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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
L. Sculpture - Head-Down Reindeer19982013Holidays1
La Belle Vie Bistro20132020Caddington Village0
La Fromagerie Fine Cheeses2018Caddington Village0
La Petite Pet Shop2006Village Collection3
Lacy's Department Store19982002Holidays1
Ladie's Day Shopping20132015Holidays0
Ladies And Gentlemen!20082013Holidays0
Ladies Hat Peddler20092012Holidays0
Lady Bug Cow Turtle20032006Spooky Town1
Lady Farnsworth's Hair Salon20022004Holidays0
Lady Luck Casino2016Sears Exclusive Product2
Lake Cave Bear Campground2012Carole Towne Collection1
Lakeside Cottage19982002Holidays1
Lamp Bridge20012001Holidays26
Lamplighter2000Holidays Seasons7
Lamplighter 19931999Figurines1
Lamplighter Carole Towne Collection3
Lamplighter2006Caddington Village3
Lamplighter20082010Holidays Seasons1
Lamplighter Countdown20172020Caddington Village0
Lamplighter Inn2014Harvest Crossing0
Lamprey's Crab Shack2009Carole Towne Collection3
Lancaster Cathedral20082012Caddington Village0
Lancaster Manor 19951999Plymouth Corners0
Land Ahoy!20042008Plymouth Corners4
Land's End Lighthouse19922001Holidays1
Landlubbers Lodge2021Plymouth Corners0
Lands' End Outfitters2009Sears Exclusive Product0
Landscape AccentVillage Collection30
Langley Court House 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Langley House2004Carole Towne Collection1
Lankford's Blacksmith20042008Harvest Crossing0
Large Brick Mat2003General Products0
Large Brick Road2003General Products6
Large Display Platform19982015Holidays1
Large Iced PineCarole Towne Collection6
Large Pebble Mat2003General Products2
Large Pebble Road2003General Products3
Large Ski Mountain Backdrop1999Vail Village0
Large Ski Platform1999Vail Village1
Large Town Hall 19911994Lighted House / Building0
Large Village Mountain Backdrop1998General Products5
Larosa's Cucina2019Caddington Village1
Larrabee's Hats20022004Holidays0
Lasso Bill2012Coventry Cove1
Last House On The Left, Set Of 220132018Spooky Town3
Last Minute Shoppers1997Memory Makers1
Last Minute Shopping20082012Holidays6
Last Minutes Shopper20112015Holidays3
Late Delivery20022006Holidays2
Laundry Day20022014Holidays Seasons2
Laundry Day20152017Caddington Village1
Laura Richards House1999Members Only0
Law Office20072012Caddington Village1
Law Offices & Village Insurance Services20102013Holidays0
Lawson Residence2019Caddington Village0
Lawson's Winery20082014Vail Village1
Laying In Wait20062013Holidays1
Le Bouquet20132019Caddington Village1
Le Chef Parfait20102016Caddington Village0
Le Petit Cafe2018Caddington Village0
Le Petit Gourmet2020Caddington Village1
Le Petit Manor2017Caddington Village1
Leafpile Frolic20052008Village Collection5
Leap Frog19962001Holidays14
Leaping Reindeer Topiary20062011Holidays0
Learning To Ride20082014Holidays7
Learning To Skate20062018General Products3
Learning to Skate 19921996Figurines1
Learning To Ski19962020Vail Village0
Learning To Ski1996Carnival0
Learning To The Knots20032011Holidays2
Led Bulb Moonlander2017General Products0
Led Replacement Bulb20122017General Products0
Leisure Time2012Coventry Cove2
Lemax Collector's Club1998Members Only10
Lemax Village Express19982011Village Collection8
Lemax Village Express-Three Train Cars20002009Village Collection1
Lemonade & Popcorn Stand2018Summer Americana2
Leo's Famous Pizzeria20162019Michaels Exclusives1
Leslie's Flowers & Nursery20102015Harvest Crossing2
