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Lemax Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Dad And Fawns, Set Of 41999General Products19
Dad Gets Help20182020Vail Village0
Dad Helps Out Set Of 220142017Vail Village0
Dad's Christmas Surprise20042011Holidays1
Daddy's Home!20092013Holidays2
Dads Snowman2018Caddington Village13
Daily Bread20032015Holidays3
Daily Evening Press 19931998Caddington Village2
Daily Gazette20082014Caddington Village5
Dainty Cottage Collectables & Antiques20172023Caddington Village0
Dairy Fans20072012Holidays12
Daisy's Ceramics Studio20112019Harvest Crossing0
Dancing Couple 19911999Figurines0
Dancing Elves20062010Holidays0
Dancing In The Moonlight2023Spooky Town21
Dancing Skeletons, Set Of 22007Spooky Town32
Dancing Sugar Plums2016Gift Spice2
Dancing With The Mon-Stars2009Spooky Town3
Dandy’s Candy House2005Carole Towne Collection0
Danger Ahead20102013Spooky Town0
Danielle's Decor2019Caddington Village1
Daniels House20082012Caddington Village1
Danish Restaurant Hostess20022005Holidays0
Danny's Donuts & Coffee2023Harvest Crossing1
Dansford Bakery19992002Caddington Village4
Dapper & Debonair Snowman2019Vail Village3
Dark Haven Lodge20072019Spooky Town16
Dark Portents2022Spooky Town5
Darla's Dolls2017Caddington Village3
Darlington Church20142023Caddington Village0
Dasher's Advent Stable20132020Caddington Village5
Dasher's Advent Stable2020Caddington Village0
Dashing Through The Snow20002006Caddington Village54
David's Fort2011Harvest Crossing10
Davids Deli2018Caddington Village0
Davidson Manor2009Carole Towne Collection12
Davidson Residence2018Caddington Village4
Davis & Sons Farms20112015Harvest Crossing6
Davis Residence2012Caddington Village4
Dawson's Upholstery20032005Caddington Village6
Day Of The Dead2019Spooky Town9
Day Of The Dead Bride & Groom2023Spooky Town12
Day Of The Dead Crypt2022Spooky Town7
Day Of The Dead Parade2014Spooky Town1
Day Of The Dead Party2022Spooky Town7
Daytime Delivery, Set Of 220172019Kmart Exclusive1
Dead Are Rising2010Spooky Town6
Dead As A Doornail Morgue2008Spooky Town5
Dead City Police Station20102016Spooky Town4
Dead Cowboy Blues20092013Spooky Town0
Dead Fraternity2017Spooky Town0
Dead In The Water2021Spooky Town8
Dead Man's Cabin20142019Spooky Town12
Dead Man's Mine2006Spooky Town13
Dead Man's Point20072014Spooky Town18
Dead Zone Construction Site2020Spooky Town13
Dead-Man Band20102014Spooky Town3
Deadly Conversation2018Spooky Town4
Deadly Grim Reaper2011Spooky Town23
Deadwood Water Tower20082013Spooky Town16
Death Coffee Break20132015Spooky Town6
Death Of Salesman20092014Spooky Town3
Death On A Pale Horse20072014Spooky Town14
Death's Door Cemetery Gates2020Spooky Town1
Deb's Puppy Shelter20192020Kmart Exclusive0
Deck The Halls Christmas Shop20112016Caddington Village4
Decorate The Dog House20052014Holidays7
Decorate The House20052011Holidays3
Decorated Halloween Tree Lighted20032005Spooky Town5
Decorated Light Doghouse2010Christmas Time6
Decorated Skull Tree Large20042006Spooky Town0
Decorated Victorian Front Yard2012Caddington Village1
Decorated Yule Tree20052014Holidays7
Decorating For Halloween20122014Spooky Town0
Decorating Front Yard Tree20092013Holidays10
Decorating Our Town, set of 2 19941999Figurines0
Decorating Santa's Tree20012011Holidays0
