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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2003
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Lighted Eyeball String20032006Spooky Town60
14 Lighted Skull String20032007Spooky Town10
20-Pc Plaza System20032017General Products10
21 Pc Assorted Pine Trees2003Coventry Cove240
3-Pc Snow Display Platform2003General Products40
4" Old English Street Lamp, Set Of 22003General Products10
4" Railway Stop Light, Set Of 22003General Products130
4-Foot Plastic Light Garland20032015Holidays00
4-Foot Sky Backdrop2003General Products20
9" Birch Tree2003General Products20
A Night Of Trick Or Treat2003Spooky Town20
Ac Power Adaptor20032007Spooky Town150
Ac Power Adaptor - 4.5V 700Ma (Black)20032005Spooky Town20
Ac Power Adaptor - 4.5V 700Ma (White)20032005Village Collection10
Angel's Garden20032005Village Collection30
Assorted Stand Of Birch, Set Of 92003Landscaping00
Ballroom Couple20032007Caddington Village00
Basket Of Seashells20032007Holidays10
Berquist Ballet / Mcallister Gallery20032005Holidays00
Biding Time Lamp Post20032006Holidays10
Bless This Child20032005Holidays10
Breezy Point Lighthouse20032005Holidays00
Brewery Wagon20032008Caddington Village10
Brick And Pebble Roads, Set Of 22003General Products161
Brickle's Corner Market2003Coventry Cove20
Bubble, Boil & Trouble2003Spooky Town00
Canadian Flag Pole20032015Holidays00
Candle Dipping Fun20032011Caddington Village40
Candy Cane Lane20032005Holidays50
Captain Jack's House20032006Holidays20
Carving A Sign20032005Holidays30
Catch A Ride Elf20032010Holidays00
Chair Repair20032011Caddington Village20
Charlotte's Flower Shop2003Coventry Cove00
Chipmunks2003General Products250
Christmas Red Bow20032006Holidays00
Clothes From The Cleaners20032005Holidays00
Coiffures By Daphne & Andrea's Photography20032005Caddington Village00
Come Back Here20032006Holidays20
Cone-Shaped & Sculpted Topiaries, Set Of 42003General Products40
Cone-Shaped Topiaries Christmas Tree20032004Holidays00
Costume Parade2003Spooky Town00
Crock & Crock Hunter20032006Spooky Town00
Crossed Wooden Fence Gate20032004Holidays00
Crown Vaudeville Theater20032004Holidays00
Cypress Large20032013Holidays00
Cypress Medium20032013Holidays00
Cypress Small20032013Holidays00
Daily Bread20032015Holidays10
Dawson's Upholstery20032005Caddington Village10
Decorated Halloween Tree Lighted20032005Spooky Town20
Decorative Lamp Post20032004Holidays10
Decorative Vase20032004Holidays20
Deep Sea History20032008Holidays00
Devaney's Bakery2003Caddington Village50
Double The Fun20032015Vail Village00
Dressing Mr. Snowman2003Caddington Village00
Drinking20032006Caddington Village20
Dryden's Dry Cleaners20032006Holidays00
Eagles Feeding20032019General Products80
East Township Clock Tower20032005Holidays00
Easy Pickins20032011Holidays40
Elf Tree Trimming20032008Holidays00
End Of The Ride20032013Holidays10
Evergreen Drug Store20032012Holidays00
Exotic Vendor20032005Figurines00
Feed The Birds20032011Caddington Village40
Fine Feathered Friends2003General Products60
Fireman2003General Products100
Fireman & Policeman20032006Spooky Town20
Fisherman's Bounty20032011Plymouth Corners30
Flying Fancy2003Spooky Town00
Food Chain And In A Jam20032006Holidays30
Fresh Garden Goods20032008Harvest Crossing30
Frosty Friend20032015Holidays10
Frosty Fun20032005Holidays10
Fun On Ski Mobile20032013Vail Village00
Garland Tree Large - Assorted Color20032007Holidays00
Garland Tree Small - Assorted Color20032007Holidays00
Gas Street Lamp20032006Holidays Seasons10
Gathering Kindling20032008Holidays70
Get The Mail20032005Holidays10
Ghoul's Night Out20032005Spooky Town20
Gift Group20032006Holidays10
Globe Street Lamp20032015Holidays60
Grainery Barn2003Carole Towne Collection20
Grandma With Jam2003Harvest Crossing20
Graveyard Shift2003Spooky Town30
Greenwich Grocery20032005Holidays50
Halloween Purple Light, Set Of 22003Spooky Town200
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town20
Halloween Tree Decoration20032014Spooky Town20
Halloween Tree Decoration20032015Spooky Town10
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town20
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town30
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town20
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town30
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town10
Halloween Tree Large20032007Spooky Town00
Halloween Tree Medium20032004Spooky Town10
Halloween Tree Medium20032004Spooky Town10
Halloween Tree Small20032004Spooky Town20
Halloween Tree Small20032004Spooky Town10
Harbor Lights Inn20032005Holidays00
Harper House20032008Spooky Town00
Haunted Galleon2003Spooky Town00
Haystack Holiday20032006Holidays60
Headless Rider2003Spooky Town40
Henry House20032006Caddington Village00
Heritage Furniture Store20032011Holidays00
Heritage Park Clock Tower20032005Holidays00
Home At Last20032006Holidays00
Home Invasion & Old Salt20032011Holidays20
Honk Honk Squeak Squeal20032009Holidays80
Hot Off The Press20032013Holidays00
House Building20032015Holidays80
