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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
S & H Green Stamps Store20072014Harvest Crossing00
S & R Hardware20082012Caddington Village40
S'more Family Fun2020Vail Village00
S. S. Merrymaker20062011Holidays00
S.S. Islander20022008Plymouth Corners11
S.S. Specter20112019Spooky Town00
Saddle for Sale2011Coventry Cove10
Safari Rides20082010Carnival00
Sailor2017General Products10
Sailors Point Lighthouse20032006Plymouth Corners20
Saintly Sculpture19982006Holidays00
Sal's Shoes & Repairs2013Caddington Village00
Sally's Salt Water Taffy2018Plymouth Corners20
Salty Bob's20032006Holidays00
Salty The Tug Boat20092013Holidays00
Salty's Shell Shack20032008Plymouth Corners20
Salvatore's Pizzeria2017Kmart Exclusive00
Sam's Place Sports Bar2016Kmart Exclusive00
Sam's Scooter Shop2020Harvest Crossing00
Sampson Residence19972002Holidays50
Samuel Howe, MD 19911998Lighted House / Building00
Samuel's Hardware20102015Harvest Crossing10
Sand Display Mat20022014Holidays00
Sand Dune Snowman20112014Holidays00
Sandwich Board2015General Products10
Sandwich Board Man2014Caddington Village50
Sandy Shoal Lighthouse B/ O20032012Holidays00
Sandy Shoals Lighthouse19962002Holidays10
Sandy's Sweet Shop2001Members Only00
Santa Air20002008Santa's Wonderland20
Santa And Kittens, Set Of 220121999Vail Village70
Santa Carousel2014Carnival120
Santa Claus2005Santa's Wonderland70
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town20032005Holidays10
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Set Of 42005Santa's Wonderland190
Santa Feeds Reindeer, Set Of 42005Santa's Wonderland20
Santa Float20092015Holidays00
Santa Hat Street Lamp, Set Of 42006Santa's Wonderland30
Santa Lane Trailer2014Coventry Cove00
Santa Ringing Bell 19911999Figurines10
Santa Sculpture20072011Holidays10
Santa Seesaws20162020General Products50
Santa Skier2015Santa's Wonderland50
Santa Street Lamp, Set Of 22016Santa's Wonderland40
Santa Swing2012Santa's Wonderland40
Santa Takes A Break2016Vail Village30
Santa Takes a Guess 19981999Figurines20
Santa Unmasked20062013Holidays40
Santa with Sled 19921999Figurines60
Santa's Animal Rescue20072012Santa's Wonderland00
Santa's Bench20062011Holidays131
Santa's Cabin2013Vail Village60
Santa's Cable Car2016Santa's Wonderland80
Santa's Display Platform20062015Holidays00
Santa's Express, set of 3 19931999Figurines50
Santa's Footbridge20062011Holidays00
Santa's Gift For Billy19992006Holidays81
Santa's House20062010Santa's Wonderland181
Santa's Kiddie Train20132013General Products90
Santa's Little Helpers20062011Holidays10
Santa's Lodge19932002Holidays00
Santa's Mailbox2016General Products100
Santa's Mailbox2006Holidays Seasons10
Santa's Merry Makers20062012Santa's Wonderland10
Santa's New Suit20062011Santa's Wonderland20
Santa's Pets2016General Products10
Santa's Post Office20062008Santa's Wonderland00
Santa's Ride2013Caddington Village20
Santa's Sleigh20052013Holidays50
Santa's Sleigh2015Santa's Wonderland20
Santa's Sleigh19992005Holidays Seasons10
Santa's Sleigh Bound19952001Holidays60
Santa's Sleigh Maintenance Depot20072011Santa's Wonderland00
Santa's Sleigh Station20002008Santa's Wonderland20
Santa's Sleighride20042007Sugar n Spice40
Santa's Sleighride20172019Gift Spice20
Santa's St. Signs2017Gift Spice30
Santa's Storytime Cottage2012Caddington Village00
Santa's Swing20072013Santa's Wonderland20
Santa's Truck, Set Of 22015Santa's Wonderland30
Santa's Wagon Ride20132019Vail Village30
Santa's Wardrobe20062011Holidays00
Santa's Wonderland2006Santa's Wonderland270
Santa's Wonderland Figurines19992006Holidays10
Santa's Workshop19932002Holidays100
Santa's Workshop1993Santa's Wonderland110
Santas Gift For Billy1997Memory Makers10
Sara's Spice Shop2018Caddington Village00
Saucer Fun20082016Holidays00
Saucers in the Snow, set of 3 19941999Figurines130
Saving The Day2014General Products00
Saving The Snowman19992006Holidays10
Saving the Snowman 19981999Figurines10
Sawyer's Saw Mill20022004Harvest Crossing01
Scarecrow Lane20052013Autumn Harvest10
Scariest Halloween House20132019Spooky Town40
Scaring Trick Or Treaters, Set Of 22015Spooky Town10
Scarlet's Shoe Boutique2012Coventry Cove10
Scary Acres Cemetery20102014Spooky Town40
Scary Candy2014Spooky Town20
Scary Lamp Post20142016Spooky Town30
Scary Luggage2014Spooky Town30
Scary Mailbox20102015Spooky Town00
