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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Mac Evoy's Pianos20002005Caddington Village30
Mad Scientist20132015Spooky Town10
Madam Ashbury's House Of Wax20032006Spooky Town50
Madam Fancy20062011Figurines30
Madam Luna's Psychic Readings2017Kmart Exclusive10
Madame Adventurer20102013Spooky Town00
Madame Viola's Tent20082013Carnival00
Maddie's Candy ShopCoventry Cove20
Madge's Beauty Parlor20122016Jukebox Junction00
Madison Residence2012Coventry Cove20
Madonna And Child20062015Holidays00
Magical Potion20082012Spooky Town30
Magistrate20022007Caddington Village00
Magnolia Couture2018Caddington Village10
Magnolia Extra Large20012005Holidays00
Magnolia Large20012011Holidays00
Magnolia Medium20012005Holidays00
Magnolia Small20012011Holidays00
Magriet's Flowers2014Caddington Village10
Maid Service20032011Holidays00
Maiden Voyage20032008Holidays30
Mail Carriage20042012Victorian Classics00
Mail Delivery Cycle20121999General Products10
Mail Elf20062012Holidays30
Mailbox Decorating2014Coventry Cove00
Mailbox Tableau20072014Holidays50
Mailbox Teamwork Set Of 32014General Products20
Mailbox Two Trees20032008Holidays10
Mailing Frenzy2018Figurines00
Main Junction Station20062011Caddington Village10
Main Line Station2005Coventry Cove10
Main St. Barber Shop20022004Holidays00
Main Street Books & Coffee Shop20092013Holidays00
Main Terminal Train Station2017Caddington Village91
Majestic Peak Observatory20052008Holidays00
Make Way20072019General Products10
Making A Friend20062019Vail Village10
Making A Friend2006Winter Fun20
Making A Scarecrow20052008Autumn Harvest10
Making Friends20042007Sugar n Spice10
Making House Calls20102011Spooky Town00
Making Memories 19981999Figurines30
Mallard Bay Cabin2012Vail Village30
Malvey's Dairy2018Carole Towne Collection10
Mama Bear And Cubs20002014Holidays30
Mama's Cocina20072015Harvest Crossing10
Man On BikeCarole Towne Collection10
Man Playing Violin 19941999Figurines00
Man Walking Dog 19911999Figurines20
Man with Presents 19941999Figurines00
Man with Saxophone 19941999Figurines00
Manchester House 19951998Plymouth Corners00
Manchester Museum of Fine Art 1999Lighted House / Building00
Manly Mountaineers20112014Holidays00
Mansfield Grocery19952002Dickensvale40
Maple Creek Farms20102016Harvest Crossing00
Maple Grove Sugar Shack2005Vail Village20
Maple Hill Farm20142018Harvest Crossing00
Maple Season 19971999Figurines20
Maple Syrup Season2020Harvest Crossing00
Maple Syrup Sled, Set Of 32000Harvest Crossing00
Maple Syrup Time20092013Holidays00
Maple Tree Extra Large19992015Holidays20
Maple Tree Large19992004Holidays20
Maple Tree Medium19992004Holidays40
Marcel's Cooking School20112015Caddington Village40
Marcels Macaroons2018Caddington Village00
Marcescent Tree, Large2016General Products00
Marcescent Tree, Small2016General Products00
Marching Band, set of 10 19931999Figurines20
Marie's French Bakery2017Caddington Village00
Marie's Nail Salon2010Plymouth Corners00
Marilou's Preserves20032008Harvest Crossing20
Mariner Town Hall20042006Holidays00
Mariner's Seaside Chapel20032005Plymouth Corners00
Mario's Ristorante 19931998Vail Village10
Maritime & Lighthouse Museum20012004Plymouth Corners20
Market Place1997Members Only30
Market Square Christmas Celebration2013Caddington Village00
Market Worker2013Caddington Village20
Marston Manor20042006Holidays00
Martin's Manor2006Carole Towne Collection20
Mary's Nursery2014Coventry Cove20
Mary's Pet Bakery2019Sears Exclusive Product10
Masquerade Ball, Set Of 220132020Spooky Town00
Mausoleum Vacancy2013Spooky Town50
Max's Gym19982002Holidays10
May Street Station20092013Holidays00
May's Tea House20062009Holidays10
Maybridge Public Library2018Kmart Exclusive00
Mayor2011Coventry Cove10
Mayor's Residence2011Coventry Cove10
Mayville Gazette2007Menards Exclusive50
Mcbroom's Produce20122015Holidays00
McGrath Residence2013Harvest Crossing10
McIntosh Cider Press20122016Harvest Crossing00
McMann's Florist2015Harvest Crossing00
Meadowbrook Stable20122015Harvest Crossing00
Meadowlark Farm2011Harvest Crossing00
Medford Glass Blowers20082013Caddington Village20
Medium Ski Mountain Backdrop1999Vail Village30
Medium Village Display Platform1998General Products40
Medium Village Mountain Backdrop1998General Products110
Meeting the Performer2011Coventry Cove00
Melinda's Scone & Tea Shop20102015Holidays50
Melted Perfection2016Michaels Exclusives120
Memorial Library19992002Holidays00
Memory Lane2014Caddington Village00
Men Of Carole TowneCarole Towne Collection00
Menard Cashway Lumber2005Harvest Crossing20
Menard MillMenards Exclusive30
Menards Saw Mill2020Menards Exclusive00
Mending Fences20112013Holidays10
Mending Nets20012011Holidays00
Meringue Manor2016Gift Spice00
Merlin's Tattoo Parlor2005Enchanted Forest00
Merry Carolers20062010Holidays30
Merry Christmas19952001Holidays50
Merry Christmas Market2019Caddington Village50
Merry Christmas To All2014Santa's Wonderland20
Merry Christmas To All2004Holidays Seasons30
Merry Christmas Tree2004Vail Village60
Merry Christmas, Mr. Fireman 19981999Figurines00
Merry Christmas, Mr. Pony 19981999Figurines00
Merry Mailbox2017Gift Spice10
Merry Mailbox2018Santa's Wonderland20
Merry Milkman, Set Of 42017Jukebox Junction20
Merry Mistletoe 1999Lighted House / Building00
Merry Santa20092013Holidays10
Merry Songs2020General Products00
Message In A Bottle20042008Holidays00
Metal Bench2007General Products41
Metal Fence19962004Holidays30
Metal Fire Hydrant19932003Holidays10
Metal Fire Hydrant, Set Of 32003General Products90
Metal Home Mailbox19932003Holidays50
Metal Kiosk19922003Holidays20
Metal Kiosk2003General Products30
Metal Mailbox19922003Holidays30
Metal Park Bench19922003Holidays20
Meter Maid2017Plymouth Corners10
Metro Society Of Animal Care20102015Caddington Village00
Meyer's Bakery20082012Caddington Village20
Michael Angelo's Pizzeria2007Carole Towne Collection30
Michelle's Village Bakery20112014Holidays00
Mickey's Barber Shop20072012Caddington Village10
Midtown Bank19992002Hearthside Village00
Midtown Barber Shop20132020Caddington Village00
Midtown Deli & Bagels20162019Caddington Village00
Mike's Auto Repair & Body Shop20082014Harvest Crossing00
Milk For Kitty20082011Holidays00
Milk Vendor, Set Of 220132019Caddington Village10
Milk Wagon20102013Holidays00
Milking Chores20012011Holidays10
Mill Pond, Set Of 61999Vail Village30
Mill Stream Fork, Set Of 102001Outdoor Wildlife31
Mill Stream, Set Of 111999Vail Village90
Mill Valley School20042010Vail Village30

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