Hunter's Haven2003Carole Towne Collection60
I Lost My Way20032005Holidays00
I See One Now!20032011Holidays00
Iced Cookies20032007Caddington Village00
Import Emporium20032004Holidays00
King & Queen20032006Spooky Town10
Lady Bug Cow Turtle20032006Spooky Town10
Large Brick Mat2003General Products50
Large Brick Road2003General Products50
Large Pebble Mat2003General Products50
Large Pebble Road2003General Products60
Learning To The Knots20032011Holidays10
Lighted Sculpture -Slim Christmas Tree Large20032007Holidays00
Lighted Sculpture-Slim Christmas Tree Medium20032007Holidays00
Lion & Caveman20032009Spooky Town10
Lion Statue & Decorative Vase20032006Holidays10
Listening For The Ocean & Old Rowboat20032006Holidays40
Little Hero20032006Holidays00
Madam Ashbury's House Of Wax20032006Spooky Town50
Maid Service20032011Holidays00
Maiden Voyage20032008Holidays30
Mailbox Two Trees20032008Holidays10
Marilou's Preserves20032008Harvest Crossing20
Mariner's Seaside Chapel20032005Plymouth Corners00
Metal Fire Hydrant, Set Of 32003General Products90
Metal Kiosk2003General Products30
Mirror Lake2003General Products30
Mishap20032006Caddington Village00
Mr. And Mrs. Moose, Set Of 32003General Products20
Musician Arriving20032006Caddington Village30
My Turn20032007Plymouth Corners30
Mystic Isabella's Psychic Readings20032008Spooky Town50
Nativity, Set Of 1420032019General Products20
Needham Community Church20032004Caddington Village00
Next Time Have Delivered20032014Caddington Village10
Night At The Theater20032006Holidays10
Oak Creek Grist Mill2003Harvest Crossing120
Officer And Friend20032016Coventry Cove40
Oh No!20032005Holidays10
Old Creek Cider Mill2003Harvest Crossing00
Old Fishermsn's House2003Plymouth Corners00
Olde Stone Church20032005Caddington Village00
Oops20032018Caddington Village40
Out Of Control20032013Holidays10
Out You Go!20032011Caddington Village00
Packing Candles20032005Holidays00
Palace Ballroom20032012Caddington Village60
Park Bench Chat20032006Caddington Village00
Park Bench, Set Of 22003Enhancements150
Park Ranger20032011Holidays00
Patio Bench, Set Of 22003General Products10
Patio Group, Set Of 32003General Products40
Plymouth Corners' Gazette20032005Holidays00
Poinsettias, Set Of 52003General Products30
Pro Snowboarder2003Holidays Seasons10
Pumping Water20032011Caddington Village50
Radical Snowboarder2003Holidays Seasons20
Recess20032012Caddington Village10
Remedies From Afar20032005Holidays00
Sailors Point Lighthouse20032006Plymouth Corners20
Salty Bob's20032006Holidays00
Salty's Shell Shack20032008Plymouth Corners20
Sandy Shoal Lighthouse B/ O20032012Holidays00
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town20032005Holidays10
Scary Tree Large20032004Spooky Town00
Scary Tree Medium20032004Spooky Town00
Sea Lion Resort20032013Holidays71
Shimmering Flashing Christmas Tree20032005Holidays00
Sister Sarah2003General Products30
Ski Jumper2003Holidays Seasons20
Skull Archway20032014Spooky Town70
Slater's House20032005Caddington Village00
Sled, Set Of 42003Vail Village680
Smoking Man20032011Holidays00
Snowboarding Fun2003Holidays Seasons20
Spaceman And Two Aliens20032006Spooky Town00
Special Delivery20032007Holidays20
Spookiest House On The Block20032008Spooky Town00
Spooky Knoll20032013Spooky Town50
Spot Light - Clear20032004Holidays10
St. Bernard & A Brother's Mischief20032013Holidays00
St. Paul's Cathedral20032005Caddington Village20
Stacked Firewood, Set Of 320032020General Products30
Starched Shirt20032006Caddington Village00
Stop Please20032011Holidays00
Stop Thief!20032011Holidays50
Street Lamp20032006Holidays360
Street Sign20032014Holidays110
Stuffed Animal Kiosk20032005Holidays20
Swirl-Shaped & Round Christmas Tree20032006Holidays00
Tannenbaum Christmas Shoppe2003Caddington Village80
Thar She Blows Whale Watching Tours W/Adapt20032008Plymouth Corners00
The Activist20032005Holidays00
The Blacksmith's Shop2003Carole Towne Collection40
The Tiniest Tree2003Caddington Village40
Three Kids On Skateboards20032006Spooky Town00
Timberline Ski Lodge20032006Holidays20
To The Cathedral20032006Caddington Village00
Tom's Tobacco Shop20032005Holidays00
Toy Kingdom20032016Holidays90
Tube O'Elf20032007Holidays00
Tuscany Bell Tower20032005Holidays10
Two-Sided Bench20032006Holidays10
United Church20032018Plymouth Corners10
Victor's Pianos20032006Caddington Village10
Victorian Street Lamp20032006Holidays90
Village Post Office20032006Plymouth Corners50
Village Sign Shop20032006Caddington Village20
Virgil's Smoke House20032005Holidays00
Warming Up20032006Caddington Village20
Water Pump, Tree & Firewood, Set Of 320032020General Products50
Water Well2003Harvest Crossing140
Wedding Party20032013Caddington Village00
West End Depot2003Caddington Village30
West Hills Chapel20032006Caddington Village20
White Lion Pub20032005Holidays30
Whittlin' The Day Away20032006Holidays10
Wick & Sons Candle Shop20032006Caddington Village20
Wilson Homestead20032006Holidays20
Wreaths With Red Bow, Set Of 122003General Products00
Yard Light - Santa/ Candle20032012Holidays30

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