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Lemax Listed By Year

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Released: 2016
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Abandoned Fountain2016Spooky Town4
Afternoon Nap2016Kmart Exclusive1
All Hallows Cathedral2016Spooky Town1
Alpine Skiier20162019Vail Village1
Amsterdammertje, Set Of 42016General Products4
Arbor St. Pawn Shop2016Kmart Exclusive1
Aunt Betty's Jams & Jellies20162020Vail Village0
Baker's Dozen20162023Jukebox Junction2
Balsam Fir Tree, Large2016General Products2
Balsam Fir Tree, Small2016General Products3
Barrington Fine Tailors20162020Caddington Village0
Bells & Whistles20162020Caddington Village12
Birds' Friends20162018General Products1
Black Walnut Tree2016General Products3
Blue Fireworks2016General Products5
Blue Spruce Tree, Large2016General Products3
Blue Spruce Tree, Small2016General Products1
Bright White Fireworks2016General Products1
Brookside Chapel20162019Caddington Village5
Bump In The Night20162023Spooky Town13
Butternut Tree, Large2016General Products2
Butternut Tree, Small2016General Products1
Candy Cane Lane, Curved2016Gift Spice1
Candy Cane Lane, Straight2016Gift Spice0
Candy Cane Skier2016Gift Spice0
Candy Thief20162014Spooky Town0
Candy Thief2016Spooky Town16
Candy Thief2016Spooky Town0
Canterbury Farms Eggnog Factory20162023Harvest Crossing8
Carl's Auto Body & Paint20162023Jukebox Junction0
Carry Bike2016Caddington Village2
Century High School2016Caddington Village0
Christmas At The Pattersons20162019Caddington Village2
Christmas Candy Works2016Michaels Exclusives22
Christmas Countdown2016Santa's Wonderland17
Christmas Greetings2016General Products0
Christmas Party, Set Of 22016General Products8
Christmas Road Trip, Set Of 22016Kmart Exclusive6
CJ's Piano Bar20162023Caddington Village3
Clara's Christmas Boutique2016Kmart Exclusive2
Clock Tower20162019Caddington Village15
Collingswood's Coffee Roaster2016Sears Exclusive Product3
Conifer Tree, Large20162017General Products0
Conifer Tree, Medium2016General Products0
Conifer Tree, Small2016General Products0
Continental Chocolates20162020Caddington Village0
Cozy Christmas2016General Products6
Creepy Clock2016Spooky Town13
Creepy Clown Academy2016Spooky Town21
Creepy Doll Shop2016Michaels Exclusives6
Crest Point Lighthouse20162023Plymouth Corners0
Crow's Nest Cottage2016Plymouth Corners5
Curious Cubs2016Kmart Exclusive0
Dancing Sugar Plums2016Gift Spice1
Delayed Delivery2016General Products6
Delicate Balance2016Spooky Town10
Dessert Table Set2016Gift Spice0
Donuts With Grandpa20162018General Products1
Eli's Cobbler Shoppe2016Caddington Village9
Evening Promenade20162023Spooky Town9
Fae's Flowers, Set Of 220162018Figurines1
Fanfare Music Shop20162023Caddington Village0
Fish Market, Set Of 22016Plymouth Corners5
Fleur De Lis B & B2016Kmart Exclusive3
Food For Fishy2016Kmart Exclusive2
Former Cat Lady2016Spooky Town9
Friendly Greeting2016Kmart Exclusive1
Gathering Firewood2016Vail Village5
Ghostly Manor20162020Michaels Exclusives14
Ghoul Chef2016Spooky Town0
Gigi's French Bakery20162020Caddington Village0
Gillespie's Grocery20162019Caddington Village3
Gingerbread Carolers2016Gift Spice2
Gingerbread R&R2016Gift Spice1
Gingerbread Santa2016Gift Spice3
Going To Market2016Caddington Village0
Good Shepherd Church20162023Caddington Village0
Goose Creek Garden Shop2016Sears Exclusive Product2
Graveyard Picnic2016Spooky Town9
Green Fireworks2016General Products1