Decorating The House20112019Harvest Crossing3
Decorating The New England Hearth20142023Caddington Village4
Decorating The Tree2017Gift Spice7
Decorating The Xmas Tree2014General Products3
Decorative Buckboard20042012Holidays4
Decorative Lamp Post20032004Holidays0
Decorative Lamp Posts19992003Holidays5
Decorative Maple Leaves20022014Holidays3
Decorative Moss19982015Holidays1
Decorative Mulch19982006Holidays0
Decorative Stone Brown Color19982012Holidays8
Decorative Stone Gray Color19982013Holidays5
Decorative Stone Silver Color19982012Holidays0
Decorative Vase20032004Holidays2
Deep Harbor Lighthouse20042006Holidays4
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Inc.20052008Plymouth Corners6
Deep Sea History20032008Holidays1
Deer At The Pond20002015Holidays9
Deer Blind20092013Holidays0
Deer Creek General Store20112016Holidays1
Deer Delights2021Gift Spice4
Deer Family2020Vail Village11
Deer Fountain2011Vail Village8
Deer On The Hoof1999General Products14
Deerfield Creek Trading Post20132017Vail Village9
Delaney & Sons Brewery20132015Holidays0
Delayed Delivery2016General Products7
Delicate Balance2016Spooky Town9
Delightful Dip Chocolate Shop2018Sugar n Spice5
Delivering Milk2017Harvest Crossing4
Delivery Bread Cart2019Caddington Village3
Della Robbia House 19981999Lighted House / Building0
Deluxe Arms Apartments2013Jukebox Junction3
Demon Den20092015Spooky Town0
Demons20082011Spooky Town1
Derby & Sons Brewing Co.2023Caddington Village5
Derby Square Inn19952001Harvest Crossing10
Dessert Table Set2016Gift Spice0
Destiny Terminal20142019Spooky Town0
Detour Through A Graveyard2010Spooky Town10
Devaney's Bakery2003Caddington Village7
Devonshire Arms Hotel19992002Holidays0
Dia De Los Muertos Vigil2019Spooky Town5
Dickens Couple2019Caddington Village6
Dickens Man 19911999Figurines32
Dickens Statue20142018General Products0
Dickensvale Photography19942001Holidays13
Dickensvale Signboard 19911996Figurines0
Digging Out The Doghouse20142018Vail Village5
Dilapidated Barn20152023Spooky Town8
Dinner at the Firehouse2010Coventry Cove2
Dinner's Ready!20052007Holidays0
Directing Traffic2013Caddington Village5
Dirk's Bikes2015Caddington Village0
Dividing The Loot20122014Spooky Town0
Dixieland Band20062015Holidays1
Dj Wolfman, Set Of 32017Spooky Town1
Do Not Disturb2018Spooky Town17
Dock Worker20012011Holidays22
Dockside Bait & Tackle20102012Holidays5
Doctor 19931999Figurines2
Doctor20052013Holidays Seasons0
Doctor's Carriage20112013Holidays0
Doctor's Commons 19911994Lighted House / Building3
Dodge Ball20062011Holidays4
Dog Gone Good!20142020Down to Business0
Dog House 19911999Figurines0
Dog House2020Gift Spice17
Dog House2021Gift Spice0
Dog House & Alsatian 19981999Figurines0
Dog House & Begging Beagle 19991999Figurines0
Dog House & Cocker Spaniel 19981999Figurines1
Dog House & Dalmatian 19981999Figurines3
Dog House & Poodle 19981999Figurines2
Dog House & St. Bernard 19981999Figurines1
Dog In Snow, Set Of 220152018Vail Village1
Dog Park20112014Holidays4
Dog Park Station2020General Products0
Dog Park Water Fountain2021General Products0
Dog Parking2021Caddington Village3
Dog Show Pageant20072011Holidays5
Dog Sled Derby20122015Holidays0
Dog Sledding Afternoon2021Vail Village1
Dog Snow Saucer Fun2022Vail Village0
Dog Walker20082013Holidays19
Dog Walking Agency2018Caddington Village0
