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Lemax Listed By Year

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Released: 2002
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
12 Lighted Pumpkin Garland String2002Spooky Town9
12 Lighted Pumpkin Luminary String20022009Spooky Town2
1909 Knickerbocker House2002Caddington Village2
3rd Precinct Police Station2002ShopKo Exclusive0
4" Gas Street Lamp20022003Holidays0
4" Gas Street Lamp20022003Holidays0
6" Spruce Tree20022017General Products1
7Pc Apothecary - Herbalist Set20022006Holidays Seasons0
7Pc Blossom's Flower Shop Set20022006Holidays Seasons0
7Pc Chiariello's Italian Bakery Set20022006Holidays Seasons0
7Pc Gingerbread House Set20022006Holidays Seasons0
7Pc Sunrise Valley Church Set20022006Holidays Seasons0
9" Spruce Tree20022017General Products5
A Friendly Card Game2002Carole Towne Collection1
All Together Now!20022013Holidays9
Amy's Bridal Shoppe20022006Caddington Village2
Animated Tree Lot20022009Holidays0
Ann of Green Gables - Avonlea Lighthouse Set20022006Kits0
Ann of Green Gables - Avonlea Presbyterian Church20022006Kits0
Ann of Green Gables - Avonlea School Set20022006Kits1
Ann of Green Gables - Bright River Train Station20022006Kits0
Ann of Green Gables - Green Gables Barn Set20022006Kits1
Ann of Green Gables - Green Gables House20022006Kits1
Arline's Pie Shop20022005Plymouth Corners4
Back At Base Lodge20022013Holidays5
Barn Sale20022006Harvest Crossing2
Beaumont Inn20022006Village Collection3
Bicycle (Self-Stand)20022003Holidays0
Birds Nest Cottage20022006Caddington Village3
Black Cauldron Inn20022007Spooky Town1
Breaktime !20022010Holidays22
Brick Wall20022005Holidays115
British Mail Box20022003Holidays0
Burk's Marina Services20022004Holidays3
Campfire Stories2002Carole Towne Collection4
Carole Towne Dairy2002Carole Towne Collection10
Casey's Point2002Carole Towne Collection0
Castle On Spooky Hill20022006Spooky Town25
Caught From Behind20022006Holidays1
Chains Required20022011Holidays0
Charitable Santa20022006Holidays3
Christmas Gift20022006Caddington Village11
Coffee Stall20022014Caddington Village3
Colleen's Curiosities2002Coventry Cove0
Cypress Inn2002Coventry Cove3
Danish Restaurant Hostess20022005Holidays0
Decorative Maple Leaves20022014Holidays3
Dunton's Feed & Farm Supply20022004Harvest Crossing3
Dutch Mill Restaurant20022004Holidays0
Eagle's Nest Fire Lookout20022012Vail Village5
East Moorland Windmill20022019Harvest Crossing9
Ebenezer's Apartments20022005Caddington Village6
Emma's Flower Shop2002Carole Towne Collection0
Evergreen Forest Realty20022006Holidays2
Family Tradition20022012Caddington Village11
Fefferman Financial/Tailor20022004Caddington Village0
Fireside Books & Magazines20022005Vail Village0
Fishing For Supper20022012Holidays3
Flowers For Sister20022015Holidays6
Foot Bridge20022006Dickensvale65
For The Lady20022007Caddington Village1
Galoshes Galore 2002Santa's Wonderland2
Garden Bridge20022001Hearthside Village2
Gas Street Lamp20022006Holidays0
Gas Street Lamp20022006Holidays Seasons0
Gas Street Lamp20022006Holidays Seasons0
Gaslamp Hotel Goldsmith20022005Holidays0
Gem & Mineral Shop20022006Holidays0
Giddy Up Horsy20022006Spooky Town13
Gingerbread Palace20022004Sugar n Spice0
Gingerbread Palace20022007Sugar n Spice9
Glenwood Cottage2002Coventry Cove6
Gone Fishin'20022015Holidays12
Grass Display Mat20022020General Products2
Graveyard Ghost20022006Spooky Town22
Gregory James Chimney Sweep20022008Caddington Village3
Grim Reaper20022012Spooky Town62
Hanging The Wreath20022006Holidays4
Haunted Fountain20022006Spooky Town25
Haunted House Visitors2002Spooky Town3
Headless Rider2002Spooky Town19
Hemlock Extra Large20022005Holidays0
Hemlock Large20022012Holidays0
Hemlock Medium20022012Holidays0
Hickory House Restaurant20022006Holidays7
