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Released: 2012
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
"Bad Dog!"2012Coventry Cove0
18 Super White Mini Light String2012General Products1
Adam's Five & Dime Store2012Jukebox Junction0
After School Hockey Match, set of 102012Coventry Cove0
Are Those Trees Moving2012Spooky Town1
Arthur's Fish & Chips2012Coventry Cove4
Astro Burgers, Set Of 22012Jukebox Junction4
Atkinson's B & B2012Carole Towne Collection1
Atv Action20122015Vail Village1
Back To School20122014Coventry Cove0
Backlit Tombstones20122016Halloween6
Bad Dog2012Kmart Exclusive0
Bag O'Bones20122015Spooky Town10
Ballerinas2012Coventry Cove0
Barn House2012Harvest Crossing1
Bass Lake Fishing Cabin2012Vail Village0
Batboy20122015Spooky Town1
Bernie's Teddy Bears2012Caddington Village2
Best Decorated House20122020Harvest Crossing0
Big Ben Pub2012Caddington Village3
Blue Ridge Gallery2012Vail Village0
Brew Break2012Coventry Cove1
Cactus Jack's Western Steakhouse2012Coventry Cove0
Caddington Toll Bridge20122015Holidays0
Captain Jack's Chowder House2012Plymouth Corners0
Caribou Hotel20122014Holidays1
Carlton Residence2012Vail Village0
Carols For Christmas2012Caddington Village2
Catching Air20121999Vail Village0
Cauldron Corn20122018Halloween0
Cedar Valley Winery2012Harvest Crossing0
Centre Stage Playhouse2012Caddington Village0
Chapman Toy Shop20122016Caddington Village0
Chestnuts Roasting20122018Vail Village1
Children's Performing Arts Academy2012Coventry Cove2
Chit-Chat Time, Set Of 220122018General Products0
Chocolate Swirl20122015Vail Village2
Christmas Doggie Parade, Set Of 520122018General Products1
Christmas Puppies, Set Of 220122018General Products1
Christmas Sock-Hop2012Caddington Village2
Christmas Time & Trimmings20122015Caddington Village1
Church Bazaar20122015Harvest Crossing0
Clara's Gift20122020General Products2
Classic Victorian Fence, Set Of 72012Caddington Village10
Coffee Cottage2012Coventry Cove3
Coffee Shop Girl2012Coventry Cove0
Cold Creek Bridge2012General Products15
Comet Bike Shop20122020Jukebox Junction3
Copper Mt. Steakhouse20122016Holidays0
Costume Fix20122015Spooky Town0
Countdown To Christmas20122015Holidays0
Coventry Cove Firehouse2012Coventry Cove1
Cruisin' Cafe2012Jukebox Junction6
Crump's Organic Market2012Spooky Town1
Cycling Shopping Trip20122015Holidays0
Davis Residence2012Caddington Village1
Decorated Victorian Front Yard2012Caddington Village0
Decorating For Halloween20122014Spooky Town0
Dividing The Loot20122014Spooky Town0
Dog Sled Derby20122015Holidays0
Drag Race!20122015Jukebox Junction0
Eerie Oak Tree Large20122014Spooky Town0
Eerie Oak Tree Medium20122014Spooky Town0
Egg Nog Stand20122015Holidays0
Fairbanks County Court House2012Caddington Village0
Family Christmas Shopping2012Caddington Village4
Fish and Chips Fan2012Coventry Cove0
Frankenstein Gothic20122015Spooky Town1
French Cathedral2012Caddington Village1
Friendly Competition2012Vail Village6
Fright & Fold Laundromat2012Spooky Town0
Frosty's Ice Scream20122015Spooky Town3
Frosty's Ice Scream Shop20122015Spooky Town7
Frozen Fountain20122015Holidays0
Ghostly Skiff20122014Spooky Town0
Gibson's General Store20122016Harvest Crossing0
Glenbrook Ferry20122015Vail Village0
Golden Paw Resort20122020Plymouth Corners1
Gordy's Cycle Shop20122016Jukebox Junction9
Harbor View Bed & Breakfast2012Plymouth Corners0
Hartford Falls Town Hall2012Caddington Village3
Haunted Hall Of Fame2012Spooky Town0
Haunted Manor20122015Spooky Town1
Haunted Village Cemetery2012Spooky Town0
Haypenny Tavern20122015Caddington Village3
Hearth & Home Quilt Shoppe20122020Vail Village0
Heebie-Jeebie's Rock Club20122018Spooky Town9
Hidden Hills Cabin20122015Holidays1
High Seas Bait & Tackle2012Plymouth Corners1
Hill Of Beans Coffee Shop20122016Plymouth Corners0
Hillside Post Office20122015Caddington Village0
Hillside School20122020Vail Village4
Hoffer's Biergarten20122016Down to Business5
Homecoming Bonfire20122014Jukebox Junction0
Jukebox Dancers20122015Holidays0
Keep Out2012Spooky Town16
Killer Clown Mobile Home20122018Spooky Town12
King & Hall Tailor20122015Caddington Village0
Kringle's Air Field, Set Of 32012Santa's Wonderland4
Lake Cave Bear Campground2012Carole Towne Collection2
Lasso Bill2012Coventry Cove0
Led Replacement Bulb20122017General Products0
Leisure Time2012Coventry Cove0
Lodge Fire Pit20122015Holidays0
Madge's Beauty Parlor20122016Jukebox Junction0
Madison Residence2012Coventry Cove0
Mail Delivery Cycle20121999General Products2
