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Lemax Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Tack Shop2011Coventry Cove1
Taco Aficionado20142018General Products0
Taco Cart2021Caddington Village4
Taco Food Truck20142024Harvest Crossing4
Taco Shop - Taco Fiesta20132018Jukebox Junction0
Taffy Stand20082013Holidays13
Tagging Along20102015Holidays3
Tail Gate Party20062009Autumn Harvest1
Tailgate Party20152018Vail Village0
Taking a Break 19961999Figurines10
Taking A Break2017Gift Spice0
Taking A Break20052013Autumn Harvest0
Talent Contest At Flanagan's Barn2021Harvest Crossing3
Tales Of The Sea20052008Plymouth Corners4
Tall Enough?20082013Holidays7
Tall Flexible Hedgerow, Set Of 220122018General Products0
Tall Tales20022007Holidays9
Tamale Cart2023General Products6
Tannenbaum Christmas Shoppe2003Caddington Village13
Tannenbaum Clock Tower2020Michaels Exclusives13
Tannenbaum Clock Tower2021Caddington Village0
Tannery & Harness Shop 19961998Caddington Village3
Taqueria Waitress20142018General Products0
Tara's Dutch Mill Restaurant S/2 W/4.5V Ada20092013Harvest Crossing0
Tara's Trace House2005Carole Towne Collection3
Tasty Preserves20052011Holidays0
Tasty Taffy Factory20042007Sugar n Spice0
Tasty Treats20062012Holidays5
Tasty Treats Set Of 320162022Spooky Town0
Tattoo Katarina & Cat2021Michaels Exclusives14
Taxi Cab20012008Holidays0
Taxi Cab20082012Holidays9
Taxi Stand19992006Holidays0
Taylor Cottage20192023Caddington Village0
Taylor Residence20052007Holidays0
Tea & Crumpets 1999Lighted House / Building0
Tea And Cakes2017Gift Spice2
Tea Service20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Tea Teddy20092011Holidays0
Tea Time20052011Holidays2
Tea Time20072011Holidays Seasons0
Tea With Mrs. Claus2023Santa's Wonderland0
Teaching Mom20122014Jukebox Junction0
Teamwork2020Spooky Town4
Ted's Tree Lot2020Vail Village0
Teddy Bear Checkup2023General Products3
Teddy Bear Topiary20062007Holidays0
Teddy Bears20012008Holidays30
Teddy's Toys Shop20102013Holidays1
Teenage Memories20102015Holidays0
Teens Sharing Soda20072011Harvest Crossing1
Teeter Totter19962001Holidays9
Teeter Totter, battery-operated 19961997Figurines0
Telephone Booth2004General Products1
Telephone Booth 19911999Figurines51
Telephone Poles, Set Of 22006General Products21
Temple Of Terror20102022Spooky Town1
Tending The Fellas20062013Holidays9
Tending To Teddy20072011Holidays0
Terrible Toys2020Spooky Town7
Terribly Twisted2020Spooky Town20
Terrified Trick-or-treaters2020Spooky Town3
Terrified Trick-or-Treaters2024Spooky Town0
Terrifying Toga Party, Set Of 320172022Spooky Town0
Terror Bridge20102015Spooky Town7
Terror On The Nile20082013Spooky Town10
Terror Tavern2024Spooky Town0
Tessas Tea Room20182019Kmart Exclusive0
Testing The Water2000General Products31
Thank You Kind Sir!20072013Holidays3
Thank You Officer!20062012Holidays1
Thanks Grandpa!20022011Holidays10
Thanksgiving Players20052007Harvest Crossing0
Thar She Blows Whale Watching Tours W/Adapt20032008Plymouth Corners0
That's A Wrap Mummy Mortuary2022Spooky Town0
That's Not Santa 19981999Figurines0
The "Yule Tide" Yacht20162019Plymouth Corners0
The 3 Crowns Inn2023Caddington Village4
The Accompanist19992015Holidays10
The Activist20032005Holidays0
The Alford Mansion20022008Spooky Town17
The Amazing Lemax20022003Holidays0
The Bad Apple Shop2021Spooky Town32
The Baguettes And Croissants Shop20182023Caddington Village1
The Barber Shop Quartet 19981999Figurines1
The Barkley-Dog Hotel & Spa20142021Harvest Crossing5
The Bavarian Brewery20162019Caddington Village1
The Bay Lighthouse2000Carole Towne Collection3
The Bell & Feather2023Caddington Village2
The Bell & Thistle Tavern2020Caddington Village14
The Big Catch2021Gift Spice10
The Big One20022007Holidays4
The Biggest Turkey20072011Harvest Crossing4
The Bill Poster19992003Holidays0
The Bird Feeders2021General Products9
The Birdwatcher2018Harvest Crossing5
The Bistro2002Carole Towne Collection3
The Blacksmith's Shop2003Carole Towne Collection5
The Blood Bank20052018Spooky Town20
The Bloody Bat20132015Spooky Town0
The Bloody Belfry2016Spooky Town18
The Bloody Mary20092017Spooky Town5
The Blue Bayou Club20102017Harvest Crossing0
The Book Bin20142018Caddington Village0
The Book Worm2009Coventry Cove0
The Bookworm20022014Holidays0
The Brick Oven Cafe20162021Caddington Village1
The Brodie Residence20142023Vail Village1
The Burgher's House2023Caddington Village1
The Butcher Shop2008Spooky Town7
The Buttermilk Cafe2018Michaels Exclusives6
The Candy Crypt20052007Sugar n Spice1
The Candy Lagoon20162022Plymouth Corners3
