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Released: 2009
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Days Of Christmas Manor20092014Holidays5
9" Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Multi Color20092020General Products0
A Day Of Curling20092013Village Collection0
A Doe And Her Fawns20092015Holidays7
A Fox And Her Pup20092015Holidays3
After School Hockey Match2009Vail Village8
All 'Round The Campfire20092011Holidays1
Along The Trail20092013Holidays0
Alpine Peak B & B20092013Holidays4
Amanda's Dress Shoppe20092012Holidays0
Antique Street Lamp, Set Of 42009General Products2
Art & Wine Festival Billboard20092015Holidays1
Ash Tree Extra Large20092011Holidays0
Ash Tree Large20092011Holidays0
Ash Tree Medium20092011Holidays0
Aspen Inn & Ale House20092014Vail Village5
Barnacle Bob's Scuba & Boat Salvage20092016Plymouth Corners3
Barsom's Furniture20092013Holidays7
Bat Lair20092013Spooky Town11
Battle Anubis20092014Spooky Town0
Bavarian Ale House2009Carole Towne Collection4
Beadle Bumble20092011Holidays0
Bears By River20092014Holidays5
Big Mountain Outfitters20092012Vail Village3
Bijou Theater2009Sears Exclusive Product1
Bird Watching Family20092015Holidays Seasons8
Black Castle20092016Spooky Town0
Black Jack's Casino, With Adaptor2009Spooky Town0
Blood Bath20092011Spooky Town5
Bloodmobile20092015Spooky Town1
Bloodmobile Vampire20092013Spooky Town3
Bone Appetit!20092013Spooky Town14
Boot Hill Undertaker20092013Spooky Town7
Bowmeman Residence20092012Holidays2
Briggs Lighthouse2009Carole Towne Collection2
Broom Maker20092012Figurines1
Broom Rides20092013Spooky Town3
Building A Family20092015Holidays8
Building Beavers20092013Holidays0
Bus Stop2009Holidays Seasons0
Caddington Ball20092013Holidays0
Caddington Clock & Watch Co.20092013Holidays1
Canoe Excursion20092012Holidays0
Capt. Jake's Tattoos20092012Holidays0
Carpooling20092015Spooky Town11
Carrington Cathedral20092019Caddington Village1
Cave Monster20092014Spooky Town0
Cemetery Tree Medium20092013Spooky Town0
Chainsaw's Lumber Yard2009Spooky Town7
Chan's Chinese Antiques2009Caddington Village4
Chateau Orleans20092011Holidays0
Christmas Barn Dance20092013Holidays0
Christmas Parade Marching Band, Set Of 820092018General Products7
Church Of The Nativity20092013Holidays0
Court House2009Caddington Village0
Coventry Cove Carriage Dealer2009Coventry Cove1
Coventry Cove Rail Road Station2009Coventry Cove7
Creepy Fountain20092013Spooky Town9
Daddy's Home!20092013Holidays4
Dancing With The Mon-Stars2009Spooky Town2
Davidson Manor2009Carole Towne Collection14
Dead Cowboy Blues20092013Spooky Town0
Death Of Salesman20092014Spooky Town3
Decorating Front Yard Tree20092013Holidays9
Deer Blind20092013Holidays0
Demon Den20092015Spooky Town1
Doomed Temple20092017Halloween0
Dry Gulch County Jail20092010Spooky Town5
Dunkin' Booth20092014Holidays3
Dying Elm Tree Large20092012Spooky Town0
Dying Elm Tree with Skulls2009Michaels Exclusives6
Eagle Point Lookout20092014Holidays0
Equestrian Flag Bearers20092013Holidays1
Essex Corner Market20092018Caddington Village3
Evergreen Fir Tree Extra Large20092011Holidays0
Evergreen Fir Tree Large20092011Holidays0
Fire When Ready!20092013Spooky Town2
Firehouse Family20092015Holidays0
First Aid Station20092013Holidays Seasons0
First Bite20092015Spooky Town0
Flaming Skull Motorcycles20092015Spooky Town2
Flying Kites20092013Holidays9
Forlorn Cemetery tor20092014Spooky Town4
Frankenstein20092013Spooky Town25
Fuel For The Fire2009Vail Village11
Funeral Photo20092013Spooky Town11
Garage Sale20092012Harvest Crossing1
Gas Pump20092015Holidays7
Ghostly Gala20092015Spooky Town0
Ghoul News20092015Spooky Town2
Going For A Ride20092013Holidays0
Going To Church, Set Of 22009Worship and Praise0
Gordon's Fish Market2009Coventry Cove0
Graveside Diner2009Spooky Town2
Gypsy Wagon20092014Spooky Town4
Hadley House20092014Harvest Crossing0
Hangman20092011Spooky Town5
Happy Howl-O-Ween20092016Spooky Town10
Harbor Boat Restoration20092016Holidays0
Harbor Restaurant & Apartments20092014Holidays0
Haunted Hearse20092015Spooky Town15
Heads Will Roll20092013Spooky Town10
Hello There20092014Holidays0
Hide And Seek20092015Holidays7
Holly Jolly Christmas Shop20092013Holidays0
Holly Jolly Christmas Shop2009Sears Exclusive Product1
Hot Chocolate Stand, Set Of 220092018Caddington Village7
Hotel Belle20092015Holidays0
Hunting Ducks20092014Holidays0
In The Stocks2009Spooky Town17
Jack's Auto Parts and Tools2009Sears Exclusive Product0
Kingsley Manor20092014Holidays0
Kip's Christmas Collectibles20092014Signature Collection2
Klondike Sled Dog Excursions20092015Holidays7
Knitting Christmas Stockings20092012Holidays0
Ladies Hat Peddler20092012Holidays0
Lamprey's Crab Shack2009Carole Towne Collection3
Lands' End Outfitters2009Sears Exclusive Product3
Lighted Ghoul Tree20092013Spooky Town0
Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Blue20092020General Products0
Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Clear20092020General Products1
Lion Cage20092013Holidays1
Lobsterman20092011Holidays Seasons0
Lobsterman At Sea20092014Holidays2
Log Rollin' Break20092013Holidays0
Log Sawing Games20092013Holidays0
Lost In The Woods20092013Spooky Town0
Lumberjack Games20092013Holidays0
Main Street Books & Coffee Shop20092013Holidays0
Maple Syrup Time20092013Holidays0
May Street Station20092013Holidays9
Merry Santa20092013Holidays3
Mistletoe Magic20092015Holidays1
Mom & Baby Elephants20092013Holidays0
Monster Truck20092013Spooky Town7
Monty's Steak House20092015Harvest Crossing0

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