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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2015
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
2nd Street Post Office2015Caddington Village0
A House For Dolly20152019General Products0
A Season Of Giving, Set Of 22015Caddington Village4
A Short Break, Set Of 22015This and That1
A Touch Of Provence2015Caddington Village0
A Wassailing20152018General Products0
After The Sock Hop, Set Of 220152017Jukebox Junction0
American Customs Paint Shop2015Sears Exclusive Product1
Amy's Pancake House20152019Caddington Village3
Apple Vendor, Set Of 220152018Caddington Village0
Banshee's Boo-B-Traps2015Spooky Town6
Bat Bath2015Spooky Town10
Bathtime Battle2015General Products0
Bell Ornament Lamp Post, Set Of 22015General Products1
Bell Ornament Lamp, set of 22015Coventry Cove1
Bench Figures2015General Products1
Berry Brothers Big Top2015Carnival1
Blue Lotus Yoga Pilates20152019Caddington Village0
Born 2 B Wicked2015Spooky Town5
Buckleberry Church20152020Coventry Cove1
Bus Stop, Set Of 320152019General Products1
Butler Residence2015Caddington Village1
Campfire Music2015Vail Village1
Canoe Catch2015Plymouth Corners1
Cave Sweet Cave2015Spooky Town0
Charley's Checkup20152019General Products0
Chatting Together2015General Products0
Christmas At The McCleary Estate2015Caddington Village0
Christmas Decorating2015Coventry Cove1
Christmas On Horseback20152019Vail Village2
Christmas Story Book2015General Products1
Christmas Wreaths 4 Sale2015Vail Village4
Church Potluck Supper2015Caddington Village0
City Tattoo20152019Coventry Cove0
Coin-O-Matic Laundromat2015Jukebox Junction1
Come See The Nutcracker20152018Caddington Village0
Construction Crew20152019Vail Village1
Cookies From Mrs. Claus20152017Caddington Village1
Custom Classic2015Sears Exclusive Product0
Dilapidated Barn2015Spooky Town3
Dirk's Bikes2015Caddington Village0
Dog In Snow, Set Of 220152018Vail Village1
Doggie Dress Up, Set Of 32015General Products2
Dogs, Anyone20152019General Products0
Doll's Day Out20152018Caddington Village0
Donation Kiosk2015General Products0
Eller Christmas Winter Trailer2015Carole Towne Collection0
Farmhouse2015Harvest Crossing1
Festive Family Photo2015General Products1
Fezziwig's Christmas Shoppe2015Caddington Village2
Fiesta de los Muertos, Set Of 62015Spooky Town7
Fine Chocolate Shop2015Vail Village2
Fire Hydrant20152018General Products7
Frank's Mailbox2015Spooky Town3
Freaky Farmer2015Spooky Town5
Fremont Hotel2015Caddington Village0
French Pastry Shop20152019Caddington Village0
Fresh Baked Pie2015Coventry Cove0
Frosty Floats-N-Sundaes20152019Jukebox Junction1
Getting Dinner20152017Vail Village2
Gilbert's Gasoline Station2015Harvest Crossing0
Gingerbread House20152019Caddington Village8
Glad Tidings Pub20152020Caddington Village1
Gory Grillin2015Spooky Town11
Grandpa's Banjo, Set Of 220152019General Products0
Graveyard Scene20152019Spooky Town0
Greenson's Grocery Delivery2015Caddington Village0
Grim Reaper Countdown2015Spooky Town6
Gurgle's Roach Coach2015Spooky Town2
Hand Knit Goods Stand20152018Caddington Village0
Happy Tails Pets & Daycare2015Plymouth Corners0
Harris & Sons Fine Antiques2015Coventry Cove2
Haunted Houseboat20152020Spooky Town4
Hellfire Hydrants, Set Of 32015Spooky Town5
High Notes, set of 32015Coventry Cove1
Holiday Open House2015Coventry Cove2
Home Sweet Home2015Sears Exclusive Product1
Hot Cross Buns Vendor20152019Caddington Village0
Hunting Party Roast2015Caddington Village0
Hunting Season War Stories20152018Vail Village0
Hurry Along, Set Of 220152018Caddington Village0
I Scream U Scream, Set Of 22015Spooky Town3
Into The Witch's Brew, Set Of 32015Spooky Town7
It's Santa, Set Of 32015Santa's Wonderland1
Jolly Groundskeeper2015Coventry Cove0
Kelly's Corner Grocery2015Harvest Crossing0
Laundry Day20152017Caddington Village1
Lighted Pine Tree, Multi, Large2015General Products0
Lighted Pine Tree, Multi, Medium2015General Products0
Little Imp2015Spooky Town7
Log Cabin Dog House2015Vail Village3
Lotus Rain Yoga Studio2015Coventry Cove0
Lubbock's BBQ20152020Harvest Crossing0
McMann's Florist2015Harvest Crossing0
Modern Santa2015Santa's Wonderland7
Mounted Policeman, Set Of 220152018General Products0
Ms. Sydney's Dance Studio2015Caddington Village1
Mt. Gloom Observatory2015Spooky Town7
