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Released: 2019
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
#1 Teacher2019Kmart Exclusive00
4.5v 3-output Adapter Black Changeable Plug Improved2019Accessories00
4.5v 3-output Adapter Black Fixed Eu Plug Improved2019Accessories00
4.5v 3-output Adapter Black Fixed Us Plug Improved2019Accessories10
4.5v 3-output Adapter White Changeable Plug V.22019Accessories00
4.5v 3-output Adapter White Fixed Eu Plug V.22019Accessories00
4.5v 3-output Adapter White Fixed Us Plug V.22019Accessories00
Alden House2019Caddington Village60
Alder Tree2019General Products00
At the Movies2019Kmart Exclusive00
Batty For Pumpkins Tree2019Spooky Town10
BBQ Weekend2019Summer Americana241
Bean Bag Toss2019Summer Americana121
Bella's Bon Bons2019Caddington Village60
Bellows And Co. Blacksmith2019Caddington Village20
Best Buds Dog Supply Store2019Spooky Town00
Big Bite Sandwiches2019Jukebox Junction10
Bike Ride Date2019Caddington Village10
Biking Fun2019Caddington Village20
Bird Bath Dog Fountain2019Caddington Village50
Birthday Party At The Stanwicks2019Caddington Village20
Book Wagon2019Caddington Village00
Bread Bakers2019Caddington Village20
Bringing Presents Home2019General Products80
Brownstone Cafe2019Caddington Village10
Buy Local2019Harvest Crossing70
Cabin Canteen2019Vail Village40
Caddington Fire Brigade2019Caddington Village90
Caddington Post2019Caddington Village100
Calaveras Couple2019Spooky Town01
Casino Figurine2019Spooky Town110
Cassandra's Cakery2019Spooky Town00
Cheers!2019General Products100
Christmas Ballet2019Caddington Village50
Christmas Shopping Break2019General Products10
Christmas Surprise2019Harvest Crossing10
Christmas Tree2019General Products280
Cocoa And Cookies2019Sugar n Spice30
Country Lane Cottage2019Harvest Crossing00
Cozy Cottage2019Caddington Village40
Crane Residence2019Caddington Village20
Crazy Clown Conductor2019Spooky Town20
Crazy Clown Express2019Spooky Town130
Crystal Lighted Tree, 3 Color Changeable, Large2019General Products00
Crystal Lighted Tree, 3 Color Changeable, Medium2019General Products20
Crystal Lighted Tree, 3 Color Changeable, Small2019General Products20
Crystal Lighted Tree, 4 Color Changeable & Color Transformation, Xl2019General Products10
Danielle's Decor2019Caddington Village10
Dapper & Debonair Snowman2019Vail Village30
Day Of The Dead2019Spooky Town01
Deb's Puppy Shelter2019Kmart Exclusive00
Delivery Bread Cart2019Caddington Village60
Dia De Los Muertos Vigil2019Spooky Town00
Dickens Couple2019Caddington Village20
Dudley's Donut Shop2019Gift Spice00
Elsa's Umbrellas2019Caddington Village40
Family Snow Day2019Vail Village101
Finn's Haberdashery2019Carole Towne Collection00
Firehouse Band2019General Products10
Fluffy Friends Pet Salon2019Harvest Crossing50
Flying Kites2019Summer Americana50
Forest Procession2019Harvest Crossing40
Frosty Frolic2019Vail Village60
Funnel Cakes Food Truck2019General Products30
Game of Fetch2019Summer Americana250
Garden of Eaten Nursery2019Michaels Exclusives110
Garden Of Eaten Worker2019Spooky Town50
Gelato Paradiso2019Caddington Village30
Ghouly Grocer2019Spooky Town30
Ginger's Pie Shop2019Sugar n Spice20
Gingerbread Countdown2019Michaels Exclusives110
Global Bean Coffee Kiosk2019Vail Village160
Golden Summer Days2019Summer Americana90
Grand Fir Tree2019General Products00
Grand Fir Tree, Medium2019General Products00
Grand Opera House2019Michaels Exclusives90
Graveyard Party2019Spooky Town70
Green Elm Tree2019General Products00
Green Juniper Tree2019Accessories00
Grim Balloon2019Spooky Town160
Gummies & More Candy Store2019Sugar n Spice10
Happy Owl-o-ween2019Spooky Town140
Happy To Help2019Caddington Village10
Haunted Library2019Michaels Exclusives00
Haunted Outhouse2019Spooky Town10
Hayes Residence2019Harvest Crossing00
Hillcrest Community Church2019Harvest Crossing40
Holiday Garden Green Bandstand2019General Products70
Honeysuckle Cottage2019Michaels Exclusives100
Horse Tack Station2019Vail Village01
Howl-o-ween Contest2019Spooky Town60
Ice Cream Truck2019Summer Americana60
Iced Desserts2019Caddington Village10
