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Released: 2014
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
1950'S News Stand20142019Jukebox Junction0
3-Foot Display Material - Spooky Town2014Spooky Town0
4-Foot Display Material - Spooky Town2014Spooky Town2
A Christmas Carol Play2014Caddington Village11
A gift for the trip2014Coventry Cove0
A Toasty Treat20142015Holidays0
Air Mail20142018Spooky Town1
All Geared Up20142019Vail Village0
All Hallows Mausoleum2014Spooky Town2
Almost Home Rescue & Adoptions2014Coventry Cove1
Alpine Musicians Set Of 420142018Caddington Village0
Ana's Cakery2014Caddington Village0
Andrews Residence2014Caddington Village0
Angel Of Death20142019Spooky Town4
Anthony's Christmas Shoppe2014Carole Towne Collection2
Antler Peak Cabin20142020Plymouth Corners1
Bad Moon Broom Rides20142016Spooky Town2
Baldcypress Large2014Harvest Crossing0
Baldcypress Tree Medium2014Harvest Crossing0
Bay View Cottage2014Plymouth Corners0
Bayberry Place2014Caddington Village0
Bella's Boutique2014Jukebox Junction0
Bicycle, set of 22014Coventry Cove29
Big Game Sportsman20142019Down to Business4
Black Cat Adoption2014Spooky Town5
Black Tupelo Tree Medium2014Harvest Crossing1
Blackroot's Wizard Academy2014Spooky Town0
Boathouse2014City and State4
Bob's Bait & Tackle Shop2014Coventry Cove2
Bone Arbor2014Spooky Town12
Bonnie's Bread Bakery2014Caddington Village1
Boo-Y20142016Spooky Town74
Bookworm20142019General Products0
Box-Of-Bones Coffin Factory2014Spooky Town7
Brew Maid2014Caddington Village1
Bring Out Your Dead20142016Spooky Town0
Bringing Home The Christmas Tree20142018Vail Village1
Broom Parking Rack2014Halloween12
Broom Race20142015Spooky Town0
Cadieux Bakery20142018Caddington Village1
Canal Fence Set Of 42014Caddington Village0
Canal Houseboat20142018Caddington Village2
Canine Contrarian20142018General Products0
Carl's Cabin20142019Homes and Structures1
Cat Nap2014Vail Village2
Chain Gang, Set Of 22014Spooky Town3
Cheese Seller2014Caddington Village0
Christmas Cable Car Set Of 620142019Caddington Village0
Christmas Clock Tower2014Caddington Village8
Christmas Cottage2014Coventry Cove1
Christmas Delivery2014Holidays Seasons0
Christmas Home Tour2014Lighted House / Building1
Christmas Shopping2014Caddington Village5
Christmas Tree Transport2014Vail Village3
Clock Seller Set Of 220142018Caddington Village0
Coffin Cafe20142016Spooky Town5
Cookie Exchange Party20142018Plymouth Corners1
Cool Classmate20142015Jukebox Junction1
Costume Kitties20142015Spooky Town0
Costumed Canines Set Of 52014General Products4
Costumed Cannies, set of 52014Coventry Cove0
Countdown Tree Set Of 720142019General Products1
Country Barn Gift Shop2014Harvest Crossing7
Cove Movie Theater20142020Jukebox Junction0
Coventry Cove Station2014Coventry Cove0
Cruisin' Cat2014Jukebox Junction0
Dad Helps Out Set Of 220142017Vail Village0
Darlington Church2014Caddington Village0
Day Of The Dead Parade2014Spooky Town0
Dead Man's Cabin20142019Spooky Town7
Decorating The New England Hearth2014Caddington Village8
Decorating The Xmas Tree2014General Products0
Destiny Terminal20142019Spooky Town0
Dickens Statue20142018General Products2
Digging Out The Doghouse20142018Vail Village2
Dog Gone Good!20142020Down to Business0
Elegant Equestrian Carousel2014Coventry Cove0
Elegant Lady2014Caddington Village3
Elmer's Tractor20142019Harvest Crossing0
