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Lemax Listed By Year

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Released: 2010
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
#7 Easy Street2010Carole Towne Collection1
13 Ghastly Lane2010Spooky Town8
18-inch Wired Wooden Fence2010Coventry Cove0
1901 Medical Building20102015Holidays0
50 mini light set - clear2010Coventry Cove0
6 in. Glittering Pine2010General Products0
9 in. Glittering Pine20102017General Products0
9 in.Sparkling Winter Tree2010General Products1
A Cup & Book Cafe20102013Caddington Village1
A New Friend20102015Village Collection5
Adventurer20102013Spooky Town1
All Hallows Hospital20102015Spooky Town3
Ancient Statues20102015Spooky Town0
Around The Fire2010Vail Village11
At The Carnival , Set Of 22010Carnival1
Backyard Camping20102015Village Collection8
Ball Street Lamp, set of 22010Coventry Cove4
Batting Practice20102014Holidays3
Bear Cave20102014Holidays0
Belgian Waffle House20102015Caddington Village3
Bijou Theater2010Harvest Crossing0
Black Cauldron Bootique2010Spooky Town0
Blow Mold Yard Light - Angel20102011Holidays0
Bob's Seaside Biker Bar20102014Holidays0
Bone Bench20102014Spooky Town8
Boo2010Spooky Town96
Boodini's Butcher Box20102014Spooky Town1
Boolloon Seller2010Spooky Town3
Brewer's Wagon2010Caddington Village6
Brewster Residence20102014Holidays2
Brickle Residence20102014Holidays4
Bristle Tree - Medium2010Coventry Cove0
Bristle Tree, set of 2, Small2010Coventry Cove3
Bristle Tree, set of 4, mini2010Coventry Cove1
Buckeye Tree Extra Large20102012Holidays0
Buckeye Tree Large20102012Holidays0
Buckeye Tree Medium20102012Holidays0
Building A Scarecrow20102014Holidays17
Bullwhip Ghoul & Gatling Gun Ghoul20102011Spooky Town3
Caldwell Cottage2010Harvest Crossing2
Cape Hope Lighthouse20102015Plymouth Corners0
Carnivorous Plants20102013Spooky Town0
Carriage Ride20102013Holidays9
Cedar Creek Outfitters20102015Vail Village3
Cedar Valley Christmas Choir20102016Holidays2
Cemetery Oak Tree20102013Spooky Town0
Chapman Residence20102013Holidays7
Chesterfield Post Office20102016Holidays3
Christmas Delivery20102013Holidays0
Christmas Lane20102018Caddington Village3
Christmas Tangle2010Christmas Time3
Christmas Visitors2010Coventry Cove1
Christmas Wonderland Toy Store20102020Caddington Village7
Cleaning The Fish20102015Holidays0
Coffins R Us20102015Spooky Town1
Colonial Tea House20102014Holidays0
Corpse Torch20102016Spooky Town7
Cozy Cabin20102014Vail Village5
Creeping Crypt20102011Spooky Town1
Creepy Clock20102014Spooky Town0
Creepy Faceless Ghoul2010Spooky Town24
Creepy Park Bench20102015Spooky Town4
Creepy Tree20102013Spooky Town1
Cupcake Cottage2010Coventry Cove5
Curious Kong20102013Spooky Town4
Danger Ahead20102013Spooky Town0
Dead Are Rising2010Spooky Town5
Dead City Police Station20102016Spooky Town4
Dead-Man Band20102014Spooky Town3
Decorated Light Doghouse2010Christmas Time8
Detour Through A Graveyard2010Spooky Town11
Dinner at the Firehouse2010Coventry Cove3
Dockside Bait & Tackle20102012Holidays4
Double Lichen-Covered Tree20102013Spooky Town0
Doug M. Upagain Funeral Home2010Spooky Town0
Dracula's Castle Sign20102013Spooky Town0
Dreaded Zeppelin2010Spooky Town12
Drunken Ghoul20102014Spooky Town2
Earl's Farmers Market20102016Holidays2
