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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
G. Norton, Esp. 19911993Lighted House / Building00
G.W. Pruden & Co. 19931998Caddington Village70
Gad's Hill Place 19911993Lighted House / Building00
Galoshes Galore 2002Santa's Wonderland10
Gambrel House19992003Holidays30
Game of Fetch2019Summer Americana260
Garage Sale20092012Harvest Crossing00
Garbage Ghoul20052008Spooky Town00
Garden Bench2013Vail Village30
Garden Bridge20022001Hearthside Village10
Garden Grooming2020Harvest Crossing00
Garden of Eaten Nursery2019Michaels Exclusives160
Garden Of Eaten Worker2019Spooky Town60
Garden Shed20062010Village Collection10
Garden Sundial20102014Holidays00
Garden Swing20072011Holidays30
Gargoyle Fence, Set Of 52004Spooky Town80
Gargoyle Lamp Post20052011Spooky Town20
Gargoyle Sculptor's Studio20112020Spooky Town00
Gargoyle Stone Benches2018Spooky Town00
Gargoyles, Set Of 520051999Spooky Town110
Garland Grove Tree Lot2018Vail Village40
Garland Tree Large - Assorted Color20032007Holidays00
Garland Tree Small - Assorted Color20032007Holidays00
Gary's Gas & Service20102013Holidays00
Gas Latterns Street Lamp, set of 42011Coventry Cove00
Gas Pump20092015Holidays30
Gas Station19982001Holidays30
Gas Street Lamp20022006Holidays10
Gas Street Lamp20022006Holidays Seasons10
Gas Street Lamp20022006Holidays Seasons10
Gas Street Lamp20032006Holidays Seasons10
Gaslamp Hotel Goldsmith20022005Holidays00
Gateway Halloween Countdown2018Michaels Exclusives60
Gathering Ammunition19992006Holidays20
Gathering Christmas Greens19992003Holidays10
Gathering Eggs 19961999Figurines30
Gathering Firewood2016Vail Village10
Gathering Kindling20032008Holidays70
Gathering Kindling2006Vail Village60
Gathering Kindling2018Caddington Village50
Gatwick House 19921996Lighted House / Building00
GazeboCarole Towne Collection420
Gazebo Band2013General Products20
Gear Head GarageSears Exclusive Product20
Gear Shopping2013Coventry Cove10
Gearing Up2017Vail Village00
Gelato Cart, Set Of 42013General Products20
Gelato Paradiso2019Caddington Village30
Gem & Mineral Shop20022006Holidays00
General Display Platform20072015Holidays00
General Store & Hardware Co.20062013Harvest Crossing00
Genesee Fire Company2010Coventry Cove00
Georgia Lyn's Bed & Breakfast20012005Caddington Village10
Georgian Blue Door1997Memory Makers10
Geppetto's Toy Shop20132017Vail Village00
Geronimo! 19981999Figurines20
Gerrys Hamburger Joint2018Vail Village00
Get The Mail20032005Holidays10
Get Your Shoe Shine20062010Holidays10
Getting Dinner20152017Vail Village00
Getting Directions20042006Holidays20
Getting Started19982003Holidays10
Getting Wood For The Cabin20112016Holidays00
Ghost Around2017Michaels Exclusives121
Ghost Containment Building20132020Spooky Town40
Ghost Grasps Victim2014Spooky Town50
Ghost Lamp Post20112016Halloween50
Ghostie Picket Fence W/Gate20042006Spooky Town60
Ghostie Wire Wooden Fence20042009Spooky Town10
Ghostly Firefighters20112014Spooky Town00
Ghostly Gala20092015Spooky Town10
Ghostly Manor20162020Michaels Exclusives30
Ghostly Skiff20122014Spooky Town00
Ghoul Chef2016Spooky Town31
Ghoul Clown20102014Spooky Town60
Ghoul Hot Dog Vendor2014Spooky Town40
Ghoul News20092015Spooky Town00
Ghoul School Bus20112015Spooky Town00
Ghoul Street Lamp20062008Spooky Town10
Ghoul's Night Out20032005Spooky Town20
Ghoulish Gardeners2018Spooky Town10
Ghoulish Oak Tree20132014Spooky Town00
Ghoulish Refreshment20082010Spooky Town00
Ghouls In Well2018Spooky Town60
Ghouly Grocer2019Spooky Town40
Giant Candy Bag20112015Spooky Town00
Giant Pumpkin2017Spooky Town120
Giant Slalom19962015Holidays20
Giant Snowball 19931999Figurines40
Gibson's General Store20122016Harvest Crossing00
Giddy Up Horsy20022006Spooky Town00
Gift Delivery by Carriage 19941999Figurines60
Gift from Santa 19911996Figurines30
Gift Group20032006Holidays10
Gift Shopping Family 19951999Figurines20
Gift Wrapping Together20132015Holidays00
Gigi's French Bakery20162020Caddington Village00
Gilbert's Gasoline Station2015Harvest Crossing00
Gilbert's Piano & Music Store20112015Holidays00
Gilded Gazebo20052013Village Collection80
Gillespie's Grocery20162019Caddington Village20
Ginger Family Carolers20042007Sugar n Spice10
Ginger Lane School20042007Sugar n Spice10
Ginger Sweet Manor20052007Sugar n Spice00
Ginger Toys20042007Sugar n Spice00
Ginger Wedding Party20062007Sugar n Spice00
Ginger's Ornaments20052007Sugar n Spice00
Ginger's Pie Shop2019Sugar n Spice20
Gingerbread Bus20042007Sugar n Spice10
Gingerbread Carolers2016Gift Spice50
Gingerbread Competition20072013Holidays10
Gingerbread Cottage20042007Sugar n Spice10
Gingerbread Countdown2019Michaels Exclusives110
Gingerbread Decoration20042007Sugar n Spice20
Gingerbread Decoration20042007Sugar n Spice10
Gingerbread Express20042007Sugar n Spice10
Gingerbread House20152019Caddington Village40
Gingerbread Jazz2017Gift Spice00
Gingerbread Manor20042007Sugar n Spice00
Gingerbread Marvel20132015Holidays10
Gingerbread Palace20022004Sugar n Spice10
Gingerbread Palace20022004Sugar n Spice01
Gingerbread R&R2016Gift Spice00
Gingerbread Santa2016Gift Spice30
Gingerbread Skating Pond2018Sugar n Spice30
Gingersleigh20042007Sugar n Spice10
Gingerwitch Croissant Moon20052007Sugar n Spice00
Ginny's Gingerbread Cottage2017Kmart Exclusive00
Gino's Trattoria20142017Caddington Village10
Giraffe Cage20082013Carnival00
Girl At Mailbox 19911999Figurines00
Girl Carolling 19941999Figurines00
Girl Fawn20072011Holidays10
Girl Fixing Snowman 19951999Figurines00
Girl Holding Dog 19911999Figurines00
Girl on Sled 19931999Figurines00

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