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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Habour Tower2014Plymouth Corners1
Hadensack Savings Bank 19931996Lighted House / Building1
Hadley House20092014Harvest Crossing0
Hadley Inn 19951996Lighted House / Building0
Hadley's Department Store2013Caddington Village1
Haily House19982001Harvest Crossing0
Hall Of Justice20042012Holidays4
Halloween Ac Power Adaptor W/3-Out20042007Spooky Town0
Halloween Cats2021Spooky Town15
Halloween Cats, Set Of 22011Spooky Town22
Halloween Companions20062014Spooky Town10
Halloween Countdown2016Spooky Town3
Halloween Edition20072009Spooky Town1
Halloween Festival20042014Spooky Town6
Halloween Frolics2004Spooky Town0
Halloween Headline20142018Spooky Town0
Halloween Hi-Jinks20002006Spooky Town3
Halloween Honeymoon20132015Spooky Town0
Halloween Jamboree20102013Spooky Town0
Halloween Parade20102016Spooky Town1
Halloween Parade Banner, Set Of 52013Spooky Town2
Halloween Party2008Spooky Town17
Halloween Party House20042008Spooky Town6
Halloween Pet Walk2022Spooky Town0
Halloween Photos20112014Spooky Town4
Halloween Pumpkin Garland20002015Spooky Town0
Halloween Pupkins2016Spooky Town0
Halloween Purple Light, Set Of 22003Spooky Town20
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20032014Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20032015Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20032007Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20032006Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20042016Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20032007Spooky Town8
Halloween Tree Decoration20042015Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20042015Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Decoration20032013Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Large20032007Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Medium20032004Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Medium20032009Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Small20032004Spooky Town0
Halloween Tree Small20032009Spooky Town0
Hamburger & Ice Cream Stand20182019Summer Americana1
Hamilton House2005Carole Towne Collection10
Hamilton Station 19941999Caddington Village8
Hammond's Summer Home19962002Holidays2
Hampshire House 19931998Caddington Village0
Hampshire School 19981999Plymouth Corners0
Hampton Armory 19951999Hearthside Village3
Hampton Bakery19932002Caddington Village11
Hancock Jewelers19972002Hearthside Village0
Hand Crafted Ornaments2020General Products1
Hand Knit Goods Stand20152018Caddington Village1
Hand Pump Helper20172018Kmart Exclusive0
Handbell Choir20052015Holidays3
Handbell Choir2021General Products1
Handel's Bake Shop20042009Vail Village5
Handmade Wreaths2018Caddington Village3
Handy's Furniture & Custom Cabinetry20142015Harvest Crossing1
Hanford House20062013Caddington Village3
Hangin' Around20042012Plymouth Corners10
Hangin' Hill20082015Spooky Town0
Hanging The Wreath20022006Holidays2
Hangman20092011Spooky Town1
Hansel & Gretel's Sweet Shoppe2020General Products0
Hansom Cab20002012Caddington Village19
Hanson & Sons Sailmakers20062008Plymouth Corners2
Happy Antlers Reindeer Shelter And Veterinarian2017Vail Village4
Happy Camper2016Vail Village1
Happy Christmas, Mr. Scrooge2016Caddington Village2
Happy Halloween Ghosts2022Spooky Town0
Happy Halloween!20042006Spooky Town8
Happy Hounds Doggie Day Care20102015Harvest Crossing0
Happy Howl-O-Ween20092016Spooky Town9
Happy Owl-o-ween2019Spooky Town10
Happy Pumpkin Family, Set Of 52017Spooky Town3
Happy Pumpkin Family, Set of 52017Spooky Town0
Happy Scoops Ice Cream Cart2021Caddington Village3
Happy Tails Pets & Daycare2015Plymouth Corners0
Happy To Help2019Caddington Village1
Happy Tooth Dental2022Caddington Village0
Harbor Boat Restoration20092016Holidays1
Harbor Buoy2014Plymouth Corners0
Harbor Ferry Co.20102016Holidays0
Harbor Fire Boat2008Carole Towne Collection0
Harbor Gift Shop2017Plymouth Corners0
Harbor Lights Inn20032005Holidays0
