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Released: 1993
Year Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
1810 Christmas Shoppe1993Dickensvale1
21pc Lighted Village Set1993Dickensvale2
22pc Lighted Village Set1993Dickensvale1
Amateur Musicians 19931999Figurines0
Apple Vendor 19931999Figurines1
Assorted Pine Tree19932012Village Collection5
Bainbridge Abbey 19931997Lighted House / Building0
Bed & Breakfast 19931999Vail Village32
Bedford Tailor19932003Dickensvale5
Begging for a Bone 19931999Figurines8
Bell Ringers 19931999Figurines30
Berry Pickers 19931999Figurines0
Black Crow Antiques 19931999Harvest Crossing8
Bread Vendor Hot Cross Buns 19931999Figurines0
Carolling on the Common 19931999Figurines11
Children's Band, set of 6 19931999Figurines6
Chopping Wood 19931999Figurines24
Christmas Shoppe 19931999Caddington Village23
Column Wall19932003Holidays25
Country Sleigh Ride1993Figurines26
Cromwell's Mansion 19931997Lighted House / Building0
Daily Evening Press 19931998Caddington Village3
Doctor 19931999Figurines2
Elf Academy1993Santa's Wonderland24
Elves and Snowman 19931994Figurines1
Elves Carrying Gift Bag 19931994Figurines0
Elves with Lamp Post 19931999Figurines1
Family Carollers 19931999Figurines1
Farm Animals, set of 4 19931999Figurines0
Fireman 19931999Figurines0
First Day of School 19931999Figurines0
Fixing Skate 19931999Figurines0
Forest House19932003Harvest Crossing3
G.W. Pruden & Co. 19931998Caddington Village10
Giant Snowball 19931999Figurines18
Girl on Sled 19931999Figurines0
Grandpa & Emily 19931999Figurines0
Grocery Shopper 19931999Figurines0
Hadensack Savings Bank 19931996Lighted House / Building0
Hampshire House 19931998Caddington Village2
Hampton Bakery19932002Caddington Village9
Harley's General Merchandise 19931998Harvest Crossing5
Holly Vendor 19931999Figurines0
J & G Hardware 19931998Harvest Crossing2
J.E. Winston, Esq. 19931998Caddington Village5
King's Music Store 19931999Caddington Village5
Kingsbury House 19931998Plymouth Corners0
Lamplighter 19931999Figurines0
Little Town Hall19932003Dickensvale1
Log Cabin19932002Holidays4
Marching Band, set of 10 19931999Figurines6
Mario's Ristorante 19931998Vail Village2
Metal Fire Hydrant19932003Holidays0
Metal Home Mailbox19932003Holidays9
Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus, set of 2 19931997Figurines3
New Gazebo19932005Holidays27
Newspaper Vendor 19931999Figurines0
North Pole Sign 19931994Figurines0
Nottingham Cathedral 19931999Caddington Village1
Olde School19932002Holidays29
Our Snowman 19931999Figurines0
Panhandler 19931999Figurines0
Peck on the Cheek 19931999Figurines0
Peek-a-Boo 19931999Figurines2
Piggy Back Ride 19931999Figurines0
Postman 19931999Figurines0
Pulling Sled 19931999Figurines19
Reindeer and Sleigh, set of 3 19931999Figurines0
Reindeer Flying School19932002Holidays4
Santa's Express, set of 3 19931999Figurines15
Santa's Lodge19932002Holidays2
Santa's Workshop19932002Holidays49
Santa's Workshop1993Santa's Wonderland0
Shaped Bristle Tree Large19932007Holidays0
Shaped Bristle Tree Medium19932007Holidays0
Shaped Bristle Tree Small19932007Holidays0
Shoeshine 19931997Figurines4
Sisters 19931999Figurines4
Skater 19931999Figurines14
Skating Man 19931999Figurines2
Snow Shoveler 19931999Figurines1
St. John's Church 19931999Caddington Village0
Stage Coach 19931999Figurines0
Stone Chapel19932003Caddington Village2
Street Musicians 19931999Figurines15
Street Sweeper 19931999Figurines0
The Flutist 19931999Figurines1
The Priests 19931999Figurines2
The Retreat House 19931999Plymouth Corners0
Tobogganing 19931999Figurines9
Toy Stand 19931999Figurines8
Try Me Display Box19932009Spooky Town0
Try Me Display Box19932009Spooky Town0
Try Me Display Box19932009Spooky Town0
Tweed House19932001Holidays0
Union Fire Co.19932002Caddington Village15
Violin Girl 19931999Figurines0
W. C. Ashford Dmd19932001Caddington Village16
Walking Fifi 19931999Figurines0
Walking in the Snow 19931999Figurines3
Yard Light-Candles19932003Holidays11
Yard Light-Santa19932003Holidays17

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