Green Valley Milk2016Harvest Crossing2
Halloween Countdown2016Spooky Town11
Halloween Pupkins2016Spooky Town0
Happy Camper20162023Vail Village4
Happy Christmas, Mr. Scrooge2016Caddington Village1
Harvest Gift & Decor20162023Harvest Crossing0
Hat Peddler, Set Of 220162018Caddington Village1
Haunted Birdhouse2016Spooky Town14
Have A Bite2016Vail Village5
Hearse Of Bones2016Spooky Town10
Hidden Island Lighthouse2016Plymouth Corners1
Holiday Hamlet Christmas Shoppe2016Caddington Village12
Holy Trinity Chapel2016Sears Exclusive Product5
Jeeperscreeper's Jugband Set Of 32016Spooky Town1
Jungle Carousel2016Kmart Exclusive5
Jungle Carousel2016Sears Exclusive Product0
Killer Clown Lamp Post Set Of 22016Spooky Town4
Lady Luck Casino2016Sears Exclusive Product4
Leo's Famous Pizzeria20162019Michaels Exclusives6
Let's Go Grandpa2016Figurines4
Linder's Place2016Plymouth Corners2
Little Ghouls Flying School20162020Spooky Town7
Look At This2016Kmart Exclusive1
Look Both Ways2016Caddington Village3
Marcescent Tree, Large2016General Products0
Marcescent Tree, Small2016General Products2
Melted Perfection2016Michaels Exclusives8
Meringue Manor2016Gift Spice0
Midtown Deli & Bagels20162019Caddington Village0
Miss Noelle's Bed & Breakfast2016Caddington Village0
Modular Plaza-Fountain2016General Products3
Monster On Maple Street2016Spooky Town0
Moose Crest Lodge20162019Vail Village2
Morning Donuts20162018Plymouth Corners0
Mountain High Cabin2016Kmart Exclusive0
Mrs. Posey's Piano Lessons20162023Caddington Village0
Muir Farms Nuts & Dried Fruits20162023Harvest Crossing2
Municipal Bank2016Caddington Village0
Municipal Street Lamps, Set Of 22016General Products0
New Bottles2016Kmart Exclusive0
New Doll For Christmas2016Caddington Village3
Noah's Ark Toys20162023Caddington Village3
Noel's Christmas Shoppe2016Michaels Exclusives12
Normandy Cottage2016Caddington Village1
North Pole Ice Follies2016Santa's Wonderland12
North Pole Observatory2016Santa's Wonderland15
Once Upon A Toy2016Caddington Village1
One Last Hug2016General Products4
Outdoor Pizza Oven, Set Of 42016General Products1
Park Statue - Charles Darwin2016General Products3
Park Statue - George Washington2016General Products4
Park Statue - Shakespeare2016General Products5
Parker's Cabin20162019Vail Village5
Paterson's Pub2016Caddington Village2
Pearson Cottage20162023Caddington Village2
Peek A Bunny2016Kmart Exclusive0
Penelope's Petite Pastries2016Sears Exclusive Product2
Peppermint Candy Topiary2016Gift Spice0
Peppermint Tree Topiary2016Gift Spice0
Pet Hotel2016Kmart Exclusive2
Pete's Popcorn Place2016Sears Exclusive Product5
Pine Crest Nature Preserve2016Vail Village0
Pine Hill Tree Farm20162019Vail Village11
Pink Flamingos2016Gift Spice4
Plaza System (Grass, Square) - 16 pcs2016General Products3
Plaza System (Grey, Round Grass) - 24 pcs2016General Products0
Plaza System (Grey, Triangle Grass) - 24 pcs2016General Products0
Plaza System (Grey, Variety) - 32 pcs2016General Products2
Ponderosa Outfitters2016Vail Village1
Powell Residence20162023Kmart Exclusive3
Pumpkin Doghouse2016Spooky Town5
Puppies Love Santa2016General Products1
Purr-fectly Precious2016Caddington Village0
Purrs 'N Paws20162019Michaels Exclusives2
R.I.P. Railroad2016Spooky Town14
Ready For Winter20162019Vail Village0
Red Carpet, Set Of 72016General Products0
Red Fireworks2016General Products5
Reindeer On Holiday2016Santa's Wonderland6
Rex & Spot's Doggy School2016Harvest Crossing4
Roasted Peanut Treats, Set Of 22016Caddington Village2
