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Lemax Listed By Year

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Released: 1998
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12" Birch Tree Pack 219982003Holidays0
12" Flexible Hedgerow1998General Products6
16" Birch Tree19982003Holidays0
16" Evergreen Tree1998General Products0
2-Pc Straight Railway Tracks19982012Holidays3
2-Piece Curved Train Tracks19982012Holidays12
3-Piece Pack Replacement Fuse19982006Holidays0
3D Movie Goers 19981999Figurines0
4-Foot Display Material19982015Holidays0
4-Foot Display Material (Cloud)19982015Holidays0
A Bone for Buzz 19981999Figurines6
A Prayer for Those Not With Us 19981999Figurines0
After You 19981999Figurines4
Al's Diner19982002Holidays3
Bay Harbor Lighthouse19982002Holidays0
Beauty Salon19982002Holidays2
Bell Hop Blues 19981999Figurines3
Bonnie's Pastries19982002Holidays2
Bowling Alley19982002Jukebox Junction1
C'mon Bessy 19981999Figurines0
Caddington Village Inn19982002Caddington Village4
Candy Cane Kitchen1998Caddington Village4
Candy Kitchen 19981999Caddington Village0
Canine Confusion19982005Holidays2
Cape Anne Lighthouse19982002Holidays1
Choir Boys and Girls Renumbered from #53149 19981999Figurines15
Christmas Follies19982003Holidays2
Christmas Leave 19981999Figurines0
Christmas Pageant Player 19981999Figurines2
Church Of The Good Shepherd19982003Holidays0
Classic Fifties' Series Cars19982001Holidays0
Come to the Dance 19981999Figurines0
Cone-Shaped Topiaries19982003Holidays3
Cool Wheels 19981999Figurines8
Covenant Church19982002Holidays0
Cowboy Kids 19981999Figurines2
Decorative Moss19982015Holidays1
Decorative Mulch19982006Holidays0
Decorative Stone Brown Color19982012Holidays8
Decorative Stone Gray Color19982013Holidays5
Decorative Stone Silver Color19982012Holidays0
Della Robbia House 19981999Lighted House / Building0
Dog House & Alsatian 19981999Figurines0
Dog House & Cocker Spaniel 19981999Figurines1
Dog House & Dalmatian 19981999Figurines3
Dog House & Poodle 19981999Figurines2
Dog House & St. Bernard 19981999Figurines1
Downhill Thrills1998Holidays Seasons14
Drug Store19982002Holidays11
Eastport Junction19982002Holidays2
Emily's Bed & Breakfast19982004Holidays1
Essex Fire House19982002Holidays4
Evergreen Tree Pack 2 Extra Large19982005Holidays0
Farmers Market19982001Harvest Crossing0
Fire Station19982002Holidays22
Fixing the Line 19981999Figurines8
Free Hot Chocolate 19981999Figurines2
Gas Station19982001Holidays4
Geronimo! 19981999Figurines8
Getting Started19982003Holidays5
God Bless Us Everyone 19981999Figurines0
Haily House19982001Harvest Crossing0
Hampshire School 19981999Plymouth Corners2
High School19982002Holidays0
Hilltop Hideaway19982002Holidays0
Holiday Hula Hoops 19981999Figurines0
Holy Trinity Church19982002Holidays0
Hugs 19981999Figurines33
Ice Cream Parlor19982002Holidays8
Ice Fishing 19981999Figurines47
Jack's Cheese Factory19982001Harvest Crossing0
Jingle Jangle Rock 19981999Figurines0
L. Sculpture - Head-Down Reindeer19982013Holidays0
Lacy's Department Store19982002Holidays0
Lakeside Cottage19982002Holidays0
Large Display Platform19982015Holidays2
Large Village Mountain Backdrop1998General Products0
Lemax Collector's Club1998Members Only16
Lemax Village Express19982011Village Collection4
Lighted Sculpture - Angel19982005Holidays2
Lighted Sculpture -Snowman19982003Holidays1
