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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
J & G Hardware 19931998Harvest Crossing30
J.E. Winston, Esq. 19931998Caddington Village10
J.P. Wellman Apothecary-Herbalist20072009Caddington Village10
Jack In The Box20132015Spooky Town00
Jack O'lantern Way2004Spooky Town00
Jack's Auto Parts and Tools2009Sears Exclusive Product00
Jack's Cheese Factory19982001Harvest Crossing00
Jack's Northwoods Brew Haus2007Caddington Village20
Jack's Pumpkin Farm2020Michaels Exclusives10
Jack's Ski Shoppe19952002Dickensvale20
Jack-O-Lantern Sales20052009Spooky Town10
Jack-O-Lantern Street Lamp20062008Spooky Town30
Jack-O-Lanterns20002015Spooky Town61
Jackie's Whiskey2019Sears Exclusive Product50
Jacque's Grandfather Clocks20042008Vail Village00
Jacuzzi2013Coventry Cove00
Jaguar Warrior20102013Spooky Town00
Jake's Cafe20142020Vail Village00
Janet's Floral Design2008Carole Towne Collection10
Jasper House20102013Vail Village00
Jasper's Cabin2017Kmart Exclusive30
Jaunting Car2020Caddington Village00
Javier's2011Coventry Cove00
Jay's Woodworking2008Harvest Crossing00
Jeeperscreeper's Jugband Set Of 32016Spooky Town00
Jefferson Cheese Factory2011Carole Towne Collection00
Jelly Bean Post Office20052007Sugar n Spice00
Jenny's Coffee Shop/Ice Cream Parlor20052012Harvest Crossing00
Jens Bike Shop2018Sears Exclusive Product10
Jerald & Sons Fine Jewelers20102015Holidays00
Jerry's Hamburgers20082014Harvest Crossing00
Jesse's Boat Supplies & Restaurant2008Plymouth Corners00
Jewelry Seller20012013Caddington Village30
Jim Harper House20112015Vail Village00
Jingle Bell Shuffle20042007Sugar n Spice10
Jingle Bells & More2018Caddington Village00
Jingle Jangle Rock 19981999Figurines00
Joe's Burger & Hot Dog Stand20052012Harvest Crossing10
Joe's Smoke Shack2019Sears Exclusive Product00
Johann's Chalet Inn2011Vail Village00
Johnnie's Hot Chocolate2019Kmart Exclusive00
Jolly Christmas Shoppers20062015Holidays20
Jolly Friar Singalong20042019Caddington Village00
Jolly Groundskeeper2015Coventry Cove00
Jolly Jack2020Spooky Town30
Jolly Toys2020Santa's Wonderland10
Jolly Trolley2020Caddington Village10
Jones Farmhouse20172020Harvest Crossing00
Josie's Cupcakes20102014Holidays00
Joy To The World20022006Caddington Village10
Jukebox Dancers20122015Holidays00
Juliens Belgian Frites Cafe2018Caddington Village00
July 4th Garden Green Bandstand2019Summer Americana10
Junction Hardware & Seed20112016Harvest Crossing00
Jungle Carousel2016Kmart Exclusive60
Jungle Carousel2016Sears Exclusive Product10
Jungle Gym20052008Holidays10
Junior Achiever20042011Holidays10
Junior Flight School20082020Carnival60
Just A Peek20112018Harvest Crossing00
Just Cloudgazing2017General Products00
Just For You, Set Of 32017Kmart Exclusive00
Just In Time2020General Products10
Just Married2004Caddington Village10

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