Emergency Snow Removal2014Vail Village0
Europe Cathedral2014Caddington Village0
Evil Pumpkins2014Spooky Town25
Fairview Inn2014Caddington Village0
Family Vacation Photo2014Spooky Town3
Fancy Victorian Sleigh20142019Caddington Village0
Farmington Creamery2014Harvest Crossing3
Field Lights2014General Products4
Fire House No. 122014Caddington Village2
First Ski Date2014Vail Village6
Fish Tale In The Making20142020Plymouth Corners0
Fishing Lesson20142019Vail Village0
Fishing Memories2014Coventry Cove0
Fred's Christmas Tree Lot2014Coventry Cove0
French Chocolatier2014Caddington Village0
French Pastries Stand2014Caddington Village0
Fresh Pastries Market Stall2014Caddington Village0
Friendly Fido2014General Products2
Friendly Fields Pet Camp2014Harvest Crossing1
Ghost Grasps Victim2014Spooky Town8
Ghoul Hot Dog Vendor2014Spooky Town3
Gino's Trattoria20142017Caddington Village0
Girls Night Out2014Victorian Classics4
Girls Shopping Day20142015Holidays0
Going Steady20142015Jukebox Junction0
Goody Wagon Set Of 22014General Products0
Grave Digger20142019Spooky Town1
Grease Monkey20142015Jukebox Junction0
Green Valley Wine & Cheese Market2014Harvest Crossing3
Grim Railway Switchman2014Spooky Town11
Habour Tower2014Plymouth Corners1
Halloween Headline20142018Spooky Town0
Handy's Furniture & Custom Cabinetry20142015Harvest Crossing1
Harbor Buoy2014Plymouth Corners1
Harvest Valley Windmill2014Harvest Crossing3
Hattie's Market2014Harvest Crossing1
Hell On Wheels20142015Spooky Town8
Hell On Wheels20142015Spooky Town0
Hemlock's Nursery20142019Spooky Town4
Her First Snowman20142019Vail Village2
Here Comes Our Tree20142019Vail Village1
Hermosa House20142019Caddington Village0
Hillside Bell Chapel2014Caddington Village2
Hobby House20142020Caddington Village3
Hockey In The Park Set Of 192014Vail Village0
Holiday Hockey2014Coventry Cove0
Holiday Hockey Set Of 82014Vail Village5
Holly Bay Lighthouse2014Plymouth Corners0
Holly Grove Gazebo2014Coventry Cove1
Honey Hill Farm Stand2014Harvest Crossing2
Houseboat Celebration20142020Plymouth Corners1
Hyland Valley Church2014Lighted House / Building0
Igor The Grave Digger2014Spooky Town7
Isle Of No Return Prison20142020Spooky Town0
Jake's Cafe20142020Vail Village0
Kate's Kitchen Corner2014Caddington Village0
Lamplighter Inn2014Harvest Crossing2
Lighted Pine Tree Large2014General Products0
Lighted Pine Tree Medium2014General Products1
Lightship2014Plymouth Corners0
Lil' Witches & Warlocks Nightcare20142020Spooky Town4
Linden Tree Medium2014Harvest Crossing0
Linden Tree Small2014Harvest Crossing0
Little Treasures Classic Toys2014Caddington Village2
Lucy's Frozen Yogurt2014Coventry Cove1
Lulu's Boutique2014Caddington Village1
Magriet's Flowers2014Caddington Village0
Mailbox Decorating2014Coventry Cove0
Mailbox Teamwork Set Of 320142018General Products1
Maple Hill Farm20142018Harvest Crossing0
Mary's Nursery2014Coventry Cove1
Memory Lane2014Caddington Village0
Merry Christmas To All2014Santa's Wonderland6
Monster Mailboxes, Set Of 22014Spooky Town12
Morning Milk2014Harvest Crossing0
Mountain View Lodge2014Lighted House / Building1
Movie Night20142019General Products0
Mr and Mrs Moose, set of 32014Coventry Cove5
Mr. Van Halen2014Caddington Village0
Mt. Woodland's Cider & Cocoa2014Vail Village3
Mulled Wine Stall2014Caddington Village0

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