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Released: 2005
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
20 Candy Corn Garland20052007Sugar n Spice00
36 Chasing Mini Light Set, Clear Color2005General Products00
36 Chasing Mini Light Set, Multi Color2005General Products10
4" Colonial Street Lamp, Set Of 42005Caddington Village20
50 Mini Light Set, Clear Color2005General Products10
50 Mini Light Set, Multi Color2005General Products70
8 Lighted Skull String20052011Spooky Town50
A Sister's Mischief20052006Holidays20
Abramson Jewelers/Penelope's20052006Holidays00
Adirondack Autumn20052013Spooky Town30
All Lined Up20052007Sugar n Spice40
All Saints Cathedral20052008Holidays20
All Wrapped Up2005Caddington Village60
Anabel's Bed And Breakfast20052007Holidays50
Angel's Song Church2005Members Only10
Antique Treasures20052010Holidays00
Around We Go20052013Holidays30
Ashford House20052008Harvest Crossing20
Autumn Carriage Ride20052008Autumn Harvest10
Autumn Scenery20052009Autumn Harvest20
Banker20052015Holidays Seasons10
Bargain Hunting20052011Holidays00
Basket Weaving20052007Holidays00
Beautiful Bonnet20052006Holidays30
Bell Ringing Fireman20052008Holidays10
Black Crystal Tree Large20052007Sugar n Spice00
Black Crystal Tree Medium20052007Sugar n Spice00
Black Hat Costume Co.20052007Sugar n Spice00
Bobbing For Jelly Beans20052007Sugar n Spice20
Bobble Heads20052011Spooky Town00
Bone Fence20052015Spooky Town110
Bowser Not Helping20052007Spooky Town10
Buckboard Wagon20052006Holidays00
Candy Carousel20052007Sugar n Spice00
Candy Corn Hedge20052007Sugar n Spice00
Candy Corn Lamp Post20052007Sugar n Spice10
Candy Corn Road20052007Sugar n Spice00
Candy Pumpkin Patch20052007Sugar n Spice00
Carl's Barber Shop2005Coventry Cove10
Caroler Man20052013Holidays40
Caroler Woman20052013Holidays00
Carolers Quartet, Set Of 22005Caddington Village10
Caroling Grandpa20052015Holidays20
Cats And Mice20052007Sugar n Spice00
Cave Of Blood20052006Spooky Town00
Chandler's Music Shop20052006Harvest Crossing00
Chapel By The Sea20052006Holidays00
Cherry Blossom Chinese Restaurant20052014Holidays00
Christmas Greens For Sale20052013Holidays20
Christmas Kiss20052006Holidays00
Christmas Puppy20052008Holidays10
Christmas Tree2005General Products1751
Churning Butter20052011Holidays50
Cinnamon Cookie Fence20052007Sugar n Spice00
Clam Shack20052010Holidays40
Clearing A Path2005Vail Village60
Come And Get It!20052008Holidays00
Cookie Jar20052007Sugar n Spice00
Creepy Barn20052013Spooky Town120
Crypt - Beloved20052009Spooky Town30
Crypt - Buried20052013Spooky Town50
Crypt - Rise All Ye Dead20052009Spooky Town40
Curved Candy Corn Road20052007Sugar n Spice00
Decorate The Dog House20052014Holidays30
Decorate The House20052011Holidays30
Decorated Yule Tree20052014Holidays11
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Inc.20052008Plymouth Corners00
Dinner's Ready!20052007Holidays00
Doctor20052013Holidays Seasons10
Donation Santa20052008Holidays30
Dorchester Dog Training Academy20052010Holidays10
Downhill Fun20052015Holidays00
Dragon's Lair20052009Spooky Town20
Dressed For The Season20052007Holidays00
Drummer Boy20052008Holidays10
Engine House No. 820052011Holidays20
Evening Ma'Am20052006Holidays00
Executioner's Tools20052009Spooky Town00