Mallard Bay Cabin2012Vail Village6
Mcbroom's Produce20122015Holidays1
McIntosh Cider Press20122016Harvest Crossing1
Meadowbrook Stable20122015Harvest Crossing0
Mrs. Applegate's Bed & Breakfast2012Caddington Village5
Mt. Joy Bakery2012Caddington Village0
Murray's Music Shop20122016Caddington Village0
N. Wilkesboro Hardware2012Caddington Village0
Neighborhood Santas20122020Vail Village4
Norman's Shoemaker Workshop20122016Caddington Village0
Occupied20122015Jukebox Junction0
Off To Work20122015Holidays0
Out For A Spin20122018Vail Village0
Out-Of-Control Witch2012Spooky Town2
Outhouse Marauders2012Vail Village10
Paw Prints Pet Shop2012Coventry Cove1
Pedal Car Firemen20122015Jukebox Junction0
Pets & Potions20122015Spooky Town1
Phat Air20121999Vail Village2
Photos With Santa, Set Of 52012General Products0
Pine Grove Chapel2012Vail Village0
Pine Grove Lodge20122019Vail Village0
Police Station Precinct No. 1220122016Caddington Village0
Poodlemania20122015Jukebox Junction0
Potion Time!20122015Spooky Town3
Precious Pet2012Coventry Cove0
Pringle Candle & Soap Makers2012Caddington Village1
Putting On The Chains20122013Holidays0
Ride In The Country20122018Caddington Village0
Road Rebel20122018Jukebox Junction0
Rocking Chair Skeleton2012Spooky Town8
Roller Skate Waitress20122015Jukebox Junction0
Rosa's Family Restaurant2012Harvest Crossing0
Rotten Railroad Crossing2012Spooky Town5
Round Up2012Carnival19
Sanford's Garage2012Carole Towne Collection0
Santa And Kittens, Set Of 220121999Vail Village4
Santa Swing2012Santa's Wonderland2
Santa's Storytime Cottage2012Caddington Village1
Scarlet's Shoe Boutique2012Coventry Cove0
Scary Moonlit Tree20122015Spooky Town0
Scooter Ride20122019Jukebox Junction0
See-Saw20122020Vail Village1
Side Car Santa20122015Holidays0
Skating My Sister20122015Holidays0
Ski Map20122015Holidays1
Ski Pile-Up20122015Holidays1
Skier Snowman20122015Holidays2
Skull And Stone Fence20122015Spooky Town2
Skull Bridge20122015Spooky Town3
Skull Gate2012Spooky Town6
Smoke Shop Old Timers20122015Holidays0
Snowshoe Walkers, Set Of 32012Vail Village1
Snowy Buckeye Tree Large20122014Holidays1
Snowy Mulberry Tree Large20122015Holidays1
Special Invitations20122015Holidays0
Spilt Milk20122015Holidays1
Spookytown Cemetery Tours20122016Spooky Town4
Spookytown Police Wagon20122015Spooky Town0
Spookytown Traffic Guard20122015Spooky Town0
St. Nicholas Church20122016Caddington Village0
Star Street Banner20122016Holidays0
Stony Brook Windmill2012Vail Village10
Street Corner Serenade20122015Holidays0
Street Pole Banner, Set Of 22012Vail Village2
Stringing Lights2012Kmart Exclusive2
Sunset Mt. Horseback Tours2012Vail Village1
Swing Time20122018Vail Village0
Tall Flexible Hedgerow, Set Of 220122018General Products0
Teaching Mom20122014Jukebox Junction0
The Cat's Meow20122015Caddington Village0
The Chop Shop Garage and Salvage Co20122018Spooky Town11
The Majestic Christmas Tree2012General Products17
The Pagoda Restaurant2012Caddington Village0
The Tap Room2012Coventry Cove1
Thievery, Set Of 22012Vail Village3
Thompson Tudor House20122016Caddington Village0
Those are lovely!, set of 22012Coventry Cove0
Tim's Trains & Hobbies, Set of 220122019Caddington Village5
Tip Top Toy Factory20122020Caddington Village7
Tired Skiers20122018Vail Village2
To The Rescue!20122015Holidays0
Tomb Sweet Tomb20122018Spooky Town8
Trick Or Treat Candy Shop20122015Spooky Town10
Trick Or Treat Container20122014Spooky Town1
Trick-Or-Treat Train20122015Spooky Town3
Trickster20121999Vail Village2
Tubing Buddies2012Vail Village8
Twin Peaks Apres-Ski2012Vail Village0
Village Corner Market20122015Holidays0
Village Undertaker, Set Of 92012Spooky Town2
Vintage Jolly Holiday Shopper20122018Caddington Village0
W.E. Slabbum Tombstone Quarry20122018Spooky Town4
Walking Betsy20122015Jukebox Junction0
Warlock's Workshop20122015Spooky Town1
Wayside Cottage2012Caddington Village0
Werewolf Grooming And Night Spa20122019Spooky Town0
White Rabbit Book Store20122016Caddington Village1
Whitley Residence20122016Caddington Village3
Winter Cypress Tree Large20122014Holidays Seasons0
Winter Hot Tubbing2012Vail Village0
Winter Oak Tree Large20122015Holidays0
Winter Pine Tree Large20122014Holidays0
Winter Ridge Ski Lodge20122019Vail Village0
Winter Sport Haus20122019Vail Village0
Woodsbury Cottage20122014Caddington Village1
You Must Be This Tall?20122014Spooky Town2
Zombies, Set Of 22012Spooky Town15

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