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Released: 2000
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12" Snow Pine20002003Holidays1
12-Foot Village Extension Cord - Ul20002006Holidays0
2" Shimmering Round Bristle Tree20002003Holidays0
4" Snow Pine20002003Holidays0
5-Foot Tinsel Garland20002008Holidays13
6" Snow Pine20002003Holidays0
6" Sparkling Green Christmas Tree2000General Products2
9" Snow Pine20002003Holidays0
9" Sparkling Green Christmas Tree2000General Products1
A Christmas Song20002006Caddington Village3
An Elf Greeting20002006Holidays0
Anything For Me?20002015Figurines11
Autumn Oak Extra Large20002014Holidays0
Autumn Oak Large20002014Spooky Town1
Autumn Oak Medium20002014Spooky Town0
Autumn Oak Small20002015Spooky Town2
Autumn Rust Tree Extra Large20002014Spooky Town0
Autumn Rust Tree Large20002014Spooky Town2
Autumn Rust Tree Medium20002014Spooky Town0
Autumn Rust Tree Small20002014Spooky Town0
B.B.Q. Pit Restaurant20002003Harvest Crossing1
Barn Dance20002004Harvest Crossing3
Bears At Play20002014Holidays10
Blessed Angels Convent20002003Caddington Village0
Bob Cratchit And Tiny Tim2000Caddington Village15
Bucket Brigade20002006Holidays13
Bus Terminal20002004Plymouth Corners0
Butcher Baker Candle Maker20002002Enchanted Forest0
Cape Margaret Lighthouse20002003Plymouth Corners1
Carriage Sled20002014Holidays5
Carrying Milk20002012Figurines0
Cecil's Cider Mill20002005Holidays2
Charlotte's Dressmaking Shop20002003Caddington Village0
Chet's Carpentry Shop20002004Caddington Village1
Christmas Dance20002003Figurines0
Christmas Lights20002005Holidays88
Craggy Point Lighthouse20002003Plymouth Corners0
Crockett Family Home20002005Harvest Crossing0
Cutest Witch20002009Spooky Town5
Dashing Through The Snow20002006Caddington Village30
Deer At The Pond20002015Holidays6
Downtown District20002004Plymouth Corners0
Dr. Baxter Optician Ivan's Apothecary20002004Caddington Village2
Dr. Tingle's Laboratory20002008Spooky Town19
Dragon's Breath Costume Shop20002008Spooky Town17
Elf Confections20002005Holidays0
Elf Dormitory20002005Holidays1
Elves At Play20002003Holidays2
Fairy Princess20002006Spooky Town1
Feeding Deer, Set Of 32000General Products24
Fire Chief20002006Caddington Village0
Fireman, Set Of 62000Caddington Village78
First Aid Station20002002Holidays0
Floating Ghostie20002009Spooky Town6
Flowering Dogwood Extra Large20002005Holidays0
Flowering Dogwood Large20002005Holidays0
Flowering Dogwood Medium20002005Holidays0
Flowering Dogwood Small20002005Holidays0
Flowering Magnolia Large20002005Holidays0
Flowering Magnolia Medium20002005Holidays0
Flowering Magnolia Small20002005Holidays0
Flying Banshee20002011Spooky Town3
Flying Witch20002011Spooky Town10
Friendly Ghosts20002007Spooky Town3
Frosted Tree Extra Large20002005Holidays0
Frosted Tree Large20002009Holidays0
Frosted Tree Medium20002009Holidays1
Frosty's Friendly Greeting, Set Of 22000Winter Fun12
Ft. Meyers Lighthouse20002004Plymouth Corners3
Greaves Manor20002008Spooky Town4
Halloween Hi-Jinks20002006Spooky Town3
Halloween Pumpkin Garland20002015Spooky Town0
Hansom Cab20002012Caddington Village19
Haunted House Visitors20002007Spooky Town14
Hello Reverend20002006Figurines2
Help Yourself !20002006Spooky Town2
Helping Dad20002013Figurines10
Highway Department Depot20002002Holidays0
Holiday Festival20002014Figurines4
Holiday Hayride20002008Holidays1
Holiday Home20002004Caddington Village3
Holly Berry Tree Large20002009Holidays0
Holly Berry Tree Medium20002009Holidays0
Ice Skating Follies20002010Caddington Village7
Imperial Courthouse20002004Caddington Village0
Incoming Mail20002003Holidays0
Jack-O-Lanterns20002015Spooky Town39
Keeping Watch20002011Holidays0
Kelly's Furniture20002007Caddington Village5
Lamplighter2000Holidays Seasons29