Fall Comes Home20052008Autumn Harvest10
Fall Floral20052013Autumn Harvest00
Farm Wagon2005General Products90
Farmer's Passenger20052008Autumn Harvest20
Farmers Market20052013Autumn Harvest80
Festive Fido20052008Holidays10
Fill 'Er Up2005Harvest Crossing60
Firemen's Friend20052011Holidays10
First National Bank20052014Holidays50
First-Time Skater, Set Of 32005Caddington Village20
Fisherman's Cove Lighthouse20052010Plymouth Corners20
Flower Peddler20052010Holidays20
Fresh Baked Goodies2005Caddington Village60
Fruit Peddler20052012Holidays Seasons20
Garbage Ghoul20052008Spooky Town00
Gargoyle Lamp Post20052011Spooky Town30
Gargoyles, Set Of 520051999Spooky Town130
Gilded Gazebo20052013Village Collection60
Ginger Sweet Manor20052007Sugar n Spice50
Ginger's Ornaments20052007Sugar n Spice20
Gingerwitch Croissant Moon20052007Sugar n Spice00
Gobbling Turkeys20052014Autumn Harvest20
Goblin Bridge20052007Sugar n Spice30
Golden Eagle Schooner20052011Plymouth Corners00
Great Costume Pun'Kin!20052008Spooky Town10
Grim Reaper Waits Patiently20052009Spooky Town90
Gruesome Grave Digger20052009Spooky Town320
Hamilton House2005Carole Towne Collection150
Handbell Choir20052015Holidays10
Harvest Delight20052013Autumn Harvest00
Harvest Home20052008Autumn Harvest10
Harvest Produce20052010Autumn Harvest10
Hay Wagon20052006Holidays40
Headless Gingerman20052007Sugar n Spice20
Headstone Confections20052007Sugar n Spice00
Hell Hounds20052006Spooky Town00
Here Comes Santa Claus20052011Holidays50
High Meadow Skating Pond20052011Holidays40
Holiday Treasures Christmas Shops20052012Holidays51
Holly For Sale20052006Holidays10
Holly Hill Dairy Barn2005Carole Towne Collection80
Howard House20052011Holidays10
Ice Dancers20052010Holidays10
Indian Corn20052008Autumn Harvest10
Jack-O-Lantern Sales20052009Spooky Town30
Jelly Bean Post Office20052007Sugar n Spice00
Jenny's Coffee Shop/Ice Cream Parlor20052012Harvest Crossing10
Joe's Burger & Hot Dog Stand20052012Harvest Crossing30
Jungle Gym20052008Holidays40
Kissing Snowcouple20052015Holidays10
Leafpile Frolic20052008Village Collection60
Lighted Glazed HickoryCrystal Blue20052014Holidays10
Lighted Hickory Tree20052007Holidays10
Lighted Wrought Iron Fence, Set Of 52005General Products230
Lighting The Way20052006Holidays20
Line's End Trolley Station20052008Village Collection10
Little Mountain Church2005Carole Towne Collection00
Main Line Station2005Coventry Cove20
Majestic Peak Observatory20052008Holidays10
Making A Scarecrow20052008Autumn Harvest10
Maple Grove Sugar Shack2005Vail Village30
Menard Cashway Lumber2005Harvest Crossing30
Merlin's Tattoo Parlor2005Enchanted Forest00
Mini Light Set Green Color Count Of 5020052015Holidays00
Mini Light Set Red Color Count Of 5020052015Holidays00
Mirror Mirror20052008Spooky Town40
Mistletoe Kiss20052014Holidays20
Molasses Manor20052007Sugar n Spice00
Monster Mummy20052009Spooky Town00
Monsters Ball2005Spooky Town60
Mother And Child20052015Holidays20
Mountain View Woodworks Studio20052008Vail Village10
Mountain Weather & Rescue Station2005Vail Village20
Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin20052009Spooky Town10
Mrs. Claus2005Santa's Wonderland210
Mushroom Goodies20052007Sugar n Spice00
My Boo!-Tiful Balloon2005Spooky Town40