Igloo Doghouse2019General Products30
Jackie's Whiskey2019Sears Exclusive Product50
Joe's Smoke Shack2019Sears Exclusive Product00
Johnnie's Hot Chocolate2019Kmart Exclusive00
July 4th Garden Green Bandstand2019Summer Americana10
Kathy's Quaint Kitchen2019Caddington Village20
Kettle Corn Stand2019Figurines120
Kicking Back2019Summer Americana210
Kringle's Cottage2019Santa's Wonderland190
Larosa's Cucina2019Caddington Village10
Lawson Residence2019Caddington Village10
Linda's Learning Center2019Kmart Exclusive30
Lobster Shack Lighthouse2019Plymouth Corners00
Ludwig's Wooden Nutcracker Factory2019Michaels Exclusives30
Luigi's Ristorante Italiano2019Caddington Village10
Lulu's Bakery & Cafe2019Harvest Crossing00
Lunch Date2019General Products10
Mary's Pet Bakery2019Sears Exclusive Product10
Merry Christmas Market2019Caddington Village50
Mo's Movie Theater2019Kmart Exclusive10
Mountain High Adventure Tours2019Vail Village60
Mountain High Market2019Michaels Exclusives70
Mrs. Claus Cookies2019Santa's Wonderland70
Mulberry's Pub2019Caddington Village30
Multi Light Fir Tree2019General Products10
Naughty Or Nice Santa2019Santa's Wonderland100
New Puppies2019Kmart Exclusive00
Norwich Police Station2019Caddington Village20
Old School Customs2019Sears Exclusive Product70
Our Summer Paradise!2019Summer Americana200
Our Tiny House2019Vail Village90
Papa Christmas!2019Caddington Village30
Patriotic Pickup2019Summer Americana00
Penelope's Puddings & Custards2019Caddington Village30
People Admiring Fireworks2019General Products10
Pick Me Pumpkin Wagon2019Spooky Town40
Pine Peak Retreat2019Vail Village70
Pinewood Springs Chapel2019Vail Village30
Play With Me!2019Caddington Village50
Prize Winners2019Carnival20
Pumpkin Haul Countdown2019Michaels Exclusives80
Pumpkin Tilt-n-hurl2019Michaels Exclusives70
Pumpkin Truck2019Spooky Town90
Puppy and Kitty Adoption Center2019Michaels Exclusives20
Raven's Roost Brewery & Cafe2019Spooky Town11
Reindeer Goodies2019General Products60
Relaxing Day2019General Products30
Renting Skates2019Michaels Exclusives10
Ribbons And Bows2019General Products10
Russell's Garden Accessories2019Caddington Village20
Seawind Cottage2019Plymouth Corners00
Sharing Cotton Candy2019Carnival10
She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop2019Plymouth Corners10
Sinister Scarecrows2019Spooky Town50
Skating with the Family2019Michaels Exclusives20
Skeleton Lamp2019Spooky Town40
Ski Bunny2019Vail Village10
Spark's Auto Plug2019Sears Exclusive Product60
Spooky Winner2019Spooky Town50
Spring Willow Tree2019General Products00
St. Matthew's Church2019Caddington Village10
St. Stephen's Cathedral2019Caddington Village00
Stargazing2019General Products00
Storybook Santa2019General Products100
Sugar Plum Bakery2019Santa's Wonderland100
Sweet Little Pet Shop2019Gift Spice10
Taylor Cottage2019Caddington Village10
The Crossing Guard2019Jukebox Junction10
The Cursed Cuckoo Haus2019Michaels Exclusives80
The Dancing Dead2019Spooky Town10
The Doll Boutique2019Michaels Exclusives130
The Fairthorne Inn2019Caddington Village10
The Giant Wheel2019Carnival260
The Haunted Knoll2019Spooky Town80
The Hop Stop2019Harvest Crossing60
The Lanes - Arts And Crafts2019Caddington Village20
The Nutcracker Nut Shoppe2019Caddington Village100
The Oak And Acorn Pub2019Caddington Village20
The Paterson Bungalow2019Caddington Village00
The Secret Santa Christmas Shoppe2019Caddington Village40
Three French Hens2019Caddington Village100
Trimming The Truck2019General Products50
Tropical Treats2019Summer Americana70
V8 Service Plaza2019Plymouth Corners70
Victorian Carols2019Caddington Village110
Victorian Skaters2019Caddington Village30
Victorian Wishing Well2019Caddington Village00
Village Tree2019General Products1762
Walt's Malts2019Jukebox Junction40
Waltz Weary2019Figurines10
Welcome Home!2019Caddington Village10
White Hawthorn Tree2019General Products10
Wild Animals2019Vail Village40
Willow Square Gift Merchant2019Caddington Village30
Winter Haven2019Caddington Village70
Woodland Countdown2019Vail Village100
Yuletide Carousel2019Carnival120

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