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Released: 2001
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
10" Frosted Maple20012003Holidays0
11" Stand Of Sycamore2001General Products1
12-Pc Foggy Point Lighthouse Kit20012006Holidays Seasons0
12-Pc Laurel House Kit20012007Holidays Seasons1
12-Pc St. Nicholas Church Kit20012007Holidays Seasons0
12-Pc Trudy's Confectionery Kit20012007Holidays Seasons0
12-Pc Village Law Office Kit20012006Holidays Seasons0
12-Pc Wilderness Retreat Kit20012007Holidays Seasons0
2-Piece Curved Road Extensions20012008Holidays0
2-Piece Straight Road Extensions20012008Holidays0
6" Frosted Maple20012003Holidays0
6" Glittering Fir - White20012003Holidays0
6" Mountain Ash20012003Holidays0
6" Rock Elm20012003Holidays0
7" Frosted Maple20012003Holidays0
9" Glittering Fir - White20012003Holidays0
9" Mountain Ash20012003Holidays0
9" Rock Elm20012003Holidays0
Alpine Ranger Station20012006Vail Village0
Animated Hockey Game20012007Village Collection6
Atlantic Canning Co.20012003Plymouth Corners4
Autumn Mulberry Extra Large20012014Spooky Town0
Autumn Mulberry Large20012014Spooky Town1
Autumn Mulberry Medium20012004Holidays1
Autumn Mulberry Small20012014Spooky Town0
Baggage Handlers20012012Holidays1
Baker's Wagon20012012Village Collection2
Bass Hall20012008Holidays2
Beach Wagon20012008Village Collection0
Bernie's Bicycle Shop2001ShopKo Exclusive0
Bessie - Tug Boat20012007Plymouth Corners1
Bird Watching Family20012008Holidays0
Blue Marlin Seafood Grotto20012005Village Collection8
Book Seller20012014Caddington Village1
Cape Mccoy Lighthouse20012004Plymouth Corners1
Carrying Coal20012006Holidays2
Catch Of The Day20012011Holidays4
Cedar Cabin20012005Holidays0
Christmas Baby20012015Caddington Village0
Classic Car Set 2-Way Road Pattern20012008Holidays0
Cobbler Jack's20012009Caddington Village1
Coral Isthmus Lighthouse20012004Plymouth Corners0
Covered Bridge20012001Holidays11
Crab Apple Extra Large20012005Holidays0
Crab Apple Large20012005Holidays0
Crab Apple Medium20012005Holidays0
Crab Apple Small20012005Holidays0
Curious Bunnies2001Vail Village16
Decorating Santa's Tree20012011Holidays0
Dock Worker20012011Holidays6
Duck Pond20012014Holidays22
Dunton House20012004Harvest Crossing1
Elf Choir20012006Holidays0
Elf Toymaking School20012008Santa's Wonderland3
Farm Animals20012009Holidays32
Feed For The Horses, Set Of 62001Harvest Crossing13
Feeding Cow & Bull, Set Of 32001Harvest Crossing7
Flower Vendor20012010Caddington Village3
Fly Fishing With Dad, Set Of 22001Plymouth Corners10
Fresh Milk20012011Caddington Village5
Frigid Fish20012015Holidays8
Fruit Peddler20012005Holidays4
Georgia Lyn's Bed & Breakfast20012005Caddington Village2
Glacier Ice House20012004Plymouth Corners6
Gladstone School Of Acting20012004Caddington Village1
Glittering Fir - Green Large20012011Holidays0
Glittering Fir - Green Medium20012007Holidays0
Grand Junction Station20012004Caddington Village3
Grocery Boy20012014Holidays1
Harvey House20012004Caddington Village0
Haskell County Sheriff20012004Harvest Crossing5
Hickory Large20012005Holidays0
Hickory Medium20012005Holidays0
Hickory Small20012005Holidays0
Horse Trough20012012Caddington Village2
Horses At The Trough20012014Holidays2
Ice Delivery20012005Holidays Seasons0
Ice Fishermen20012013Holidays4
Ice Fishing20012014Holidays0
Icy Perch20012008Holidays7
J. P. Whitaker's Watch & Clock Dealer2001ShopKo Exclusive3
Jewelry Seller20012013Caddington Village3
Knife Grinder20012011Caddington Village5
Lamp Bridge20012001Holidays38
Light Brown Covered Bridge20012001Holidays1
Lighted Musical Christmas Tree20012012Holidays5
Lighted Sculpture - Reindeer & Sleigh20012013Holidays0
Lighted Village Square Fountain2001Caddington Village36
Lighthouse Keeper20012018Plymouth Corners1
Lilac Laurel Extra Large20012005Holidays0
Lilac Laurel Large20012005Holidays0
Lilac Laurel Medium20012005Holidays0
Lilac Laurel Small20012005Holidays0
Log Cabin Quilts20012011Vail Village7
Lucky No.7 Mine20012004Harvest Crossing2
Magnolia Extra Large20012005Holidays0
Magnolia Large20012011Holidays0
Magnolia Medium20012005Holidays0
Magnolia Small20012011Holidays0
Maritime & Lighthouse Museum20012004Plymouth Corners4
Mending Nets20012011Holidays1
Milking Chores20012011Holidays3
Mill Stream Fork, Set Of 102001Outdoor Wildlife2
