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Released: 2006
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Building Lighting System20062011Holidays10
12 Days Of Christmas Ornament Shop20062011Caddington Village30
4" Gas Lantern Street Lamp, Set Of 42006Caddington Village40
4" Gas Lantern Street Lamp, Set Of 62006Caddington Village00
4" Gas Lantern Street Lamp, Set Of 82006Caddington Village10
6 Building Lighting System20062011Holidays10
6 Lighted Spooky Lantern20062009Spooky Town20
79 Cents A Pound20062011Harvest Crossing00
A Hero's Reward20062015Village Collection30
A Popular Address20062012Village Collection50
A Teddy Of My Own20062012Holidays10
Afternoon On Carolina Street2006Carole Towne Collection00
Al's Gas Station20062013Harvest Crossing30
Alfred's Book Nook2006Members Only00
All Set?20062011Harvest Crossing20
Almost Ready20062010Santa's Wonderland20
Anderson Residence20062008Caddington Village10
Andrew's Music Shop2006Carole Towne Collection10
Angel Of The Sea Hotel2006Carole Towne Collection00
Animal Cages20062013Carnival10
Antler Art20062011Holidays10
Applewood Acres20062013Harvest Crossing00
Arriving In Town20062011Holidays00
At The Park2006General Products20
Autumn Wreaths20062013Holidays10
Balloon Rides20062012Carnival62
Bamford House20062008Caddington Village00
Bay View Lighthouse20062010Plymouth Corners20
Bentley Estate20062010Caddington Village00
Bill's Produce Mart20062008Harvest Crossing00
Boogiemen's Hangout2006Spooky Town80
Bread Delivery2006General Products40
Buggyride Courting20062013Holidays60
Candy Cane Topiary20062007Holidays00
Cape Cod Home2006Carole Towne Collection10
Capturing The Christmas Tree20062015Holidays10
Carnival Amusements20062013Carnival00
Carnival Entryway20062016Carnival10
Carnival Ticket Booth With Figurines, Set Of 520062019Carnival10
Carole Towne Bus2006Carole Towne Collection20
Carolyn's Nursery20062012Caddington Village20
Carrying Flour20062014Holidays30
Catch The Train20062014Holidays30
Cedar Valley Church2006Caddington Village10
Checking In20062012Holidays30
Chelsea's Candy & Flowers20062010Caddington Village00
Chocolate To Go2006Santa's Wonderland50
Chowtime!20062011Harvest Crossing20
Christmas Angel20062013Holidays30
Christmas Band, Set Of 52006Caddington Village40
Christmas Coach20062012Holidays50
Christmas Cookies20062013Holidays30
Christmas Eve, Set Of 32006Caddington Village20
Christmas Outhouse2006Vail Village40
Christmas Pageant Tonight20062011Holidays00
Christmas Rider20062012Holidays10
Christmas Waltz20062011Santa's Wonderland00
Chuck's Farm20062009Harvest Crossing10
Clearing The Walk20062014Holidays30
Clumsy Witch20062013Spooky Town50
Coffee Break20062014Harvest Crossing10
Coffee Break Friends20062011Holidays30
Cooking Up A Ghoul2006Spooky Town41
Cornhusking20062013Autumn Harvest40
Courtyard Carolers20062010Holidays10
Crazy Cars2006Carnival302
Creekside Chapel20062012Caddington Village00
Cruiser Craft2006Carole Towne Collection00
Cumberland Lake Cottage20062010Vail Village10
Dancing Elves20062010Holidays10
Dead Man's Mine2006Spooky Town70
Dixieland Band20062015Holidays10
Dodge Ball20062011Holidays20
Downhill Thrills2006Caddington Village30
Dry Dock20062011Holidays10
Duck Hunt20062020Carnival50
Elf Carolers20062008Holidays00
Elf Crossing Signs20062011Holidays10
Elf In Christmas Countdown20062011Holidays00
Elf Sauna20062008Santa's Wonderland00
Elf Skating Pond20062012Santa's Wonderland00
Elves At Work20062011Holidays00
Engine Company No.920062009Caddington Village50
Enjoying A Chat20062010Holidays20
Estella's Cafe And Hotel Clair20062009Caddington Village00
Everlasting Love20062019Spooky Town40
Express Delivery20062010Holidays30
Father Christmas!20062015Holidays10
Feeding Pigeons20062013Holidays31
Feeding The Birds2006Caddington Village11
Garden Shed20062010Village Collection10
Gathering Kindling2006Vail Village60
General Store & Hardware Co.20062013Harvest Crossing00
Get Your Shoe Shine20062010Holidays10
Ghoul Street Lamp20062008Spooky Town10
Ginger Wedding Party20062007Sugar n Spice00
Goosebumps Manor20062009Spooky Town60
Gothic Ruins20062012Spooky Town30
Graham's Grocery20062010Caddington Village10
Grimm Hotel20062013Spooky Town40
Gull Picnic20062011Holidays10
Halloween Companions20062014Spooky Town60
Hanford House20062013Caddington Village00
Hanson & Sons Sailmakers20062008Plymouth Corners11
Harlow Manor20062011Caddington Village20
Harris Residence2006Village Collection50
Harvest Clean-Up20062013Autumn Harvest00
Haunted Grove2006Spooky Town270
Heavenly Hot Cocoa Break20062015Holidays20
Hectic Holidays20062011Holidays10
Hobby Horse20062011Holidays20
Holiday Treasures Billboard20062011Holidays30
Hot Chocolate20062010Holidays10
How Beautiful!20062013Holidays10
Hungry Tree House20062008Spooky Town10
Isle Of Doom Lighthouse20062009Spooky Town60
Isn't She Lovely20062008Figurines10
It's Santa!20062011Holidays60
Jack-O-Lantern Street Lamp20062008Spooky Town30
Jolly Christmas Shoppers20062015Holidays20
Kappy's Newsstand20062012Holidays10
Keeping Cool2006Caddington Village00
Kiddie Cruise Ride20062013Carnival10
Kids Finishing Christmas Cookies20062011Holidays10
Kringle's Toy Shop20062013Caddington Village40
La Petite Pet Shop2006Village Collection50
Lamplighter2006Caddington Village20
Laying In Wait20062013Holidays10
Leaping Reindeer Topiary20062011Holidays00
Learning To Skate2006General Products10
Letters For Santa20062011Holidays20
Living Dead2006Spooky Town60
Lobster Pot20062012Plymouth Corners10
Logan Cottage20062009Caddington Village00
Look Santa!20062011Holidays20
Look What I Found!20062011Holidays20
Lucy Tug Boat2006Carole Towne Collection00
Lugging Flour20062011Harvest Crossing00
Madam Fancy20062011Figurines30
Madonna And Child20062015Holidays00
Mail Elf20062012Holidays30
Main Junction Station20062011Caddington Village10
Making A Friend20062019Vail Village10
Making A Friend2006Winter Fun20
Martin's Manor2006Carole Towne Collection20
May's Tea House20062009Holidays10
Merry Carolers20062010Holidays30
Miracle Cure20062013Carnival10
Moose Lake Lodge2006Carole Towne Collection30
Mrs. Claus' Big Stocking20062011Holidays20
Newspaper Box20062015Holidays80
North Pole Christmas Tree20062011Holidays10
North Pole Park Bench20062008Holidays00
North Pole Phone Booth20062010Holidays10
North Pole Signs, Set Of 22006Santa's Wonderland40
North Pole Ski Rack20062011Holidays30
North Pole Toy Works20062010Santa's Wonderland10

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