Doggie Dress Up, Set Of 32015General Products5
Doggie Dress-Up20132015Spooky Town0
Doggie Express20072010Holidays1
Doggone Winter Fun2023Vail Village6
Dogs, Anyone20152019General Products0
Dogwood Tree20132014Holidays0
Doll Maker20082017Caddington Village4
Doll's Day Out20152018Caddington Village0
Dombey & Son 19911994Lighted House / Building1
Don't Forget These, Santa!2007Santa's Wonderland2
Donation Kiosk2015General Products0
Donation Santa20052008Holidays4
Donuts With Grandpa20162018General Products1
Doo Wop Christmas19992011Holidays0
Doomed Temple20092017Halloween0
Dora's Bed & Breakfast19992002Holidays2
Dorchester Dog Training Academy20052010Holidays2
Dots Donuts19992002Holidays2
Dottie's Flapjack House2020Vail Village0
Double Lichen-Covered Tree20102013Spooky Town0
Double Seated Bench, Set Of 22017General Products6
Double The Fun19972003Holidays5
Double The Fun20032015Vail Village0
Double Trouble2018Spooky Town5
Doug M. Upagain Funeral Home2010Spooky Town1
Douglas Fir Tree Extra Large20082011Holidays0
Douglas Fir Tree Large20082011Holidays1
Douglas Fir Tree Medium20082011Holidays1
Dover General Store And Newsstand2021Caddington Village1
Downhill Fun20052015Holidays8
Downhill Racer19962015Holidays1
Downhill Thrills20062018Caddington Village0
Downhill Thrills1998Holidays Seasons14
Downing House2007Carole Towne Collection1
Downtown Busker2023General Products5
Downtown District20002004Plymouth Corners1
Dr. Baxter Optician Ivan's Apothecary20002004Caddington Village1
Dr. Caswell's Residence 19951999Plymouth Corners2
Dr. Gloom N. Doom's Laboratory2013Spooky Town5
Dr. Gory's Laboratory2022Spooky Town5
Dr. Stretch N. Pull's Torture Factory20042009Spooky Town36
Dr. Tingle's Laboratory20002008Spooky Town26
Drac's Big Bite2017Spooky Town0
Dracula's Castle Sign20102013Spooky Town0
Draft Bros Home Brewing Supplies20182023Harvest Crossing1
Drag Race!20122015Jukebox Junction0
Dragon's Breath Costume Shop20002008Spooky Town39
Dragon's Lair20052009Spooky Town18
Dragon's Lair Potions & Spells2020Spooky Town4
Dreaded Zeppelin2010Spooky Town11
Dreadful Manor20082016Spooky Town12
Dreadful Oak Tree20132014Spooky Town0
Dressed For The Season20052007Holidays0
Dressing Mr. Snowman2003Caddington Village7
Drinking20032006Caddington Village12
Drug Store19982002Holidays11
Drum Corpse, Set Of 22013Spooky Town7
Drummer Boy20052008Holidays3
Drunken Ghoul20102014Spooky Town2
Dry Dock20062011Holidays0
Dry Gulch County Jail20092010Spooky Town6
Dry Gulch Hotel2007Spooky Town8
Dry Tree Medium19922005Holidays0
Dryden's Dry Cleaners20032006Holidays0
Duck Duck Goose2023Vail Village2
Duck Hunt20062020Carnival12
Duck Pond20012014Holidays38
Dudley's Donut Shop2019Gift Spice0
Dungeon20072012Spooky Town4
Dungeon Cart2023Halloween16
Dungeon Of Terror2023Halloween3
Dunkin' Booth20092014Holidays4
Dunton House20012004Harvest Crossing1
Dunton's Feed & Farm Supply20022004Harvest Crossing3
Durham Cathedral 19921996Lighted House / Building0
Dutch Cheese Festival And Farmers Market2022Caddington Village4
Dutch Mill Restaurant20022004Holidays0
Dying Birch Tree Large20112012Spooky Town0
Dying Birch Tree Medium20112012Spooky Town0
Dying Elm Tree Large20092012Spooky Town0
Dying Elm Tree with Skulls2009Michaels Exclusives6

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