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Released: 1995
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
4" Birch Tree19952003Holidays0
6" Birch Tree19952003Holidays2
7" Porcelain Pine Tree19952003Holidays0
8" Porcelain Pine Tree19952003Holidays1
9" Birch Tree19952003Holidays0
9" Porcelain Pine Tree19952003Holidays1
Ac Power Adaptor 4-Output Jacks19952007Village Collection22
Animated Skating Pond19952005Village Collection7
Brewster Mansion 19951999Plymouth Corners2
Brothers Looking at Tree with Dog 19951999Figurines6
Butler's Bait & Tackle Shop19952003Holidays6
Cabot's Mansion19952002Holidays2
Carolling with Violinist 19951999Figurines6
Chapel In The Meadow19952002Holidays0
Chatham Inn19952002Harvest Crossing4
Chesterton House 19951998Plymouth Corners0
Choir Boys and Girls 19951999Figurines7
Christmas Corner19952002Holidays3
Christmas Village Inn19952003Holidays4
City Hall19952002Holidays5
Cookie Shop19952002Holidays0
Country Cottage 19951999Harvest Crossing1
Cozy Sleigh Ride 19951999Figurines5
Cushing Cottage19952001Holidays0
Derby Square Inn19952001Harvest Crossing5
Dr. Caswell's Residence 19951999Plymouth Corners0
Elm Tree Inn 19951999Harvest Crossing9
Forest Lake Retreat19952001Holidays0
Gift Shopping Family 19951999Figurines2
Girl Fixing Snowman 19951999Figurines0
Greg's Haberdashery/Hat Shoppe 19951998Caddington Village0
Hadley Inn 19951996Lighted House / Building1
Hampton Armory 19951999Hearthside Village2
Hatfield House19952002Holidays0
Haverford Lighthouse19952003Holidays10
Hay Carriage Ride1995Christmas Memories6
Iron Gate And Wall19952006Holidays11
Jack's Ski Shoppe19952002Dickensvale2
Kensington Parish 19951999Vail Village0
Lancaster Manor 19951999Plymouth Corners0
Let's Skate 19951999Figurines2
Look at That 19951999Figurines2
Manchester House 19951998Plymouth Corners0
Mansfield Grocery19952002Dickensvale3
Merry Christmas19952001Holidays8
New Blue Top Post Office19952001Holidays0
New Parish Church19952002Holidays2
Oopsy! 19951999Figurines5
Park Bench People 19951999Figurines13
Park Swing19952001Holidays4
Porcelain Feeding Birds1995Dickensvale22
Porcelain Figure1995Dickensvale36
Porcelain Pine Tree19952003Holidays31
Pulling Sled 19951999Figurines1
Putting on Skates 19951999Figurines4
Returning from Shopping 19951999Figurines8
Santa's Sleigh Bound19952001Holidays5
Sledding with Hounds 19951999Figurines1
St. Clement's Church19952003Holidays0
St. Thomas' Church19952004Plymouth Corners0
St.Luke's Church19952002Holidays3
Stable Animals 19951999Figurines2
Stratford School 19951999Plymouth Corners1
Sumner Bank19952002Holidays1
Swanning Through 19951999Figurines7
Thorne's Gallery19952001Holidays2
Todd's Freight Co. 19951998Caddington Village4
Towne House 19951998Lighted House / Building0
Trading Post19952004Holidays4
Train of Skaters 19951999Figurines7
Trinity Church 19951999Harvest Crossing1
Tucker's Farm19952002Harvest Crossing3
Victoria's Millinery 19951996Lighted House / Building4
Village Mill19952003Holidays3
Village School19952001Harvest Crossing1
Village Wharf 19951999Caddington Village6
Warwick Chapel 19951999Harvest Crossing0
Washburn's Country Home 19951999Plymouth Corners1
Water Pump19952003Holidays14
Worcestershire Chalet19952002Holidays0
Worthington Abbey 19951998Harvest Crossing0

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