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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
C'mon Bessy 19981999Figurines0
Cabin Canteen2019Vail Village3
Cabot's Mansion19952002Holidays0
Cactus Jack's Western Steakhouse2012Coventry Cove0
Caddington Ball20092013Holidays0
Caddington Ballet Academy20132016Caddington Village1
Caddington Candies2013Caddington Village0
Caddington Clock & Watch Co.20092013Holidays0
Caddington Conservatory Gardens2022Caddington Village0
Caddington Fire Brigade2019Caddington Village3
Caddington Post2019Caddington Village4
Caddington Toll Bridge20122015Holidays0
Caddington Village Inn19982002Caddington Village1
Caddington Visitor Center2017Caddington Village1
Cadieux Bakery20142018Caddington Village1
Cafe Latta2007Carole Towne Collection5
Cafe Society2020Caddington Village6
Caged Monster2004Spooky Town10
Calaveras Couple2019Spooky Town4
Caldwell Cottage2010Harvest Crossing1
Camden Police Station 19911994Lighted House / Building0
Camel20082011Spooky Town3
Camp Fire2011Vail Village3
Camper Christmastime20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Campfire Cookies2018Sugar n Spice0
Campfire Fondue20132013Vail Village0
Campfire Music2015Vail Village0
Campfire Stories2002Carole Towne Collection1
Camping Couples2020Vail Village1
Camping Hammock Buddy2022Vail Village0
Camping Tent20072016Vail Village4
Can I Buy You A Soda?20132015Holidays0
Can I Have Some Too, Set Of 22017General Products0
Can'T Wait Till Christmas19992011Holidays6
Canadian Flag Pole20032015Holidays2
Canal Fence Set Of 42014Caddington Village0
Canal Houseboat20142018Caddington Village1
Canal Wall2020General Products1
Candied Pine Tree Large20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candied Pine Tree Medium20042007Sugar n Spice1
Candied Pine Tree Small20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candle Dipping Fun20032011Caddington Village2
Candlelight Choir Boys20042010Holidays2
Candlers Coaching Inn2018Caddington Village0
Candy Apple Cart, Set Of 52022Spooky Town0
Candy Apple Stand20082014Carnival1
Candy Cane Copper20082012Holidays1
Candy Cane Gazebo20042007Sugar n Spice1
Candy Cane Kitchen1998Caddington Village3
Candy Cane Lane20032005Holidays5
Candy Cane Lane, Curved2016Gift Spice1
Candy Cane Lane, Straight2016Gift Spice0
Candy Cane Skier2016Gift Spice1
Candy Cane Street Lamp20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Cane Topiary20062007Holidays0
Candy Carousel20052007Sugar n Spice2
Candy Chapel20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Corn Hedge20052007Sugar n Spice1
Candy Corn Lamp Post20052007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Corn Road20052007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Covered Bridge20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Cruisers2020Spooky Town2
Candy Hunters, Set Of 220172018General Products1
Candy Kitchen 19981999Caddington Village0
Candy Phone20042007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Pumpkin Patch20052007Sugar n Spice0
Candy Thief20162014Spooky Town0
Candy Thief2016Spooky Town17
Candy Thief2016Spooky Town1
Candymint Gumdrop Fence20042007Sugar n Spice0
Canine Confusion19982005Holidays1
Canine Contrarian20142018General Products0
Canine Holiday Sweater Contest2021Caddington Village11
Cannery Truck20082013Holidays0
Cannon20072012Spooky Town4
Canoe Catch2015Plymouth Corners2
Canoe Excursion20092012Holidays0
Canterbury Farms Eggnog Factory2016Harvest Crossing5
Cap'N Bob19992012Holidays3
Cape Anne Lighthouse19982002Holidays0
Cape Cod Home2006Carole Towne Collection1
Cape Cottage19992004Holidays1
Cape Estate20042009Plymouth Corners2
Cape Hope Lighthouse20102015Plymouth Corners0
Cape Liberty Light House2005Carole Towne Collection1
Cape Margaret Lighthouse20002003Plymouth Corners1
Cape Mccoy Lighthouse20012004Plymouth Corners1
Capt. Jake's Tattoos20092012Holidays0
Captain And His First Mate19992003Holidays7
Captain Andrew's Residence20072015Plymouth Corners1
Captain Jack's Chowder House2012Plymouth Corners0
Captain Jack's House20032006Holidays0
Capturing The Christmas Tree20062015Holidays2
Capturing the Christmas Tree, set of 22011Coventry Cove0
Cardiff Academy19921998Plymouth Corners0
Cardinal Cafe2020Vail Village1
Caribou Hotel20122014Holidays0
Carl's Auto Body & Paint2016Jukebox Junction0
Carl's Barber Shop2005Coventry Cove5
Carl's Cabin20142019Homes and Structures0
Carlof's Costumes & Masks20072010Spooky Town2
Carlton Residence2012Vail Village1
Carmans Gas Station19992002Holidays0
Carnegie Stables20112014Holidays3
Carnival Amusements20062013Carnival1
Carnival Billboard20082014Carnival2
Carnival Bottle Ring GameCarnival1
Carnival Corn Stand20082010Carnival4
Carnival Entryway20062016Carnival10
Carnival Flags20082013Carnival0
Carnival Kiosks20042012Carnival7