Leslie's Pie & Bake Shop20072014Harvest Crossing0
Let Me See !19992012Plymouth Corners9
Let's Go Grandpa2016Figurines1
Let's Sing Together 19941999Figurines0
Let's Skate 19951999Figurines2
Letter For Santa20102015Holidays0
Letter To Santa2008Caddington Village2
Letters For Santa20062011Holidays3
Liberty Fire Station2002Coventry Cove3
Librarian20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Life Is Good!20072011Spooky Town2
Lifeguard Station20182019Plymouth Corners0
Light Brown Covered Bridge20012001Holidays0
Light Up Coffins20132015Carnival5
Light-Up Pumpkin Stack, Set Of 42013Spooky Town3
Lighted Accessory2007Village Collection38
Lighted Christmas Tree Large19972008Holidays0
Lighted Christmas Tree Large20072011Holidays Seasons0
Lighted Christmas Tree Medium19972008Holidays1
Lighted Christmas Tree Medium20072011Holidays Seasons0
Lighted Elm Tree20072014Holidays0
Lighted Ghoul Tree20092013Spooky Town0
Lighted Glazed HickoryCrystal Blue20052014Holidays0
Lighted Grand Gazebo19992007Village Collection2
Lighted Gumdrop Tree20042007Sugar n Spice0
Lighted Hickory Tree20042005Holidays0
Lighted Hickory Tree20052007Holidays0
Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Blue20092020General Products0
Lighted Ice Glazed Tree, Clear20092020General Products0
Lighted Lamp PostDickensvale5
Lighted Lantern Bone Post2020Spooky Town2
Lighted Moon2004Spooky Town4
Lighted Musical Christmas Tree20012012Holidays2
Lighted Pine Tree Large2014General Products1
Lighted Pine Tree Medium2014General Products1
Lighted Pine Tree, Multi, Large2015General Products0
Lighted Pine Tree, Multi, Medium2015General Products0
Lighted Pumpkin20002015Spooky Town9
Lighted Pumpkin Totem20002009Spooky Town6
Lighted Pumpkin Tree20132015Spooky Town0
Lighted Sculpture - Angel19982005Holidays0
Lighted Sculpture - Reindeer19972013Holidays2
Lighted Sculpture - Reindeer & Sleigh20012013Holidays0
Lighted Sculpture - Sleigh19972008Holidays1
Lighted Sculpture -Slim Christmas Tree Large20032007Holidays0
Lighted Sculpture -Snowman19982003Holidays0
Lighted Sculpture-Christmas Tree19982007Holidays1
Lighted Sculpture-Christmas Tree Large19992007Holidays0
Lighted Sculpture-Slim Christmas Tree Medium20032007Holidays0
Lighted Sculputre - Metal Arbor19992003Holidays0
Lighted Silhouette Tree2018Enhancements1
Lighted Silhouette Tree (Green), 3V2007General Products0
Lighted Silhouette Tree(Clear) L20072016Holidays0
Lighted Silhouette Tree(Clear) M20072016Holidays0
Lighted Skull20002011Spooky Town9
Lighted Somerset Foot Bridge19992006Holidays5
Lighted Toy Soldier20072011Santa's Wonderland2
Lighted Tree Nightflight20022006Spooky Town9
Lighted Victorian Gated Fence19992005Holidays2
Lighted Village Moon2004General Products2
Lighted Village Square Fountain2001Caddington Village3
Lighted Winter Maple Extra Large20022015Enhancements0
Lighted Winter Maple Large20022015Holidays1
Lighted Winter Maple Medium20022015Holidays0
Lighted Wrought Iron Fence, Set Of 52005General Products18
Lighthouse Keeper20012018Plymouth Corners1
Lighthouse Replacement Bulb19972006Holidays0
Lighting The Tree20102013Holidays2
Lighting The Way20052006Holidays0
Lightship2014Plymouth Corners0
Lil' Shredders Board & Ski Shop2013Vail Village1
Lil' Witches & Warlocks Nightcare20142020Spooky Town1
Lilac Laurel Extra Large20012005Holidays0
Lilac Laurel Large20012005Holidays0
Lilac Laurel Medium20012005Holidays0
Lilac Laurel Small20012005Holidays0