Rock Candy Tree2016Gift Spice2
Runaway Rover20162018Vail Village3
Rustic Birdhouse Raid2016Vail Village2
Sabrina’s Costume Shop2016Spooky Town10
Sam's Place Sports Bar2016Kmart Exclusive0
Santa Seesaws20162020General Products1
Santa Street Lamp, Set Of 22016Santa's Wonderland5
Santa Takes A Break2016Vail Village6
Santa's Cable Car2016Santa's Wonderland2
Santa's Mailbox2016General Products31
Santa's Pets2016General Products8
Scary Road Signs2016Spooky Town25
Skeleton Jig Set Of 220162023Spooky Town4
Slater's Homestead2016Harvest Crossing1
Sledding Potluck2016Vail Village1
Snow Angels, Set Of 22016Vail Village0
Snow Queen Tree, Large2016General Products3
Snow Queen Tree, Small2016General Products3
Snowball Surprise, Set Of 22016Vail Village3
Snowflake Lane Post Depot20162023Caddington Village0
Snug Harbor Lighthouse2016Plymouth Corners2
Snug Harbor Lighthouse2016Plymouth Corners0
Sold, Set Of 320162019Vail Village24
Spelunkers20162018Vail Village1
Split Rail Footbridge2016Vail Village11
St. Margaret's Church2016Caddington Village0
Starry Night Background2016General Products0
Stephanie's Sweet Shoppe2016Michaels Exclusives1
Street Lamp Serenade2016Caddington Village1
Sullivan Manor2016Caddington Village4
Sundae Fountain2016Gift Spice3
Sunny Acres Famous Fried Chicken20162019Harvest Crossing4
Sunny Trails2016Vail Village0
Sweet Sledding2016Gift Spice5
Sweet Swim Day2016Gift Spice5
Swing Boats2016Caddington Village2
Tasty Treats Set Of 32016Spooky Town0
The "Yule Tide" Yacht20162019Plymouth Corners0
The Bavarian Brewery20162019Caddington Village0
The Bloody Belfry2016Spooky Town15
The Brick Oven Cafe2016Caddington Village2
The Candy Lagoon2016Plymouth Corners2
The Candy Shop2016Gift Spice19
The Copper Lantern20162023Caddington Village5
The Corner Barber Shop2016Caddington Village4
The Dead Return2016Spooky Town15
The Dog & Duck Pub20162020Caddington Village0
The Dog House2016Caddington Village40
The Family Tree20162018Gift Spice0
The Gingerbread Man, Set Of 32016Michaels Exclusives6
The Owen's Cabin2016Vail Village1
The Pink Macaroon Motel2016Gift Spice0
The Red Moose Bar20162020Vail Village3
The Tea Room2016Caddington Village2
Trees & Wreath Lot20162019Vail Village0
Trick Or Treat House2016Michaels Exclusives8
Trick Or Treating With Mummy And Deady Set Of 22016Spooky Town7
Turner Estate20162019Caddington Village1
Ugly Christmas Sweater, Set Of 420162020General Products0
United Hope Church2016Caddington Village0
Utility Shed2016General Products5
Vampire Blood Run2016Spooky Town9
Victorian Snowman20162019Caddington Village6
Village Bethlehem20162023General Products0
Village Bethlehem With Background2016General Products0
Village Signs, Set Of 42016General Products16
Village Wine & Beer Garden20162020Caddington Village2
Violet Vendor2016Caddington Village2
Vivienne's Children's Clothes2016Caddington Village0
Walking In the Rain2016General Products4
Wanda's Wicked Cupcakes20162023Spooky Town5
West Side Police Station20162020Caddington Village1
Wicker Lawn Set, Set Of 82016General Products2
Window Shoppers, Set Of 22016Caddington Village1
Windy Cape Lighthouse2016Plymouth Corners5
Winter Walk2016General Products5
Wishing Well of Delights20162023Gift Spice1
World Of Underwater Wonders2016Kmart Exclusive0
Yellow Fireworks2016General Products3
Yule Log Cabin2016Gift Spice0
Zombie Fortress2016Spooky Town14
Zombie Plane Ride20162023Michaels Exclusives9

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