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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Released: 2011
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Sparkling Mini Light String2011General Products0
6 in. Green Willow20112020General Products0
6 in. Lighted Christmas Tree20112017General Products0
9 in. Apple Tree A20112020Harvest Crossing0
9 in. Apple Tree B20112020General Products0
9 in. Green Willow20112020General Products0
9 in. Lighted Christmas Tree20112017General Products0
A Stitch in time knitting shop2011Coventry Cove0
All About Baby20112020Plymouth Corners0
Alpine Ski Party, Set Of 42011Caddington Village2
Anderson Valley Mill20112018Down to Business0
Autumn Acres Farms20112016Holidays0
Autumn Display20112013Holidays1
Bake Sale Fundraiser20112013Holidays0
Balloon Baby20112018Carnival1
Ballroom Dancers2011Coventry Cove0
Bauer's Wiener Schnitzel Haus20112014Holidays0
Bicycles, Set Of 2 (Self-Stand)2011Enhancements0
Big Game Hunter20112014Vail Village2
Black Mountain Coal Mine20112016Spooky Town0
Blakely School20112015Caddington Village0
Bridgette's Gingerbread Bakery2011Caddington Village1
Brooker Village Blacksmith20112015Holidays0
Broom Dealership20112019Spooky Town2
Broomstick Manor20112013Spooky Town4
Building Model Planes20112015Holidays0
Burning Leaves20112015Holidays0
But I Don'T Want To Go!20112013Holidays1
Butcher's Market Stall20112014Holidays0
Butter Churn & Milk Cans20112014Holidays1
Camp Fire2011Vail Village4
Capturing the Christmas Tree, set of 22011Coventry Cove1
Carnegie Stables20112014Holidays0
Ceramic Art20112015Holidays0
Cheese Seller20112013Holidays Seasons1
Churchill's Bakery & Bistro20112016Caddington Village2
Cider Pressing Dad20112015Holidays0
Construction Work20112014Holidays0
Countdown To Halloween20112015Spooky Town2
Country Cottage Inn20112013Holidays2
Creeps Playing Poker20112013Spooky Town1
Creepy Campfire20112013Spooky Town0
Creepy Cotton Candy20112018Spooky Town4
Crescent Dance Hall2011Coventry Cove2
Daisy's Ceramics Studio20112019Harvest Crossing1
David's Fort2011Harvest Crossing5
Davis & Sons Farms20112015Harvest Crossing0
Deadly Grim Reaper2011Spooky Town11
Deck The Halls Christmas Shop20112016Caddington Village0
Decorating The House20112019Harvest Crossing2
Deer Creek General Store20112016Holidays0
Deer Fountain2011Vail Village3
Doctor's Carriage20112013Holidays0
Dog Park20112014Holidays3
Dying Birch Tree Large20112012Spooky Town0
Dying Birch Tree Medium20112012Spooky Town0
Eastside Fire Station2011Caddington Village2
Espresso Bar2011Caddington Village0
Evil Sinister Clowns, Set Of 32011Spooky Town18
Face Painting20112013Holidays0
Father & Daughter Day20112015Holidays0
Feeding Lamb20112013Holidays1
Fire Brigade To The Rescue20112014Holidays2
Flying Ghost20112016Spooky Town0
Frame Station2011Caddington Village0
Gargoyle Sculptor's Studio20112020Spooky Town0
Gas Latterns Street Lamp, set of 42011Coventry Cove0
Getting Wood For The Cabin20112016Holidays0
Ghost Lamp Post20112016Halloween4
Ghostly Firefighters20112014Spooky Town0
Ghoul School Bus20112015Spooky Town1
Giant Candy Bag20112015Spooky Town1
Gilbert's Piano & Music Store20112015Holidays0
Girl Scout Parade20112015Holidays0
Gothic Haunted Mansion20112014Spooky Town1
Grimsley's House Of Halloween Decor20112020Spooky Town1
Grinning Goblin Brewery20112016Spooky Town0
Grizzly Peak Lookout Tower20112015Holidays0
Halloween Cats, Set Of 22011Spooky Town5
Halloween Photos20112014Spooky Town2
Harvest Fun20112014Holidays0
Harvest Gazebo20112014Holidays0
Hauling Hay20112013Harvest Crossing0
Haunted Hayride20112014Spooky Town1
Haunted Hayride20112008Spooky Town14
Heavy Load20112014Holidays1
Helga's Beer & Sausage Shop20112015Holidays0
Help From The Park Ranger20112014Holidays0
Herzog's Hot Dogs2011Harvest Crossing0
Himmel Haus20112014Holidays0
Holiday Merry-Go-Round2011Vail Village0
Holly's Day Care Center20112015Harvest Crossing1
Horror High School20112019Spooky Town3
Hot Cocoa Stand20112018Vail Village0
Hot Dog Cart2011Carnival2
Javier's2011Coventry Cove0
Jefferson Cheese Factory2011Carole Towne Collection0
Jim Harper House20112015Vail Village2