Mistletoe Seller20012006Caddington Village0
Misty Valley Resort20012003Holidays2
Mother Superior20012019General Products1
Muffin Man20012003Holidays1
Museum Of History20012005Caddington Village2
Musky Lounge20012011Carole Towne Collection1
New Lamp Bridge20012005Dickensvale14
Northern Lights Weather Center20012005Holidays0
Ocean Display Mat2001Plymouth Corners1
Off To School20012014Holidays3
One Man Band20012008Caddington Village3
Ornament Sleigh20012006Holidays0
Painting A Winter Scene20012014Holidays3
Palladian House20012004Caddington Village0
Papa Bear Cub20012015Holidays2
Pick-Up Truck20012008Enhancements0
Pine Valley Logging Co.20012004Harvest Crossing5
Playing Checkers20012011Holidays4
Plaza Opera House20012004Caddington Village0
Pleased To Be Of Service20012008Holidays3
Plymouth Yacht Club20012006Plymouth Corners2
Police Squad Car20012008Holidays3
Polly's Grocery Shoppe20012010Caddington Village1
Porter20012006Caddington Village7
Powell St. Fire House20012011Caddington Village7
Preacher2001Harvest Crossing3
Produce Vendor20012007Holidays3
Pushing Barrel20012008Holidays4
Rail Worker20012012Holidays2
Red Plum Extra Large20012005Holidays0
Red Plum Large20012008Holidays0
Red Plum Medium20012008Holidays0
Red Plum Small20012008Holidays0
Reindeer Games20012003Holidays1
Ron's Fish And Tackle20012020Harvest Crossing11
Sandy's Sweet Shop2001Members Only5
Seaside Shipping & Freight Co.20012004Plymouth Corners0
Shopping Family20012006Caddington Village2
Sign Painter2001Caddington Village6
Signal Point Lighthouse20012003Plymouth Corners0
Skating Duo20012010Holidays0
Skating Elves20012007Holidays0
Sledding Elves20012011Holidays1
Smuggler's Cove Lighthouse20012005Plymouth Corners0
Snowshoe Backpackers20012015Holidays5
South Bay Fish Co.20012005Caddington Village1
Sports Car20012008Holidays2
St. Elizabeth Church20012004Caddington Village0
Stained Glass Maker20012004Caddington Village0
Station Wagon20012008Holidays0
Stealthy Fox20012014Holidays13
Stone Cottage20012004Holidays2
Sunny Shanty20012008Holidays4
Taxi Cab20012008Holidays0
Teddy Bears20012008Holidays14
The Cigar Shop2001Carole Towne Collection1
The Dalton House2001Carole Towne Collection3
The Day's Catch20012011Holidays6
The General Store2001Carole Towne Collection0
The Golf Shop2001Carole Towne Collection1
The Good Shepherd, Set Of 42001Harvest Crossing5
The Mill House2001Carole Towne Collection5
The Miller House20012004Harvest Crossing0
The Music Shop2001Carole Towne Collection3
The Old Hall20012010Caddington Village0
The Sandpiper Lighthouse2001Carole Towne Collection1
The Seagull Lighthouse2001Carole Towne Collection1
The Thatched Inn20012009Caddington Village0
The Tinker20012003Holidays7
The Warming Hut20012005Holidays6
Tis The Season Gift20012006Caddington Village1
Top Hat Peddler20012018Caddington Village1
Toy Tower20012007Santa's Wonderland7
Travelling Couple20012006Caddington Village0
Trout House20012011Holidays6
Village Church2001Worship and Praise0
Village Church2001Harvest Crossing0
Vine Maple Large20012004Spooky Town0
Vine Maple Large20012005Spooky Town0
Vine Maple Medium20012004Spooky Town2
Vine Maple Medium20012005Spooky Town0
Walker's General Store20012005Harvest Crossing2
Weary Travelers20012006Caddington Village1
Weeping Willow Large20012012Holidays1
Weeping Willow Medium20012012Holidays0
Weeping Willow Small20012011Holidays0
Wharton's Farm20012004Harvest Crossing1
Winter Willow Extra Large20012014Spooky Town0
Winter Willow Large20012004Spooky Town0
Winter Willow Medium20012004Spooky Town1
Winter Willow Small20012014Spooky Town2
Wooden Bridge With Trees20012020General Products18
Wooden Docks20012012Holidays7
Wooden Docks20012012Holidays Seasons0
Wooden Dories20012011Holidays0
Wooden Lobster Pots20012015Plymouth Corners8
Wooden Mooring20012012Holidays22
Wooden Mooring20012008Holidays Seasons0
Wooden Mooring20012012Holidays Seasons0
Wooden Mooring20012008Holidays Seasons0
Wooden Mooring20012011Holidays Seasons0
Wooden Mooring20012012Holidays Seasons0
Wooden Piers20012012Holidays3
Wooden Rowboats20012012Holidays1
Wooden Wharf20012012Holidays10
Woodland Animals, Set Of 42001Vail Village37
Woodland Wolves20012010Holidays1
Ye Olde Silversmith20012004Caddington Village1

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