Lighted Sculpture-Christmas Tree19982007Holidays0
Making Memories 19981999Figurines2
Max's Gym19982002Holidays0
Medium Village Display Platform1998General Products2
Medium Village Mountain Backdrop1998General Products3
Merry Christmas, Mr. Fireman 19981999Figurines0
Merry Christmas, Mr. Pony 19981999Figurines1
Mind the Ice 19981999Figurines3
Mom & Pop's Neighborhood Grocery19982002Holidays1
Mountain Pine Jumbo19982015Holidays0
Mountain Pine Pack 2 Extra Large19982005Holidays0
Movie Theatre19982002Holidays0
Mr. C. Takes a Break 19981999Figurines3
Mr.C's Paint & Hardware Store19982002Holidays10
Nancy's Nurseries19982002Holidays4
Neither Rain, Sleet or Snow 19981999Figurines0
Newspaper Delivery Boy 19981999Figurines1
Not The Best Skier19982006Holidays0
Ol' Fisherman's Shack19982003Holidays2
One Starting Up, One Finishing Up 19981999Figurines0
Pee Yoo! 19981999Figurines0
Pine Reindeer19982003Holidays1
Pine Valley Inn 1998Lighted House / Building0
Pine Valley Town Hall19982002Holidays3
Pizza Delivery 19981999Figurines9
Plymouth Lighthouse19982002Holidays0
Poinsettias for the Potters 19981999Figurines0
Presents for Pete 19981999Figurines1
Prettying Up the Port 19981999Figurines1
Radio Station19982002Holidays2
Railway Stop Light19982003Holidays1
Red X'Mas BowSet/919982003Holidays1
Rochester Cottage19982002Holidays1
Round-Shaped Topiaries19982003Holidays2
Rover's Loose 19981999Figurines5
Saintly Sculpture19982006Holidays6
Santa Takes a Guess 19981999Figurines3
Saving the Snowman 19981999Figurines6
Sled Dog Champ 19981999Figurines0
Small Village Display Platform1998General Products1
Small Village Mountain Backdrop1998General Products1
Snapshot St. Nick19982003Holidays7
Snow Bunny Renumbered from #73212 19981999Figurines0
Somerset Hall19982002Holidays1
Stan's Drive In19982002Holidays0
Sunrise Coffee House19982002Holidays1
Super Dooper Hula Hopper 19981999Figurines1
Swirl-Shaped Tree19982003Holidays0
That's Not Santa 19981999Figurines0
The Barber Shop Quartet 19981999Figurines2
The Christmas Baby 19981999Figurines8
The Conductor 19981999Figurines31
The Contenders 19981999Figurines3
The Cranberry Bog 19981999Vail Village5
The Fish Tale 19981999Figurines3
The Lazy Lobster19982002Holidays2
The Locket 19981999Figurines2
The Meeting 19981999Figurines12
The Movie Ushers (no more popcorn please!) 19981999Figurines0
The Old Captain & His Grandson 19981999Figurines0
The Prize Winner19982005Holidays7
The Sign Painter 19981999Figurines0
The Ski Lesson19982003Holidays0
The Wabash Minstrel 19981999Figurines0
Tony's Boots & Hats19982002Harvest Crossing1
Too Bad, Dad! 19981999Figurines2
Too Cool to be Cold 19981999Figurines1
United States Post Office19982002Holidays3
Village Mountain1998General Products3
Village Train W/Round Tracks19982012Holidays0
Village Waterfall19982007Holidays3
Walking In A Winter Wonderland19982003Holidays3
Walltown Lumber19982002Harvest Crossing1
Wally's Music City19982002Holidays2
White Pine Jumbo19982014Holidays1
White Pine Pack 2 Extra Large19982005Holidays0
Whole Grain Co-Op19982002Harvest Crossing6
Wilma Tell19982003Holidays0
Winter on the Farm 19981999Figurines3
Wooden Arbor19982008Holidays13
X'Mas Tree W/Poinsettias19982003Holidays2
You're Under the Mistletoe 19981999Figurines0
Your Secret Santa 19981999Figurines2

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