Carnival Krazy Cans GameCarnival0
Carnival Lemonade Stand20082014Carnival0
Carnival Of Carnage2021Spooky Town25
Carnival Quack Attack GameCarnival0
Carnival Sign20082014Carnival1
Carnival Snack Shack20082016Harvest Crossing0
Carnival Ticket Booth With Figurines, Set Of 520062019Carnival0
Carnivorous Plants20102013Spooky Town2
Carol's Christmas Corner2013Vail Village5
Carole Towne Bus2006Carole Towne Collection1
Carole Towne Dairy2002Carole Towne Collection10
Carole Towne Fire Department2013Carole Towne Collection1
Carole Towne GentlemenCarole Towne Collection1
Carole Towne LadiesCarole Towne Collection1
Caroler Man20052013Holidays5
Caroler Woman20052013Holidays6
Carolers Quartet, Set Of 220052019Caddington Village2
Caroling Grandpa20052015Holidays2
Caroller Beside a Lamp Post 19941999Figurines0
Caroller Man19992005Holidays4
Caroller Woman19992005Holidays5
Carollers 19911999Figurines6
Carollers Quartet19992005Holidays2
Carollers Trio 19941999Figurines9
Carolling Granddaddy19992005Holidays12
Carolling Man Originally sold as set #52123 19961999Figurines0
Carolling on the Common 19931999Figurines9
Carolling Quartet 19941999Figurines7
Carolling With Granddaddy1997Memory Makers5
Carolling with Violinist 19951999Figurines5
Carolling Woman Originally sold as set #5212319961999Figurines0
Carols For Christmas2012Caddington Village1
Carolyn's Nursery20062012Caddington Village0
Carpooling20092015Spooky Town6
Carriage And Wagon Dealer19992003Holidays1
Carriage Cheer2021General Products1
Carriage For Two2007General Products5
Carriage House19992003Holidays0
Carriage Ride20102013Holidays8
Carriage Sled20002014Holidays5
Carrington Cathedral20092019Caddington Village2
Carrington House20082012Caddington Village1
Carry Bike2016Caddington Village3
Carrying Coal20012006Holidays0
Carrying Corn 19961999Figurines0
Carrying Flour20062014Holidays0
Carrying Milk20002012Figurines0
Carrying Milk 19961999Figurines4
Carrying Trees 19921999Figurines1
Carrying Wood 19971999Figurines7
Carving A Sign20032005Holidays4
Cascading Icicle Tree20132020General Products0
Casey's Point2002Carole Towne Collection0
Casey’s General Store2022Harvest Crossing0
Casino Figurine2019Spooky Town4
Cassandra's Cakery2019Spooky Town2
Cassie's Couture2021Caddington Village1
Castle On Spooky Hill20022006Spooky Town13
Cat And Pumpkin2022Spooky Town1
Cat Nap2014Vail Village7
Catch A Ride Elf20032010Holidays0
Catch Of The Day20012011Holidays1
Catch The Train20062014Holidays6
Catching Air20121999Vail Village1
Cathedral Of Eternal Light2022Caddington Village0
Cathedral Of The Sacred Heart20072012Caddington Village1
Cats And Mice20052007Sugar n Spice2
Caught From Behind20022006Holidays1
Cauldron Broom Holder2017Spooky Town1
Cauldron Corn20122018Halloween1
Caution Sign20082014Spooky Town3
Cave Monster20092014Spooky Town0
Cave Of Blood20052006Spooky Town0
Cave Of Skulls2013Spooky Town9
Cave Sweet Cave2015Spooky Town11
Cecil's Cider Mill20002005Holidays2
Cedar Cabin20012005Holidays2
Cedar Creek Church2013Caddington Village0
Cedar Creek Inn 19991999Caddington Village2
Cedar Creek Outfitters20102015Vail Village4
Cedar Crest Fellowship Church2020Caddington Village0
Cedar Falls Grist Mill2018Harvest Crossing0
Cedar Valley Christmas Choir20102016Holidays3
Cedar Valley Church2006Caddington Village0
Cedar Valley Winery2012Harvest Crossing1
Celebrating The Season19992005Holidays1
Cemetery Capers20042007Spooky Town7
Cemetery Gate20042009Spooky Town3
Cemetery Gate20042015Spooky Town58
Cemetery Gate2017Spooky Town3
Cemetery Oak Tree20102013Spooky Town1
Cemetery Tour Bus2013Spooky Town0
Cemetery Tree Medium20092013Spooky Town0
Center City Police Station20042012Caddington Village1
Centre Stage Playhouse2012Caddington Village0
Century High School2016Caddington Village0
Ceramic Art20112015Holidays2
Chadwell Chapel20042005Caddington Village0
Chain Gang, Set Of 22014Spooky Town1
Chains2021Spooky Town23
Chains Required20022011Holidays2
Chainsaw's Lumber Yard2009Spooky Town9
Chair Repair20032011Caddington Village4
Chamberlain House19962002Holidays3
Champ's Sporting Goods2020Caddington Village0
Chan's Chinese Antiques2009Caddington Village0
Chandler's Music Shop20052006Harvest Crossing2
Chapel By The Sea20052006Holidays0
Chapel In The Meadow19952002Holidays0
Chapel Of Everlasting Life2021Caddington Village1
Chapman Residence20102013Holidays1
Chapman Toy Shop20122016Caddington Village0
Chariot20082015Spooky Town1
Charitable Santa20022006Holidays2
Charley The Vet2018Figurines2
Charley's Checkup20152019General Products0
Charlotte's Dressmaking Shop20002003Caddington Village0
Charlotte's Flower Shop2003Coventry Cove1
Charting A Course20072011Santa's Wonderland2
Chasing Multi Light Spruce Tree, Large2017General Products4

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