Johann's Chalet Inn2011Vail Village0
Junction Hardware & Seed20112016Harvest Crossing0
Just A Peek20112018Harvest Crossing1
Knitter2011Coventry Cove0
Kris's Christmas Tree Farm20112015Holidays0
Last Minutes Shopper20112015Holidays3
Lily's Bed & Breakfast2011Coventry Cove0
Little Chapel Of Peace2011Carole Towne Collection1
Manly Mountaineers20112014Holidays1
Marcel's Cooking School20112015Caddington Village4
Mayor2011Coventry Cove1
Mayor's Residence2011Coventry Cove0
Meadowlark Farm2011Harvest Crossing1
Meeting the Performer2011Coventry Cove0
Mending Fences20112013Holidays2
Michelle's Village Bakery20112014Holidays0
Monster Battle20112013Spooky Town0
Monster Romance20112018Spooky Town1
Nighttime Patrol2011Caddington Village7
No Littering, Set Of 22011General Products2
Octo-Swing20112013Spooky Town1
Oh Can I Pet Him?20112013Holidays0
Oh Christmas Tree!20112015Holidays0
Old Mossy Tree Large20112014Spooky Town0
Old World Shopper20112013Holidays0
Oriental Ceramics Gift Shop20112015Holidays0
Oyster Point Lighthouse20112013Holidays0
Painting Wooden Santas20112014Holidays0
Park View Realtors2011Caddington Village1
Picking out the Poinsettia2011Coventry Cove0
Picking The Tallest Tree, Set Of 420112019Vail Village2
Pie Chomping Champ20112014Holidays1
Plastic Picket Fence, Set Of 72011General Products1
Pretty Dress Mommy20112014Holidays1
Prize Pig20112013Holidays1
Prize Pumpkin20112013Holidays0
Produce Baskets20112013Holidays0
Produce Market Stall20112013Holidays0
Pumpkin Pinata20112015Spooky Town0
Railway Switchman20112013Spooky Town1
Rave At Grave's20112016Spooky Town0
Ready To Launch2011Vail Village1
Regency Ballroom20112020Caddington Village0
Robinson House2011Caddington Village0
Rocket Ride20112014Holidays0
Rolling Hills Bed & Breakfast20112014Harvest Crossing2
Royal Carousel2011Coventry Cove0
S.S. Specter20112019Spooky Town0
Saddle for Sale2011Coventry Cove0
Sand Dune Snowman20112014Holidays1
See Saw Sensation20112015Spooky Town0
Seed Bags20112014Holidays1
Shell Cove Cottage20112016Plymouth Corners1
Shop Signs20112014Holidays1
Skeleton Mariachi Band, Set Of 32011Spooky Town7
Sleigh Ride20112020Vail Village6
Smith Family Restaurant20112015Holidays0
Social Graces Junior Cotillion2011Caddington Village0
Spookytown Fire Department20112016Spooky Town2
Spookytown Gas 'N Ghoul20112016Spooky Town2
St. Andrew's Church20112013Holidays1
St. Stephen Facade20112016Holidays0
Stable Chores20112015Holidays0
Stella Creek Winery20112014Harvest Crossing0
Sue's Beads & Baubles2011Caddington Village0
Summit Ridge Depot20112014Vail Village1
Sunset Valley Cheese Factory20112015Harvest Crossing2
Sunshine Carousel20112020Carnival5
Swan Boat Rides Set Of 1120112013Holidays0
Sweets Market Stall20112015Holidays0
Tack Shop2011Coventry Cove2
The Cheshire Cottage2011Caddington Village2
The Connoisseur20112014Holidays0
The Lighthouse Ruins20112013Spooky Town0
The Swan Pond20112017Vail Village0
The Work Crew2011Sears Exclusive Product2
Thunderbird Totem Pole Carvers20112019Vail Village0
Timberline Day Spa20112014Holidays0
Toy Float20112015Holidays0
Treat Hunters20112014Spooky Town0
Trick Or Dog Treats2011Spooky Town15
Trunk Or Treat Trailer20112014Spooky Town0
Tudor Style House20112015Holidays1
Underwater Adventures2011Coventry Cove1
Vampire Bat Aviary20112019Spooky Town1
Vanderbilt Art Gallery2011Caddington Village0
Victorian Mailboxes, Set Of 22011Caddington Village2
Village Hardware & Woodshop20112015Harvest Crossing1
Waitress2011Coventry Cove1
We'Re Not Done Yet20112014Holidays0
Weighing Kitty20112014Holidays0
Weighing Kitty, set of 22011Coventry Cove0
White Water Ruckus20112014Holidays1
Whitfield Mansion20112013Holidays0
Wicked Fast Broomsticks20112015Spooky Town3
Wicked Windmill20112015Spooky Town0
Will U Take Mine Too?20112015Holidays0
Will you take mine, too?, set of 22011Coventry Cove0
Winslow House20112014Holidays0
Winter Cypress Tree Large20112015Holidays0
Winter Cypress Tree Medium20112015Holidays0
Wintergreen Nursery2011Coventry Cove3
World Wide Travel20112015Plymouth Corners1
Yard Light - Boo! Ghost20112013Spooky Town1
Ye Olde Town Hall20112014Holidays0

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