Nanny Outing, Set Of 520152018Caddington Village0
New Friends To Play With2015Vail Village6
New Tattoo2015Coventry Cove0
New Trick Or Treaters, Set Of 32015Spooky Town3
Night Mayor2015Spooky Town3
Night Shade Garden Cart2015Spooky Town3
North Pole Or Bust20152020Vail Village0
O'Connell's Irish Pub20152019Caddington Village0
Oak Grove Winery2015Coventry Cove1
Officer Snowflake20152018Vail Village0
One Of The Gang2015Vail Village2
Our Tree20152018General Products3
Out With Dolly20152017Caddington Village0
Park Bench In Winter2015Vail Village5
Pawfection Pet Foods & Bakery20152019Caddington Village1
Peppermint Cookie Bench, Set Of 22015General Products1
Pet Office20152019Caddington Village0
Pie in the Sky Bakery2015Coventry Cove1
Pierre's Restaurant2015Caddington Village2
Pine Ridge Church2015Harvest Crossing1
Playing Santa, Set Of 220152018Christmas Time0
Police Station20152020Harvest Crossing2
Pucker Up20152018General Products1
Pumpkin Wagon2015Spooky Town4
Railway Stop Light, set of 22015Coventry Cove19
Rascal Raccoons, Set Of 320152017Vail Village2
Reindeer Parking Only Sign, Set Of 220152018Vail Village1
Ride-On Snowplow2015Vail Village0
Rocky Cape Historic Lighthouse20152016Plymouth Corners1
Romantic Campfire2015Plymouth Corners1
Round Spot Light, Blue, Set Of 22015General Products0
Rural Victorian Family20152018Caddington Village1
Sandwich Board2015General Products2
Santa Skier2015Santa's Wonderland4
Santa's Sleigh2015Santa's Wonderland1
Santa's Truck, Set Of 22015Santa's Wonderland7
Scaring Trick Or Treaters, Set Of 220152018Spooky Town0
Scary Wheelbarrow2015Spooky Town8
School Gingerbread Fest20152019Caddington Village1
Service With A Smile20152020General Products0
Sharp-Dressed Snowman, Set Of 22015Vail Village0
Shopping Date, Set Of 22015General Products0
Silly Situation2015Vail Village1
Ski Rack Disaster, Set Of 220152018Vail Village0
Ski Trip, Set Of 22015Vail Village0
Sled With Presents2015General Products0
Sledding With Dad2015Vail Village0
Snow Peak Lodge2015Vail Village1
Snowball Ambush2015Vail Village0
Snowboarding Scene2015Carole Towne Collection1
Snowdad & Snowbaby2015Vail Village1
Snowman Angel2015Vail Village3
Snowman R&R20152018Winter Fun0
Snowshoe Family2015Vail Village0
Snowy BBQ20152018Vail Village0
Spark's Pet Wash Express2015Coventry Cove1
Sparky's Pet Wash Express2015General Products2
Spellbound2015Spooky Town5
Spooktacular Boo-quets2015Spooky Town2
Spooky Haunted Birdhouse2015Spooky Town5
Spooky Hollow Pumpkin Patch2015Spooky Town4
Spooky Woods Tree Stump2015Spooky Town4
Sports Hardware20152020Coventry Cove2
Spot Helps Out2015General Products2
Spot Helps Out, Set Of 22015General Products1
Spring Valley Depot2015Caddington Village0
Spruce Creek Sawmill2015Vail Village0
Stacking Firewood, Set Of 22015Vail Village1
Stevenson Residence2015Caddington Village1
Street Grocer20152018Caddington Village0
Summit Snack Shack2015Vail Village0
Sunnyvale Farm20152019Harvest Crossing1
Surprise, Set Of 32015General Products2
Sweet Treats2015Spooky Town1
Sweetalicious Candy Shop2015Coventry Cove4
Tailgate Party2015Vail Village1
The Flower Basket2015Caddington Village0
The Garden Swing2015Caddington Village1
The Little British Tea Cafe2015Caddington Village1
The Shooting Star2015Carnival5
The Station Dining Car2015Caddington Village0
Tommy's Donuts2015Plymouth Corners0
Tree Trimming Trouble2015Vail Village1
Trick Or Treating Dogs, Set Of 52015Spooky Town5
Tudor Home2015Caddington Village0
Twas The Night2015Caddington Village5
Tweed's Golf Outfitters2015Caddington Village0
Twins2015Winter Fun1
Valley Winery Cheese Shop2015Caddington Village0
Victory Theater2015Caddington Village0
Wags-N-Whiskers Pet Lodge2015Coventry Cove1
Walking Zombies, Set Of 32015Spooky Town7
Water Tower20152020Vail Village13
What's New, Set Of 220152018Caddington Village1
Winter Clambake2015Plymouth Corners0
Winter Wakeup2015Vail Village0
Witch Lamp Post, Set Of 22015Spooky Town3
Ye Olde Barrel & Cask Makers2015Caddington Village1
Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe2015Caddington Village3
Ye Olde Tavern20152019Caddington Village1
Yummy Yogurt20152019General Products0
Zombie Brains Foodcart, Set Of 22015Spooky Town1
Zombie Eatery2015Spooky Town0

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