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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
N. Wilkesboro Hardware2012Caddington Village0
Nancy's Christmas Boutique2021Caddington Village0
Nancy's Nurseries19982002Holidays1
Nanny2018Caddington Village3
Nanny Outing, Set Of 520152018Caddington Village0
Nanny Strolls In The Children's Park 4.5V20072013Holidays1
Napping Monster20072011Spooky Town0
Natalie's Nail Salon & Spa2014Caddington Village0
Nathaniel's Pharmacy2013Harvest Crossing0
National Museum 19921996Lighted House / Building1
Nativity Figurines, Set Of 81999General Products4
Nativity Scene20132013General Products1
Nativity Scene19992003Holidays1
Nativity Scene, Set of 252008Caddington Village22
Nativity Set Of 1119962003Holidays12
Nativity Set, set of 5 19921999Figurines13
Nativity, Set Of 1420032019General Products3
Nativity, Set Of 320132018General Products2
Natural History Museum20072016Caddington Village0
Naughty Or Nice Santa2019Santa's Wonderland8
Nautical Figurines19992012Plymouth Corners2
Navtivity Scene2013Coventry Cove0
Needham Community Church20032004Caddington Village0
Needle Pine Tree Large19942013Holidays1
Needle Pine Trees2018Enhancements6
Nefertiti's Ghost20092014Spooky Town0
Neighborhood Carolers20042011Holidays4
Neighborhood Dogsled Team20132020Vail Village0
Neighborhood Santas20122020Vail Village6
Neither Rain, Sleet or Snow 19981999Figurines0
Nelson's Photography20022004Caddington Village0
Nelson's Towing20172018Sears Exclusive Product0
Nemo's Deep Water Excursions20072014Plymouth Corners0
New Blue Top Post Office19952001Holidays0
New Bottles2016Kmart Exclusive0
New Coffins20142016Spooky Town2
New Doll For Christmas2016Caddington Village3
New Friends To Play With2015Vail Village6
New Gazebo19932005Holidays11
New Holiday Hats2018Caddington Village0
New Hope Parish Church2018Caddington Village0
New Lamp Bridge20012005Dickensvale13
New Majestic Christmas Tree2018Sights and Sounds3
New Parish Church19952002Holidays2
New Poinsettias20042011Holidays1
New Point Lighthouse19992002Holidays1
New Puppies2019General Products0
New Skates20052007Holidays0
New Skeleton Gazebo2017Spooky Town3
New Skis20142019Vail Village1
New Tattoo2015Coventry Cove0
New Trick Or Treaters, Set Of 32015Spooky Town3
Newgate Chapel19992004Caddington Village1
Newlyweds20072010Santa's Wonderland4
News Stand 19911997Figurines5
Newspaper Box20062015Holidays10
Newspaper Delivery Boy 19981999Figurines1
Newspaper Vendor 19931999Figurines2
Next Time Have Delivered20032014Caddington Village2
Nick's Toy Shop2002Carole Towne Collection1
Night At The Theater20032006Holidays1
Night Mayor2015Spooky Town3
Night Shade Garden Cart2015Spooky Town3
Night Time Campfire2018Vail Village0
Night Watchman20072009Spooky Town4
Nightmare On Oak St.20072015Spooky Town1
Nighttime Patrol2011Caddington Village7
No Littering, Set Of 22011General Products2
Noah's Ark Toys2016Caddington Village0
Noah's Pet Shop19992003Holidays0
Nocturnal Nuptials20102015Spooky Town0
Noel's Christmas Shop20092013Holidays1
Noel's Christmas Shoppe2016Michaels Exclusives3
Nor Dead Of Night2014Spooky Town7
Noras Christmas Boutique2018Caddington Village1
Norma's Millinery20042008Caddington Village0
Norman's Shoemaker Workshop20122016Caddington Village1
Normandy Cottage2016Caddington Village0
Normandy Inn2009Carole Towne Collection3
Norsk Cafe2014Menards Exclusive0
North Harbor Fire Station20042005Holidays0
North Hill Antique19992003Holidays3
North Point Lighthouse20072014Plymouth Corners0
North Pole Christmas20072010Santa's Wonderland1
North Pole Christmas Tree20062011Holidays2
North Pole Cowboys20072010Santa's Wonderland3
North Pole Doll Works20022005Holidays0
North Pole Hot Springs2017Gift Spice2
North Pole Ice Follies2016Santa's Wonderland7
North Pole Mail Room2021Santa's Wonderland0
North Pole Nursery2020Santa's Wonderland4
North Pole Observatory2016Santa's Wonderland3
North Pole Or Bust20152020Vail Village0
North Pole Park Bench20062008Holidays0
North Pole Phone Booth20062010Holidays1
North Pole Railway2017Michaels Exclusives3
North Pole Sign 19931994Figurines1
North Pole Signs2018Santa's Wonderland5
North Pole Signs, Set Of 22006Santa's Wonderland3
North Pole Skaters20072012Santa's Wonderland0
North Pole Skating Rink2021Santa's Wonderland0
North Pole Ski Rack20062011Holidays3
North Pole Sleigh Ride2020Santa's Wonderland2
North Pole Snowcones20172018Sears Exclusive Product3
North Pole Tower2018Michaels Exclusives17
North Pole Toy Works20062010Santa's Wonderland0
North Pole Travel20072010Santa's Wonderland5
Northern Delights Bakery20062010Santa's Wonderland3
Northern Lights Weather Center20012005Holidays0
Norwich Police Station2019Caddington Village0
Nosey Squirrels20002015Holidays2
Not The Best Skier19982006Holidays0
Not-So-Nice Manor20052007Sugar n Spice1
Nottingham Cathedral 19931999Caddington Village3
Nurse20052014Holidays Seasons1
Nursery School20082012Plymouth Corners0
Nursery Stroll2020Spooky Town0
Nutcracker & Wood Toy Carve2017Caddington Village0
Nutcracker Inn20092011Holidays0
Nutcracker Suite, Set Of 720102018Caddington Village1

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