Lemax Village Express-Three Train Cars20002009Village Collection4
Lighted Pumpkin20002015Spooky Town28
Lighted Pumpkin Totem20002009Spooky Town8
Lighted Skull20002011Spooky Town17
Loading Up Santa's Sleigh20002012Holidays1
Mac Evoy's Pianos20002005Caddington Village2
Mama Bear And Cubs20002014Holidays0
Maple Syrup Sled, Set Of 32000Harvest Crossing6
Millenium Firework2000Village Collection3
Mommy's Mummy20002006Spooky Town7
More Toys!20002011Holidays0
Nosey Squirrels20002015Holidays3
Old Pacific Theater20002004Caddington Village3
Old Pier Lighthouse20002003Plymouth Corners0
Olde Stone Bridge2000Vail Village31
Papa's Lesson20002007Caddington Village2
Penfield Butcher20002004Caddington Village1
Phil's Farm Stand20002008Holidays4
Pine Haven Pond20002014Holidays7
Polar Post Office20002005Holidays0
Pro Snowboarder20002003Figurines0
Radical Snowboarder20002003Figurines0
Reindeer Roost20002007Holidays1
Retail Service Center20002004Plymouth Corners0
Rose Creek Cottage20002003Caddington Village0
Royal Coach Inn20002003Plymouth Corners3
Santa Air20002008Santa's Wonderland1
Santa's Sleigh Station20002008Santa's Wonderland0
Shady Hollow Funeral Parlor20002006Spooky Town3
Shelter From The Snow20002013Figurines0
Shhh! They'Ll Hear Us20002006Spooky Town4
Shimmering Bristle Tree Medium20002005Holidays3
Shimmering Bristle Tree Small20002005Holidays9
Shimmering Hedgerow20002005Holidays6
Sing Dance Be Merry20002014Figurines0
Singin' Sleigh Ride20002008Holidays14
Skating Dogs20002003Holidays2
Skating Rink2000Vail Village10
Ski Gondola2000Village Collection0
Ski Jumper20002003Figurines0
Skiers' Camp Fire, Set Of 42000Vail Village3
Skiing Girl2000Vail Village5
Skiing Girl2000Vail Village0
Snowboarding Fun20002003Figurines0
Soldier And A Lady20002005Holidays1
Sparkling White Christmas Tree Large20002005Holidays0
Sparkling White Christmas Tree Medium20002005Holidays0
Spooky Tree Pumpkins20002007Spooky Town7
St. Dolores Church20002003Plymouth Corners0
St. Teresa Cathedral20002001Plymouth Corners0
St.Martin's Church20002003Caddington Village0
Steven's Hideout20002008Holidays3
Steward's Cattle Dealer20002003Caddington Village0
Strathmoore House20002003Caddington Village0
Street Sweeper20002005Holidays17
Sugar Plum Dance Studio20002002Holidays0
Testing The Water2000General Products18
The Bay Lighthouse2000Carole Towne Collection5
The Costume Contest20002006Spooky Town11
The Davis Gazette20002003Caddington Village2
The Headless Horseman20002014Spooky Town15
The Leaky Bag20002006Spooky Town5
The Little Ghosts20002007Spooky Town5
The Olde Barn2000Carole Towne Collection2
The Parlour Car20002005Plymouth Corners0
The Parson's Home2000Carole Towne Collection2
The Pumpkin Patch20002012Spooky Town49
The Tea Merchant20002004Caddington Village2
The Tired Trick-Or-Treater20002009Spooky Town6
The Toboggan Tug2000Vail Village1
The Village Hotel2000Carole Towne Collection20
The Village Lighthouse2000Carole Towne Collection112
The Village Produce2000Carole Towne Collection7
The Werewolf20002011Spooky Town15
Three Part Harmony2000Village Collection0
To The Rescue20002006Holidays20
Trick-Or-Treat Grandma !20002006Spooky Town0
Undertaker's Carriage20002014Spooky Town23
United Church20002004Plymouth Corners0
Vampire And Zombie20002008Spooky Town9
Victorian House20002004Plymouth Corners0
Village Coal Dealer20002004Caddington Village1
Village Volunteers2000Harvest Crossing12
Weekend Skier2000Vail Village2
Weekend Skier2000Vail Village0
What A Cute Doll20002014Figurines0
Windy Atoll Lighthouse20002003Plymouth Corners0
Winter Elm Extra Large20002005Holidays0
Winter Elm Large20002015Holidays0
Winter Elm Medium20002015Holidays1
Yuletide Jamboree20002011Figurines3
Yultide Treasures Shoppe House2000Members Only0

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