New Skates20052007Holidays10
Not-So-Nice Manor20052007Sugar n Spice20
Nurse20052014Holidays Seasons10
Oak Leaf Farm20052008Autumn Harvest20
Ogre20052006Spooky Town00
Old Cape Lighthouse20052012Plymouth Corners00
One Tough Customer20052007Holidays00
Our Santa Snowman20052006Holidays10
Our Snowman20052015Holidays50
Parents Of The Bride20052007Holidays00
Peppermint Lane Post Office20052007Sugar n Spice00
Peterson Ice House & Cold Storage20052010Harvest Crossing50
Phaeton Carriage20052008Holidays80
Pie Thief, Set Of 22005Caddington Village20
Pine Mt. Cabin20052008Autumn Harvest30
Pitching Hay20052008Autumn Harvest20
Plymouth Fish Cannery20052008Plymouth Corners10
Plymouth Maritime Academy20052008Plymouth Corners20
Pretty Poinsettia20052013Holidays20
Psychic20052009Spooky Town60
Public Library20052015Holidays40
Pumpkin Carvers20052009Spooky Town00
Pumpkin People, Set Of 62005Spooky Town60
Pumpkin Pie Carving20052007Sugar n Spice10
Pumpkin Wagon & Benches20052007Sugar n Spice00
Pumpkins And More20052013Autumn Harvest40
Punkin' Sale20052009Spooky Town00
Puppet Maker20052012Holidays30
Queen Of Hearts20052009Spooky Town00
Ready For A Fight2005Caddington Village80
Reaper, Zombie And Mummy2005Spooky Town30
Rest In Pieces Mausoleum20052010Spooky Town130
Ring Around The Snowman, Set Of 32005General Products30
Rock Monsters20052009Spooky Town20
Romantic Bike Ride, Set Of 220051999Autumn Harvest30
Row House Apartment/Curio Shop20052009Holidays10
Rustic Street Lamp, Set Of 42005General Products100
Santa Claus2005Santa's Wonderland120
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Set Of 42005Santa's Wonderland191
Santa Feeds Reindeer, Set Of 42005Santa's Wonderland20
Santa's Sleigh20052013Holidays70
Scarecrow Lane20052013Autumn Harvest10
Scary Story20052006Spooky Town10
School Teacher20052010Holidays30
Schooner Point Lighthouse20052012Plymouth Corners30
See-Saw Fun20052008Holidays20
Silly Boy20052011Holidays50
Silly Scarecrow20052009Spooky Town00
Silly Surprise20052013Autumn Harvest30
Skate Sharpener20052014Holidays00
Skating Lesson20052014Holidays10
Sledding With Gramps2005General Products90
Snow Family20052012Holidays40
Snow Sweetheart2005General Products70
Snowed In20052014Holidays51
Snowy Stroll20052015Holidays40
So Much Candy20052007Spooky Town10
Spooky Balloon20052009Spooky Town10
St. James Cathedral20052006Holidays00
St. Michael's Church20052012Holidays Seasons10
Stag2005General Products200
Sticky Situation20052011Holidays30
Street Sweeper, Set Of 22005Caddington Village70
Street Sweeper, Set Of 22005General Products30
Streetside Trio, Set Of 32005General Products50
Sugar Shack20052007Sugar n Spice60
Sugarland Station20052007Sugar n Spice50
Summit Springs Health Spa20052011Vail Village00
Sutton's Folk Art & Crafts20052008Harvest Crossing50
Suzy's Ice Cream Shop20052012Harvest Crossing10
Sylvia's Boutique20052009Holidays40
Taking A Break20052013Autumn Harvest20
Tales Of The Sea20052008Plymouth Corners00
Tara's Trace House2005Carole Towne Collection60
Tasty Preserves20052011Holidays00
Taylor Residence20052007Holidays00
Tea Time20052011Holidays30
Thanksgiving Players20052007Harvest Crossing00
The Blood Bank2005Spooky Town110
The Candy Crypt20052007Sugar n Spice00

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