The Candy Shop2016Gift Spice17
The Candy Witch Cottage2024Spooky Town0
The Captive20102014Spooky Town0
The Cat's Meow20122015Caddington Village0
The Cha-Cha20072011Carnival136
The Chase Is On20082010Spooky Town8
The Cheshire Cottage20112021Caddington Village4
The Chicken Pot Pie Shop2022Harvest Crossing0
The Choir19992005Holidays0
The Choir, Set Of 52005General Products43
The Chop Shop Garage and Salvage Co20122018Spooky Town7
The Christmas Baby 19981999Figurines5
The Christmas Chocolatier Truffle Factory2021Michaels Exclusives14
The Christmas Cubby2018Caddington Village4
The Christmas Fiddler19992013Holidays4
The Christmas Floral Shop2020Michaels Exclusives10
The Christmas Garden2020General Products24
The Christmas Goose19992003Holidays5
The Christmas Star19992003Holidays11
The Christmas Trim Shop20072012Caddington Village6
The Church1997Memory Makers658
The Cigar Shop2001Carole Towne Collection0
The Cinnamon's Manor20062007Sugar n Spice0
The Claus Cottage2017Gift Spice4
The Coat Of Arms Inn2022Caddington Village1
The Cocoa Cup Cafe20052007Sugar n Spice0
The Coffee Bean Grinder2021Caddington Village2
The Coffee Shop20182024Caddington Village13
The Conductor2007General Products1
The Conductor 19981999Figurines31
The Connoisseur20112014Holidays2
The Contenders 19981999Figurines2
The Cookie Palace20182022Michaels Exclusives10
The Copper Lantern20162023Caddington Village6
The Corkage2021Caddington Village3
The Corner Barber Shop20162022Caddington Village0
The Corner Coffee Shop20142023Caddington Village0
The Cosmic Swing, Set Of 220092021Carnival8
The Costume Contest20002006Spooky Town37
The Cottage Art Gallery20092014Holidays4
The Count's Bat Bonanza2022Spooky Town6
The Crab Shack2020Plymouth Corners2
The Cranberry Bog 19981999Vail Village1
The Creature's Custom Hot Rod Shop2020Spooky Town0
The Crossing Guard19992011Holidays11
The Crossing Guard2019Jukebox Junction0
The Crow's Nest Nautical Supplies20022006Holidays3
The Crypt Casino20182022Spooky Town0
The Cursed Cuckoo Haus20192023Michaels Exclusives21
The Cursing Well20092012Spooky Town0
The Dalton House2001Carole Towne Collection0
The Dancing Dead2019Spooky Town4
The Davis Gazette20002003Caddington Village2
The Day's Catch20012011Holidays5
The Dead Return20162022Spooky Town12
The Dingy Dungeon Pub20102015Spooky Town2
The Doctor Appointment20062011Holidays0
The Dog & Duck Pub20162020Caddington Village2
The Dog House20162022Caddington Village35
The Doll Boutique2019Michaels Exclusives15
The Dreaded Cookie Ghoul20052007Sugar n Spice2
The Duchess Arrives, Set Of 22017Caddington Village0
The Eggnog Bar2024Santas Wonderland0
The Elf Band, set of 6 19941999Figurines0
The Elf Workshop2017Gift Spice10
The Enchanted Florist2020Caddington Village1
The Fairthorne Inn20192023Caddington Village0
The Family Tree20162018Gift Spice2
The Festive Outdoors2021General Products9
The Final Touch2021General Products14
The Fine Feather20092016Holidays1
The Finishing Touch20072014Holidays34
The Fish Merchant20142015Holidays0
The Fish Tale 19981999Figurines3
The Fishing Lesson20092013Holidays4
The Fishing Spot2014Vail Village0
The Fishwife20052007Holidays0
The Flower Basket2015Caddington Village2
The Flower Pot2006Village Collection11
The Flutist 19931999Figurines1
The Foreboding Abode2023Spooky Town4
The Forgotten Summer 19971999Figurines22
The Full Moon Diner2023Spooky Town13
The Fur-Ever Toy Store2023Caddington Village6
The Fury Freeloader 19971999Figurines8
The Future Looks Dark2023Spooky Town13
The Gables Apartments2022Caddington Village3
The Gang's All Here20042006Holidays0
The Garden Ballroom2018Caddington Village25
The Garden Swing20152021Caddington Village1
The Gate House At Haunted Meadows20142023Spooky Town12
The Gate Keeper20092015Spooky Town15
The General Store2001Carole Towne Collection1
The Ghost Writer's Antique Bookstore2021Spooky Town0
The Ghoulish Gourd Pub & Grill2020Spooky Town16
The Giant Swing Ride20142018Caddington Village2
The Giant Wheel20192020Carnival19
The Gingerbread Man, Set Of 32016Michaels Exclusives5
The Gloom Room Club2023Spooky Town7
The Golden Hare Tavern20172023Caddington Village7
The Golf Shop2001Carole Towne Collection2
The Good Shepherd, Set Of 42001Harvest Crossing8
The Grand Carousel2018Caddington Village18
The Great Wall20092014Holidays0
The Grim Reaper Rides20102012Spooky Town3
The Guests Arrive20062011Holidays3
The Happy Brooder & Dairy Shop2022Harvest Crossing3
The Happy Chef20172019Caddington Village0
The Haunted Hotel Haven2024Spooky Town0

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