Lily's Bed & Breakfast2011Coventry Cove0
Lily's Cafe20172020Caddington Village0
Linda's Learning Center20192020Kmart Exclusive0
Linden Tree Medium2014Harvest Crossing0
Linden Tree Small2014Harvest Crossing0
Linder's Place2016Plymouth Corners1
Line's End Trolley Station20052008Village Collection2
Lion & Caveman20032009Spooky Town5
Lion Cage20092013Holidays1
Lion Statue & Decorative Vase20032006Holidays1
Listening For The Ocean & Old Rowboat20032006Holidays2
Little Boy Big Catch20042008Holidays2
Little Chapel Of Peace2011Carole Towne Collection1
Little Drummer Boy20022005Holidays3
Little Ghouls Flying School20162020Spooky Town2
Little Hero20032006Holidays1
Little Imp2015Spooky Town7
Little Monsters' School House t20102013Spooky Town0
Little Mountain Church2005Carole Towne Collection0
Little River Church2004Harvest Crossing5
Little Stinger and Little Stinker20022006Spooky Town1
Little Stone Steps2013General Products0
Little Town Hall19932003Dickensvale5
Little Treasures Classic Toys2014Caddington Village0
Little Waterboy20082012Holidays5
Living Dead2006Spooky Town8
Living Gargoyles20102014Spooky Town1
Loading The Gifts1997Hearthside Village6
Loading Up Santa's Sleigh20002012Holidays1
Lobster Fishing20082010Holidays0
Lobster Pot20062012Plymouth Corners1
Lobster Shack Lighthouse2019Plymouth Corners0
Lobsterman20092011Holidays Seasons1
Lobsterman At Sea20092014Holidays0
Locksmith/Porcelain Palace19992004Holidays2
Lodge Fire Pit20122015Holidays0
Log Axe20072011Holidays1
Log Bench2013Vail Village0
Log Cabin19932002Holidays3
Log Cabin Dog House2015Vail Village3
Log Cabin Quilts20012011Vail Village1
Log Rollin' Break20092013Holidays1
Log Sawing Games20092013Holidays0
Logan Cottage20062009Caddington Village0
Lolli Balooza2017Gift Spice0
Lollipop Lights20132015Holidays0
Lone Pine Christmas Decorations2018Vail Village1
Long Time No See2017Spooky Town7
Look at That 19951999Figurines2
Look At This2016Kmart Exclusive0
Look Both Ways2016Caddington Village0
Look Out20132013Vail Village4
Look Out!20022006Spooky Town3
Look Santa!20062011Holidays2
Look What I Found!20062011Holidays2
Look! Mother I'M Skating19992006Holidays0
Looking For Seashells2020Plymouth Corners1
Lookout Mountain Visitor Center20102014Holidays0
Loose Maple Leaves2018Table Pieces0
Lost In The Woods20092013Spooky Town0
Lost Rafters2020Carnival1
Lotus Rain Yoga Studio2015Coventry Cove0
Lotus Rain Yoga Studio2017Plymouth Corners0
Lou's Garage20132016Harvest Crossing1
Louis Jolliet Elementary School2013Caddington Village0
Lounging Around2018Summer Americana0
Lovely Lady2020Caddington Village6
Lubbock's BBQ20152020Harvest Crossing0
Lucky No.7 Mine20012004Harvest Crossing1
Lucy Tug Boat2006Carole Towne Collection0
Lucy's Chocolate Shop2004Caddington Village4
Lucy's Frozen Yogurt2014Coventry Cove2
Lucy's Tea Room2007Coventry Cove0
Ludwig's Wooden Nutcracker Factory2019Michaels Exclusives4
Luggage Carrier19992011Holidays3
Luggage Cart20042011Holidays1
Lugging Flour20062011Harvest Crossing1
Luigi's Custom Tailor20132016Caddington Village0
Luigi's Ristorante Italiano2019Caddington Village1
Lulu's Bakery & Cafe2019Harvest Crossing0
Lulu's Boutique2014Caddington Village0
Lumberjack Games20092013Holidays0
Lumberjill Sonia2021Vail Village0
Lunch At The Park2020Carnival2
Lunch Date2019General Products4
Lunch For Bessie20072011Holidays2
Lunchbreak Buddy2020General Products2
Lyon's Photography2008Coventry Cove1

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