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Released: 1996
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
20 Mini Light - Clear19962005Holidays6
20 Mini Light - Green19962005Holidays0
20 Mini Light - Multi19962005Holidays16
20 Mini Light - Red19962005Holidays0
20 Mini Light - Yellow19962005Holidays2
4" Victorian Street Lamp19962003Holidays4
9" Dry Tree 25 Mini Lights19962004Holidays0
Accordion Player 19961999Figurines0
Alpine Skiing19962003Holidays0
American Flag Pole19962015Holidays12
Attorney-at-Law 19961999Figurines0
Barber Shoppe 19961999Plymouth Corners4
Belmont Bank 19961998Caddington Village1
Bolton Reef Lighthouse19962002Dickensvale0
Brighton Manor 19961999Caddington Village1
Bristol Firehouse19962001Dickensvale4
Broken Ski19962015Holidays0
Bundle Up 19961999Figurines0
Carolling Man Originally sold as set #52123 19961999Figurines0
Carolling Woman Originally sold as set #5212319961999Figurines0
Carrying Corn 19961999Figurines0
Carrying Milk 19961999Figurines6
Chamberlain House19962002Holidays3
Cross-Country Skiing19962003Holidays3
Cutting Firewood 19961999Figurines9
Downhill Racer19962015Holidays0
Esquire 19961999Figurines0
Faith Chapel19962002Harvest Crossing0
Family Skating 19961999Figurines6
Father & Son Skiing1996Vail Village2
Frosty Fun 19961999Figurines25
Fun On The Slide19962001Holidays5
Gathering Eggs 19961999Figurines6
Giant Slalom19962015Holidays2
Hammond's Summer Home19962002Holidays2
Hereford's Feedlot19962004Harvest Crossing0
High Peaks Ski Lodge19962001Holidays3
Holstein's Dairy Barn19962002Holidays0
Hot Dog19962003Holidays5
Hudson House19962003Holidays1
Leap Frog19962001Holidays19
Learning To Ski19962020Vail Village0
Learning To Ski1996Carnival0
Metal Fence19962004Holidays2
Minister 19961999Figurines2
Mom Holding Baby 19961999Figurines0
Mother/Daughter/Teddy 19961999Figurines1
Mr. Santa Claus Originally sold as set #3309219961999Figurines49
Nativity Set Of 1119962003Holidays54
Off To The Fire19961998Village Collection21
One Light Cord - Ul19962006Holidays1
Organ Grinder 19961999Figurines0
Pelham Manor19962002Holidays0
Portsmouth Lighthouse19962002Holidays4
Princeton Police Station19962001Holidays0
Punch & Judy 19961999Figurines2
Replacement C7 Bulbs19962006Holidays0
Resting on Stump 19961999Figurines0
Ridge Runner19962014Holidays3
Ringing the Dinner Bell 19961999Figurines0
Riverside Memorial19962002Holidays1
Sandy Shoals Lighthouse19962002Holidays0
School Children Running 19961999Figurines9
Shovel the Walk 19961999Figurines0
Ski Boots19962006Holidays2
Ski Ducklings19962006Holidays4
St. James' Church 19961999Caddington Village0
Standish Art Studio 19961999Caddington Village0
Stanton Square 19961999Caddington Village0
Step Lively 19961999Figurines0
Taking a Break 19961999Figurines2
Tannery & Harness Shop 19961998Caddington Village3
Teeter Totter19962001Holidays8
Teeter Totter, battery-operated 19961997Figurines0
Toting Skis19962003Holidays1
Towne House19962002Harvest Crossing0
Tractor Repair Shed19962004Harvest Crossing0
Union Bank19962002Holidays2
Victorian Gazebo19962005Holidays23
Westminster Abbey19962003Caddington Village1
Young Couple Shopping 19961999Figurines0
Yuletide Craft Shoppe19962002Harvest Crossing7

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