Early Christmas Presents, set of 22010Coventry Cove0
Early To Bed2010Spooky Town4
East Side Brownstone2010Members Only1
Eerie Birch Tree20102012Spooky Town0
Eerie Elm Tree20102013Spooky Town0
Emerson House20102014Caddington Village0
Emery Schooner2010Carole Towne Collection4
Emma's Tea Shoppe20102013Holidays0
Enemies To The End20102013Spooky Town0
Evans Residence20102013Holidays3
Evil Clown Juggler20102014Spooky Town2
Father And Son Fix-It20102014Holidays2
Fire Pit, Set Of 52010Vail Village12
Firewood For The Hearth2010Harvest Crossing10
Fisherman Snowman20102014Village Collection0
Fishing Max20102014Village Collection6
Florist Delivery Wagon20102013Holidays0
Fluffy's Halloween Dinner20102011Spooky Town0
Fly Fishing Tours20102014Vail Village7
Flying Vampire20102014Spooky Town0
Forgotten Souls Cathedral2010Spooky Town0
Frankenstein Undertaker20102013Spooky Town1
Free Flu Shots20102011Spooky Town0
Fresh Gingerbread Cookies20102014Holidays4
Friendly Discussion20102014Holidays1
Frosty's Christmas Tree Lot20102015Coventry Cove6
Garden Sundial20102014Holidays2
Gary's Gas & Service20102013Holidays1
Genesee Fire Company2010Coventry Cove0
Ghoul Clown20102014Spooky Town5
Glad Wags School For Dogs20102016Harvest Crossing19
Gorilla Habitat20102013Caddington Village1
Grandma's Pie Shop20102016Harvest Crossing3
Granite Peaks Family Restaurant20102014Vail Village4
Grave Robber20102014Spooky Town7
Graveyard Sentry20102011Spooky Town0
Greeley & Sons Auto Parts2010Harvest Crossing2
Grillin' & Chillin'2010Vail Village12
Grisley's Greenhouse20102014Spooky Town2
Halloween Jamboree20102013Spooky Town2
Halloween Parade20102016Spooky Town2
Happy Hounds Doggie Day Care20102015Harvest Crossing0
Harbor Ferry Co.20102016Holidays1
Hartwell House20102016Harvest Crossing0
Harvest Valley Tractor Repair20102013Holidays4
Haunted Cabin20102011Spooky Town10
Haunted Fountain20102015Spooky Town0
Haunted Tree20102011Spooky Town3
Hawthorne House20102013Caddington Village2
Headless Butler & Maid20102014Spooky Town0
Henderson House2010Coventry Cove0
Hidden Pines Cabin20102014Holidays0
Hidden Trails Nature Center20102016Vail Village0
Hog Penny Pub20102015Caddington Village6
Holiday Shoppers, Set Of 62010General Products0
Holly Gatherer20102015Village Collection4
Holly Vendor20102013Holidays5
Hooray For Santa20102014Holidays0
Horror Scope Readings20102015Spooky Town0
Horseback Family20102013Holidays0
House Of Wax20102020Spooky Town14
I Can Hear The Ocean!20102012Holidays0
I've Got One20102018Vail Village14
Ice Delivery20102013Holidays9
Ice Fishing Friend20102015Village Collection0
Ice Skating Date20102015Holidays1
Ice Sledding20102014Holidays1
Iced Oak Tree20102020General Products1
In The Stew20102012Spooky Town0
Jaguar Warrior20102013Spooky Town0
Jasper House20102013Vail Village3
Jerald & Sons Fine Jewelers20102015Holidays0
Josie's Cupcakes20102014Holidays0
Kensington House20102012Holidays1
Law Offices & Village Insurance Services20102013Holidays0
Le Chef Parfait20102016Caddington Village0
Leslie's Flowers & Nursery20102015Harvest Crossing3
Letter For Santa20102015Holidays0
Lighting The Tree20102013Holidays5
Little Monsters' School House t20102013Spooky Town0
Living Gargoyles20102014Spooky Town0

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