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Released: 2004
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Lighted Ghostie String20042007Spooky Town0
12 Lighted Gumdrop String20042007Sugar n Spice0
4" Evergreen Tree, Set Of 22004General Products5
6" Maple Tree2004Spooky Town4
8 Lighted Lantern String20042008Spooky Town3
9" Maple Tree2004Spooky Town6
9" Winter Willow20042020Spooky Town2
A Chip For Chelsea Bob20042011Holidays3
A Full Cart20042015Village Collection3
A Gift For Father20042007Holidays1
A Good Day's Catch20042013Holidays1
Ac Power Adaptor W/3-Output Jacks Ul/Cul20042007Village Collection2
Adults Keep Out Treehouse20042008Village Collection0
Angel's Wings2004Vail Village1
Annibelle-Trawler20042009Plymouth Corners1
Apple Harvest20042006Spooky Town1
Arch Of Sweets20042007Sugar n Spice1
Arthur's Manor20042005Caddington Village1
Ashton Antiques20042010Holidays0
At The Market, Set Of 320042018Caddington Village2
At Your Service20042011Village Collection3
Autumn Mulberry Medium20042014Spooky Town1
Baked Cookie Christmas Tree20042007Sugar n Spice1
Ball Street Lamp20042015Holidays0
Band Of Police20042006Holidays1
Barmaid20042015Coventry Cove1
Bavarian Pretzel Factory20042006Holidays0
Bay Boat Works20042008Plymouth Corners1
Bayberry Hill Police20042007Caddington Village1
Beach Chairs20042011Holidays1
Bear Sculpture20042011Holidays0
Belmont Carousel20042012Carnival4
Bird Rock Lighthouse20042005Plymouth Corners0
Birdhouse Curiosity20042012Holidays0
Bonfire, Set Of 32004Vail Village5
Bucky's Trading Post & Casey's Camping Gear20042007Vail Village4
Bus Stop20042007Sugar n Spice1
Bus Stop20042011Holidays9
Caged Monster2004Spooky Town13
Candied Pine Tree Large20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candied Pine Tree Medium20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candied Pine Tree Small20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candlelight Choir Boys20042010Holidays0
Candy Cane Gazebo20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Cane Street Lamp20042007Sugar n Spice5
Candy Chapel20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Covered Bridge20042007Sugar n Spice1
Candy Phone20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candymint Gumdrop Fence20042007Sugar n Spice0
Cape Estate20042009Plymouth Corners3
Carnival Kiosks20042012Carnival4
Cemetery Capers20042007Spooky Town9
Cemetery Gate20042009Spooky Town6
Cemetery Gate20042015Spooky Town29
Center City Police Station20042012Caddington Village0
Chadwell Chapel20042005Caddington Village0
Chelsea Pub20042006Caddington Village0
Christmas Quilters20042012Plymouth Corners0
Christmas Tree Decoration20042006Holidays1
Christmas Tree Decoration20042008Holidays Seasons1
Christmas Tree Decoration20042006Holidays Seasons1
Christmas Tree Decoration20042008Holidays Seasons1
Christmas Tree Wagon, Set Of 22004Vail Village14
Christmas Wreaths20042006Holidays6
Coal Man20042006Holidays2
Cotton Candy Stand20042007Holidays3
Country Road Mailboxes20042019General Products10
Craftsman Fence20042006Holidays8
Crawford's Garage & Gas Station2004Carole Towne Collection0
Creek Side Cabin20042012Vail Village0
Crescent Moon Street Lamp20042007Spooky Town8
Crumb Cake Cottage20042007Sugar n Spice0
Crystal Chapel2004Carole Towne Collection4
Cupcakes And Candy20042007Sugar n Spice0
Curved Frosted Candy Road20042007Sugar n Spice0
Dad's Christmas Surprise20042011Holidays1
Decorated Skull Tree Large20042006Spooky Town1
Decorative Buckboard20042012Holidays7
Deep Harbor Lighthouse20042006Holidays0
Dr. Stretch N. Pull's Torture Factory20042009Spooky Town7
East Street Firehouse20042006Caddington Village0
Eclair Bench20042007Sugar n Spice1
Engine Company No. 620042006Caddington Village1
Family Photo20042014Holidays3
Feeding Pigeons, Set Of 22004Caddington Village3
Fieldstone Wall20042006Holidays1
Firehouse No. 920042006Caddington Village5
Fireman's Ball20042011Holidays2
Franklin Residence20042008Spooky Town8
Frawley's Village Shoppe's2004Village Collection0
Free Ride20042007Sugar n Spice2
Fresh Cut Christmas Tree20042006Holidays2
Fresh Produce20042007Holidays0
Frolic In The Snow2004Vail Village6
Frosted Cake Platform20042007Sugar n Spice0
Frosted Candy Road20042007Sugar n Spice1
Frosted Wafer Wall20042007Sugar n Spice0
Furnish The Nursery20042007Holidays0
Gargoyle Fence, Set Of 52004Spooky Town13
Getting Directions20042006Holidays1
Ghostie Picket Fence W/Gate20042006Spooky Town2
Ghostie Wire Wooden Fence20042009Spooky Town1
Ginger Family Carolers20042007Sugar n Spice2
Ginger Lane School20042007Sugar n Spice0
Ginger Toys20042007Sugar n Spice0
Gingerbread Bus20042007Sugar n Spice1
Gingerbread Cottage20042007Sugar n Spice1
Gingerbread Decoration20042007Sugar n Spice1
Gingerbread Decoration20042007Sugar n Spice1
Gingerbread Express20042007Sugar n Spice1
Gingerbread Manor20042007Sugar n Spice0
Gingersleigh20042007Sugar n Spice1
Glazed Tree20042007Sugar n Spice1
Granny's Sweets & Baked Goods20042007Sugar n Spice1
Guitar Player20042007Holidays0
Gull Landing20042013Holidays2
Gumdrop Street Lamp20042007Sugar n Spice0
Hall Of Justice20042012Holidays4
Halloween Ac Power Adaptor W/3-Out20042007Spooky Town2
Halloween Festival20042014Spooky Town5
Halloween Frolics2004Spooky Town1
Halloween Party House20042008Spooky Town8
Halloween Tree Decoration20042016Spooky Town2
Halloween Tree Decoration20042015Spooky Town2
Halloween Tree Decoration20042015Spooky Town5
Handel's Bake Shop20042009Vail Village1
Hangin' Around20042012Plymouth Corners5
Happy Halloween!20042006Spooky Town4
Harbor Point Lighthouse20042008Plymouth Corners1
Harry's Barber Shop20042006Village Collection0
Harvest Crossing Library20042007Harvest Crossing0
Haunted Tire Swing20042006Spooky Town3
Have One!20042006Holidays1
Heavenly Angels20042006Holidays0
Here We Go!20042015Holidays0
Hidden Cove Seaside Retreat20042006Holidays1
Hobart House20042007Plymouth Corners2
Holiday House20042010Caddington Village7
Holly Gumdrop Tree20042007Sugar n Spice0
Home Sweet Home20042007Sugar n Spice6
Hot Chocolate Tub20042007Sugar n Spice1
Hot Pursuit20042015Holidays0
Hotel Royale20042007Caddington Village1
Isle Of Doom Lighthouse20042006Spooky Town1
It's A Dog's Life20042011Holidays3

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