Coventry Cove1
Dasher's Advent Stable20132020Caddington Village5
Death Coffee Break20132015Spooky Town6
Deerfield Creek Trading Post20132017Vail Village9
Delaney & Sons Brewery20132015Holidays0
Deluxe Arms Apartments2013Jukebox Junction3
Directing Traffic2013Caddington Village5
Doggie Dress-Up20132015Spooky Town0
Dogwood Tree20132014Holidays0
Dr. Gloom N. Doom's Laboratory2013Spooky Town5
Dreadful Oak Tree20132014Spooky Town0
Drum Corpse, Set Of 22013Spooky Town7
East Lake Station20132020Caddington Village13
Edelweiss Cabin2013Vail Village5
Elmer's Country Grocery Store20132015Harvest Crossing6
Evergreen Tree, Medium2013Coventry Cove108
Evil Scarecrow20132015Spooky Town1
Fall Residence House20132020Harvest Crossing0
Feeding Deer20132019Vail Village0
Feliz Navidad20132015Holidays0
Four LED Light Bulb String20132020General Products0
Frank's Big Day2013Spooky Town9
Free Candy Clown2013Spooky Town7
Front Yard Santa20132018Vail Village6
Fuzzy Friends Pet Palace20132020Caddington Village0
Garden Bench2013Vail Village3
Gazebo Band2013General Products18
Gear Shopping2013Coventry Cove0
Gelato Cart, Set Of 42013General Products11
Geppetto's Toy Shop20132017Vail Village4
Ghost Containment Building20132020Spooky Town2
Ghoulish Oak Tree20132014Spooky Town1
Gift Wrapping Together20132015Holidays0
Gingerbread Marvel20132015Holidays0
Glenview Police Station20132016Caddington Village1
Gondola20132015Spooky Town3
Got Treats? Dog Bakery2013Coventry Cove1
Graveyard Bouquets, Set Of 22013Spooky Town6
Graveyard Dance2013Spooky Town5
Grim Reaper's Department Store2013Spooky Town6
Hadley's Department Store2013Caddington Village0
Halloween Honeymoon20132015Spooky Town0
Halloween Parade Banner, Set Of 52013Spooky Town3
Haunted Clock Tower2013Spooky Town6
Haunted Crypt20132016Spooky Town7
Hiker's Hangout20132023Vail Village0
Hillsview Inn2013Caddington Village1
Hockey Tryouts20132019Vail Village6
Holiday Cookie Sale20132015Holidays0
Holidays Homecoming20132020Caddington Village1
Home For Christmas Residence20132023Caddington Village0
Hot Rod20132015Spooky Town9
Hudson's Hardware20132023Harvest Crossing1
I'll Keep You Warm20132018Vail Village6
Ice Cream Truck20132015Holidays5
Ice Fishing Shack20132015Holidays4
Is That Really, Set Of 320132019Spooky Town3
Jack In The Box20132015Spooky Town12
Jacuzzi2013Coventry Cove0
Kate's Cupcake Express2013Coventry Cove2
KGEM Radio Station20132023Plymouth Corners2
Kringel's European Bakery20132016Caddington Village1
La Belle Vie Bistro20132020Caddington Village1
Ladie's Day Shopping20132015Holidays0
Last House On The Left, Set Of 220132018Spooky Town8
Le Bouquet20132019Caddington Village1
Light Up Coffins20132015Carnival4

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