Iced Pine Extra Large20022005Holidays0
Iced Pine Large20022011Holidays1
Iced Pine Medium20022011Holidays3
Joy To The World20022006Caddington Village1
Kellison House20022005Caddington Village7
Lady Farnsworth's Hair Salon20022004Holidays1
Larrabee's Hats20022004Holidays1
Late Delivery20022006Holidays4
Laundry Day20022014Holidays Seasons0
Liberty Fire Station2002Coventry Cove1
Lighted Tree Nightflight20022006Spooky Town20
Lighted Winter Maple Extra Large20022015Enhancements0
Lighted Winter Maple Large20022015Holidays0
Lighted Winter Maple Medium20022015Holidays0
Little Drummer Boy20022005Holidays0
Little Stinger and Little Stinker20022006Spooky Town0
Look Out!20022006Spooky Town0
Magistrate20022007Caddington Village0
Main St. Barber Shop20022004Holidays0
Miller's Barn20022004Harvest Crossing3
Moss Display Mat2002Landscaping25
Moss Display Mat2002Village Collection2
Murray Manor2002Coventry Cove4
Musical Stage Coach20022006Holidays6
Nelson's Photography20022004Caddington Village3
Nick's Toy Shop2002Carole Towne Collection0
North Pole Doll Works20022005Holidays0
Out For A Stroll20022013Caddington Village4
Park Bench Chat & Postman20022003Holidays0
Pinewood Perch20022012Holidays4
Plastic Picket Fence20022011Holidays19
Plymouth Fire Station No.220022005Plymouth Corners4
Policeman And Friend20022003Holidays2
Pony Rides20022008Holidays0
Puppy Love20022011Holidays3
Reverend Smythe2002General Products20
Rich's Retreat20022005Holidays3
Rivermouth Lighthouse20022005Holidays1
Robin's Toy Store2002Coventry Cove1
S.S. Islander20022008Plymouth Corners3
Sand Display Mat20022014Holidays3
Sawyer's Saw Mill20022004Harvest Crossing6
Seaport Village Church20022006Holidays0
Shakespeare Inn20022006Caddington Village4
She's Not Heavy She's My Sister20022007Spooky Town12
Shelter Cove Boat Rentals and O'Hara's Bait20022004Holidays4
Ship To Shore Shoe Store Engraver20022004Holidays3
Shoveling Snow20022015Holidays24
Small Wooden Wharf Ramp20022012Holidays0
Snowball Fight20022010Holidays0
Snowy Pine Extra Large20022005Holidays0
Snowy Pine Large20022011Holidays0
Snowy Pine Medium20022012Holidays0
Snowy Spruce Tree Large20022011Holidays3
Snowy Spruce Tree Medium20022011Holidays1
Snowy Spruce Tree Small20022011Holidays1
Split Rail Fence20022012Holidays15
Spruce Tree Small20022015Holidays2
St. Gabriel Church20022008Vail Village0
Stand Of Birch20022005Holidays5
Stony Point Lighthouse20022008Plymouth Corners3
Strolling With Pooch2002General Products22
Tall Tales20022007Holidays11
Thanks Grandpa!20022011Holidays9
The Alford Mansion20022008Spooky Town21
The Amazing Lemax20022003Holidays0
The Big One20022007Holidays4
The Bistro2002Carole Towne Collection4
The Bookworm20022014Holidays0
The Crow's Nest Nautical Supplies20022006Holidays5
The Toy Baron2002Members Only7
The Village Tailor2002Carole Towne Collection25
Three Cowboys20022006Spooky Town4
Tin Robotron20022006Spooky Town6
Tomb Of Sir Edgar Goodbody20022011Spooky Town27
Traffic Light (Multiface)20022015Holidays3
Traveling Salesman20022012Holidays10
Tubing Fun20022013Holidays3
Tubing With Dad20022018Vail Village8
Two Indians Chief20022006Spooky Town6
Valley View Church2002Coventry Cove0
Vampire In Casket20022008Spooky Town20
Vogel's Produce & Dry Goods20022004Harvest Crossing10
Wait For Me20022006Spooky Town8
Waiting For Santa20022015Holidays11
Wedding Portrait20022015Caddington Village6
West Bend Station2002Coventry Cove0
Whispering Sisters20022006Holidays0
Winter Stroll20022006Caddington Village0
Winter Stroll20022019Vail Village5
Winter Wonderland Bakery20022008Santa's Wonderland3
Wishing Well20022011Holidays0
Wooden Corral Fence20022007Holidays0
Wooden Gazebo - Oval20022009Holidays0
Wooden Gazebo - Round20022012Holidays7
Wooden Ranger Tower20022012Holidays7

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