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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Kappy's Newsstand20062012Holidays4
Kate's Cupcake Express2013Coventry Cove0
Kate's Kitchen Corner2014Caddington Village1
Kathy's Quaint Kitchen2019Caddington Village0
Katie O'donald's Restaruant2004Carole Towne Collection0
Katsura Sushi Restaurant2020Caddington Village0
Kayak Building20082012Plymouth Corners1
Keep Out2012Spooky Town16
Keeping Cool20062018Caddington Village0
Keeping Watch20002011Holidays0
Kegler Lanes2008Coventry Cove1
Kellison House20022005Caddington Village5
Kelly's Corner Grocery2015Harvest Crossing1
Kelly's Furniture20002007Caddington Village0
Kelvin Brothers Bagel Cafe20082010Plymouth Corners2
Kensington Art Museum19992004Holidays0
Kensington House20102012Holidays1
Kensington Parish 19951999Vail Village0
Kensington Train Depot19992002Holidays6
Kenwood House 19911996Lighted House / Building0
Kettle Corn Stand2019Figurines6
Keymaster2020Spooky Town6
KGEM Radio Station2013Plymouth Corners0
Kicking Back20192020Summer Americana5
Kiddie Cruise Ride20062013Carnival3
Kids Finishing Christmas Cookies20062011Holidays4
Kids Playing2018Caddington Village4
Kids Tommy Tiger20082013Holidays3
Killer Clown Lamp Post Set Of 22016Spooky Town4
Killer Clown Mobile Home20122018Spooky Town12
King & Hall Tailor20122015Caddington Village0
King & Queen20032006Spooky Town0
King Of The Dead20082011Spooky Town0
King Street Rowhouses2018Caddington Village0
King's Music Store 19931999Caddington Village2
Kingsbury House 19931998Plymouth Corners0
Kingsley Manor20092014Holidays1
Kip's Christmas Collectibles20092014Signature Collection0
Kissing Booth20082013Carole Towne Collection14
Kissing Snowcouple20052015Holidays1
Kjoy Radio Station20082013Holidays0
Klondike Sled Dog Excursions20092015Holidays2
Knife Grinder20012011Caddington Village5
Knitter2011Coventry Cove3
Knitting Christmas Stockings20092012Holidays1
Kodiak's Sled Dog Training20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Kringel's European Bakery20132016Caddington Village0
Kringle's Air Field, Set Of 32012Santa's Wonderland4
Kringle's Christmas Tree Lot2017Vail Village8
Kringle's Cottage2019Santa's Wonderland6
Kringle's Toy Shop20062013Caddington Village7
Kris's Christmas Tree Farm20112015Holidays4

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