Harbor Point Lighthouse20042008Plymouth Corners0
Harbor Restaurant & Apartments20092014Holidays0
Harbor View Bed & Breakfast2012Plymouth Corners0
Harborview Inn 19941998Plymouth Corners0
Harley's Antiques20072009Harvest Crossing0
Harley's General Merchandise 19931998Harvest Crossing1
Harlow Manor20062011Caddington Village2
Harper House20032008Spooky Town2
Harper House2022Caddington Village0
Harris & Sons Fine Antiques2015Coventry Cove0
Harris Residence2006Village Collection4
Harrison Co. Flea Market20082013Harvest Crossing2
Harrison Residence2017Caddington Village0
Harry's Barber Shop20042006Village Collection0
Hartford Falls Town Hall2012Caddington Village1
Hartwell House20102016Harvest Crossing0
Harvest Clean-Up20062013Autumn Harvest0
Harvest Crossing Library20042007Harvest Crossing0
Harvest Crossing Post Office2017Harvest Crossing2
Harvest Delight20052013Autumn Harvest0
Harvest Fun20112014Holidays0
Harvest Gazebo20112014Holidays0
Harvest Gift & Decor2016Harvest Crossing2
Harvest Home20052008Autumn Harvest0
Harvest Produce20052010Autumn Harvest0
Harvest Tavern And Inn20182019Harvest Crossing7
Harvest Valley Tractor Repair20102013Holidays1
Harvest Valley Windmill2014Harvest Crossing0
Harvey House20012004Caddington Village0
Haskell County Sheriff20012004Harvest Crossing2
Hat Peddler, Set Of 220162018Caddington Village2
Hatfield House19952002Holidays0
Hathaway General Store 19921996Lighted House / Building3
Hattie's Market2014Harvest Crossing0
Hauling Hay20112013Harvest Crossing0
Haunted Birdhouse2016Spooky Town15
Haunted Bridhouse2018Spooky Town0
Haunted Cabin20102011Spooky Town9
Haunted Clock Tower2013Spooky Town11
Haunted Crypt20132016Spooky Town7
Haunted Fountain20102015Spooky Town0
Haunted Fountain20022006Spooky Town8
Haunted Galleon2003Spooky Town7
Haunted Grove2006Spooky Town26
Haunted Hall Of Fame2012Spooky Town0
Haunted Hayride20112014Spooky Town0
Haunted Hayride20112008Spooky Town24
Haunted Hearse20092015Spooky Town6
Haunted House Visitors20002007Spooky Town14
Haunted House Visitors2002Spooky Town0
Haunted Houseboat20152020Spooky Town6
Haunted Library2019Michaels Exclusives10
Haunted Manor20122015Spooky Town0
Haunted Mansion2017Spooky Town5
Haunted Museum2018Spooky Town8
Haunted Outhouse20082015Spooky Town12
Haunted Outhouse2019Spooky Town1
Haunted Pyramid2008Spooky Town11
Haunted Stage Coach20072013Spooky Town2
Haunted Tire Swing20042006Spooky Town2
Haunted Topiary2020Spooky Town1
Haunted Tree20102011Spooky Town2
Haunted Village Cemetery2012Spooky Town1
Haunted Windmill2008Spooky Town1
Have A Bite2016Vail Village1
Have One!20042006Holidays0
Haverford Lighthouse19952003Holidays16
Hawthorne House20102013Caddington Village0
Hay Carriage Ride1995Christmas Memories8
Hay Wagon20052006Holidays5
Hayden's General Store20082012Harvest Crossing7
Hayes Residence2019Harvest Crossing0
Haypenny Tavern20122015Caddington Village3
Haystack Holiday20032006Holidays3
He's Going To Be O.K.!20072011Harvest Crossing3
Heading for Grandma's 19971999Figurines0
Heading For Trail19972009Holidays0
Headless Butler & Maid20102014Spooky Town0
Headless Gingerman20052007Sugar n Spice1
Headless Rider2002Spooky Town19
Headless Rider2003Spooky Town0
Heads Will Roll20092013Spooky Town5
Headstone Confections20052007Sugar n Spice0
Hearse Of Bones2016Spooky Town10
Hearth & Home Quilt Shoppe20122020Vail Village0
Heavenly Angels20042006Holidays0
Heavenly Hot Cocoa Break20062015Holidays0
Heavy Lifting20072012Santa's Wonderland0
Heavy Load20112014Holidays0
Hectic Holidays20062011Holidays3
Heebie-Jeebie's Rock Club20122018Spooky Town2
Helga's Beer & Sausage Shop20112015Holidays2
Helga's Hats2021Michaels Exclusives4
Hell Hounds20052006Spooky Town0
Hell On Wheels20142015Spooky Town4
Hell On Wheels20142015Spooky Town0
Hellfire Hydrants, Set Of 32015Spooky Town8
Hello Reverend20002006Figurines2
Hello There20092014Holidays0
Help From The Park Ranger20112014Holidays0
Help Yourself !20002006Spooky Town2
Helping Dad20002013Figurines10

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