Scary Moonlit Tree20122015Spooky Town10
Scary Road Signs2016Spooky Town110
Scary Road Signs2020Spooky Town10
Scary Signs20082015Spooky Town100
Scary Stories20102014Spooky Town10
Scary Story20052006Spooky Town10
Scary Toy Maker2020Spooky Town00
Scary Tree Large20032004Spooky Town00
Scary Tree Medium20032004Spooky Town00
Scary Wheelbarrow2015Spooky Town30
Scary-Go-Round2014Spooky Town90
Scenic Sleighride2007General Products40
School 19911993Lighted House / Building340
School Bus20072015Holidays10
School Children Running 19961999Figurines60
School Day20062012Holidays00
School Gingerbread Fest20152019Caddington Village10
School Kids20072011Holidays40
School Marm20072015Holidays00
School Teacher20052010Holidays20
School's Out!20132015Holidays00
Schooner Point Lighthouse20052012Plymouth Corners10
Scooter Ride20122019Jukebox Junction10
Scotch Pine Tree Extra Large2010Enhancements00
Scotch Pine Tree Large20102013Holidays00
Scotch Pine Tree Medium20102013Holidays00
Scrooge's Manor2017Caddington Village40
Scrub Woman19992011Holidays00
Scurvy Dog20072015Spooky Town50
Sea Captain Statue20082011Plymouth Corners00
Sea Creature Hunt20072010Spooky Town00
Sea Lion Resort20032013Holidays10
Sea Spray Sailing School2018Plymouth Corners20
Sea-Leg Sam19992011Plymouth Corners20
Seaboard Train Station20042006Holidays20
Seagull Cove Bed & Breakfast20102013Holidays10
Seal Harbor Lighthouse20072012Plymouth Corners10
Seal Point Lighthouse2009Plymouth Corners90
Seaman Monument20042006Holidays00
Seamstress 19911994Lighted House / Building20
Seaport Village Church20022006Holidays10
Seashore Pastime20072011Holidays50
Seaside Christmas2017Christmas & Holiday50
Seaside Cottage20042005Holidays10
Seaside Fish & Seafood Market2014Plymouth Corners00
Seaside Shipping & Freight Co.20012004Plymouth Corners10
Season's Greetings Christmas Card Shop20132020Caddington Village20
Seawind Cottage2019Plymouth Corners00
See Saw Sensation20112015Spooky Town00
See-Saw20122020Vail Village40
See-Saw Fun20052008Holidays30
Seed Bags20112014Holidays00
Seesaw Fun20072014Holidays00
Selling Christmas Greens19992003Holidays00
Serenading The Dead2018Spooky Town50
Serpent's Lair Tree20092012Spooky Town10
Service Pumps, Set Of 22004General Products50
Service With A Smile2015General Products10
Setting Up For The Season, Set Of 32010Santa's Wonderland00
Shady Grove Inn & Retreat2018Caddington Village20
Shady Hollow Funeral Parlor20002006Spooky Town00
Shake And Shimmy, Set Of 32017Jukebox Junction10
Shake Chalet20172019Plymouth Corners10
Shakespeare Inn20022006Caddington Village10
Shaped Bristle Tree Large19932007Holidays00
Shaped Bristle Tree Medium19932007Holidays00
Shaped Bristle Tree Small19932007Holidays00
Sharing2017Harvest Crossing70
Sharing Cotton Candy20102015Holidays40
Sharing Cotton Candy2019Carnival10
Sharing Ice-cream2006General Products00
Sharp-Dressed Snowman, Set Of 22015Vail Village00
She Said Yes2017General Products20
She Sells Sea Shells Gift Shop2019Plymouth Corners10
She's Not Heavy She's My Sister20022007Spooky Town40
Shell Beach Aquarium20062013Plymouth Corners10
Shell Beach Lighthouse B&b2017Plymouth Corners00
Shell Cove Cottage20112016Plymouth Corners00
Shelter Cove Boat Rentals and O'Hara's Bait20022004Holidays00
Shelter From The Snow20002013Figurines00
Shep's Ship Shape Gym20062008Plymouth Corners00
Shepherd Of The Village Church20042007Caddington Village00
Shhh! They'Ll Hear Us20002006Spooky Town00
Shimmering Bristle Tree Medium20002005Holidays00
Shimmering Bristle Tree Small20002005Holidays40
Shimmering Flashing Christmas Tree20032005Holidays00
Shimmering Hedgerow20002005Holidays50
Shimmering Oak Clear Large19992007Holidays10
Shimmering Oak Clear Medium19992007Holidays00
Shimmering Oak Multi Large19992007Holidays10
Shimmering Oak Multi Medium19992007Holidays00
Shimmering Spruce Clear Extra Large19992005Holidays20
Shimmering Spruce Clear Large19992005Holidays00
Shimmering Spruce Clear Medium19992005Holidays00
Shimmering Spruce Multi19992005Holidays70
Shimmering Spruce Multi Extra Large19992005Holidays00
Shimmering Spruce Multi Large19992005Holidays00
Shimmering Spruce Multi Medium19992005Holidays10
Shine Those Boots20042011Holidays60
Shiny New Bike20062011Holidays10
Ship To Shore Shoe Store Engraver20022004Holidays00
Shoal Bay Yacht Club20062010Plymouth Corners10

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