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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
V8 Service Plaza2019Plymouth Corners2
Vail Kiosk20092015Vail Village0
Vail Plaza20042009Vail Village0
Vail Ski & Skate Shop2014Vail Village0
Vail Village Chalet19972002Holidays2
Vail Village Welcome20082011Vail Village1
Vail Weather & Rescue Station2013Vail Village0
Vail Youth Center20092014Holidays2
Valley School House20042006Harvest Crossing2
Valley View Church2002Coventry Cove0
Valley Vineyard20082014Harvest Crossing0
Valley Vineyard Merlot Grapes20092015Holidays0
Valley Vineyard Ruby Grapes20092011Holidays0
Valley Winery Cheese Shop2015Caddington Village0
Vals Vitamins & Health Food Store2018Harvest Crossing0
Vampire20072018Spooky Town20
Vampire & Bats20072012Spooky Town0
Vampire And Zombie20002008Spooky Town9
Vampire Bat Aviary20112019Spooky Town1
Vampire Blood Run2016Spooky Town7
Vampire Castle20072015Spooky Town3
Vampire Caverns20092020Spooky Town4
Vampire Condos20102015Spooky Town0
Vampire Hotrod20102013Spooky Town0
Vampire Hunter20072013Spooky Town7
Vampire In Casket20022008Spooky Town18
Vampire Slayer2009Spooky Town0
Vampire Tree20072013Spooky Town2
Vampire Wakes The Undead20082012Spooky Town3
Vampire's Bite20082010Spooky Town0
Vanderbilt Art Gallery2011Caddington Village0
Vandermeire Art Gallery2009Coventry Cove1
Vanilla Oak Large20042007Sugar n Spice1
Vanilla Oak Medium20042007Sugar n Spice0
Vegetable Vendor20142018Caddington Village0
Veronica's Bridal20082016Holidays0
Vertical Mountain Climbers2022Vail Village0
Very Old Couple20052009Spooky Town2
Vicki's Cattery20102016Spooky Town2
Victor's Book Nook19992004Holidays1
Victor's Pianos20032006Caddington Village0
Victoria Park Gateway2018Caddington Village1
Victoria Street Station2006Carole Towne Collection1
Victoria's Millinery 19951996Lighted House / Building1
Victorian Carols2019Caddington Village25
Victorian Christmas Shoppe20082013Caddington Village3
Victorian Dairy Farmer2021Caddington Village2
Victorian Flyer Ferris Wheel20142019Caddington Village13
Victorian Footbridge2018Caddington Village5
Victorian Gazebo19962005Holidays29
Victorian Greenhouse20132017Caddington Village0
Victorian Greenhouse2018Caddington Village0
Victorian Hot Air Balloon2022Caddington Village0
Victorian House20002004Plymouth Corners0
Victorian House 19911994Lighted House / Building12
Victorian Ice Merry Go Round2014Caddington Village3
Victorian Mailboxes, Set Of 22011Caddington Village9
Victorian Milk Wagon20102013Holidays0
Victorian Outhouse2017Caddington Village2
Victorian Park Gazebo2018Caddington Village3
Victorian Skaters2019Caddington Village3
Victorian Sled20082013Holidays4
Victorian Sleigh2022Caddington Village0
Victorian Sleigh Ride2020Caddington Village0
Victorian Snowman20162019Caddington Village3
Victorian Street Lamp20032006Holidays13
Victorian Toboggan Ride2021Caddington Village3
Victorian Wishing Well2019Caddington Village1
Victory Theater2015Caddington Village0
Village Alphorn Maker2013Vail Village0
Village Apothecary20132019Caddington Village0
Village Apothecary2008Coventry Cove0
Village Bethlehem2016General Products0
Village Bethlehem With Background2016General Products0
Village Birdbath2006General Products6
Village Carriage Shop20072010Caddington Village4
Village Chimney Sweep2009Coventry Cove9
Village Chocolatier20082012Caddington Village9
Village Church2001Worship and Praise0
Village Church 19911993Lighted House / Building0
Village Church2001Harvest Crossing0
Village Church, Set Of 101999Village Collection0
Village Clock Tower20062012Caddington Village7
Village Coal Dealer20002004Caddington Village1
Village Cobbler2014Lighted House / Building5
Village Cobbler2008Coventry Cove1
Village Confections Shoppe20092014Holidays1
Village Corner Market20122015Holidays0
Village Crossing Depot, Set Of 22010Caddington Village12
Village Dairy Farm20052008Harvest Crossing5
Village Delicatessen20142015Holidays2
Village Firehouse No. 120062010Caddington Village0
Village Fish & Ed's Butcher Shop20102015Plymouth Corners0
Village Florist19992003Holidays4
Village Garden Shoppe20092016Holidays0
Village General Store20042006Holidays5
Village Hardware & Woodshop20112015Harvest Crossing0
Village Hardware Co.20082009Vail Village8
Village Heroes20052012Holidays4
Village Library2022Caddington Village1
Village Livery20082013Caddington Village1
Village Mill19952003Holidays6
Village Minister20072011Holidays2
Village Mountain1998General Products5
Village Music Store20042011Holidays0
Village Park Gazebo20062013Holidays11
Village People Figurines, Set Of 61999Caddington Village20
Village Pet Clinic20172020Caddington Village0
Village Post Office20032006Plymouth Corners4
Village Post Office20062008Caddington Village0
Village Post Office2018Caddington Village0
Village Produce Market2010Coventry Cove0
Village School19952001Harvest Crossing0
Village School19992004Holidays Seasons7
Village Shops2004Caddington Village12
Village Sign20062015Holidays0
Village Sign Shop20032006Caddington Village2
Village Signs, Set Of 42016General Products6
Village Skating Pond With Sound, Set Of 182010Vail Village5
Village Town Hall20042008Caddington Village3
Village Town Hall2018Caddington Village2
Village Train W/Round Tracks19982012Holidays7
Village Tree2019General Products390
Village Troubadours20062010Holidays1
Village Undertaker, Set Of 92012Spooky Town0
Village View Train Station20042007Caddington Village0
Village Volunteers2000Harvest Crossing12
Village Waterfall19982007Holidays7
Village Wharf 19951999Caddington Village2
Village Wine & Beer Garden20162020Caddington Village0
Vincent's Art Gallery20072009Caddington Village0
Vine Maple Large20012004Spooky Town0
Vine Maple Large20012005Spooky Town0
Vine Maple Medium20012004Spooky Town0
Vine Maple Medium20012005Spooky Town0
Vintage Bicycle Set Of 22014Caddington Village1
Vintage Gas Station20142016Jukebox Junction2
Vintage Grind Coffee Company2017Caddington Village9
Vintage Jolly Holiday Shopper20122018Caddington Village0
Vintage Shopping Spree2020Caddington Village0
Vintage Tree Lot20072009Holidays3
Vintage Truck20182019Summer Americana4
Violet Vendor2016Caddington Village0
Violin Girl 19931999Figurines0
Violin Man 19911999Figurines0
Virgil's Smoke House20032005Holidays2
Visiting Santa Claus 19921999Figurines6
Visiting Santa, Set Of 32006Caddington Village6
Vivienne's Children's Clothes2016Caddington Village1
Vogel's Produce & Dry Goods20022004Harvest Crossing11
Vulture20052009Spooky Town17

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