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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Fables Bookstore2018Caddington Village2
Fabric Vendor2020Caddington Village2
Face Painting20112013Holidays0
Fae's Flowers, Set Of 220162018Figurines1
Fairbanks County Court House2012Caddington Village0
Fairview Inn2014Caddington Village0
Fairy Princess20002006Spooky Town1
Faith Chapel20082009Harvest Crossing3
Faith Chapel19962002Harvest Crossing0
Fall Camping Trip2022Harvest Crossing0
Fall Comes Home20052008Autumn Harvest0
Fall Floral20052013Autumn Harvest0
Fall Residence House20132020Harvest Crossing0
Family Carollers 19931999Figurines1
Family Christmas Shopping2012Caddington Village2
Family Cider2022Caddington Village0
Family Day At The Park2018Table Pieces1
Family Fishing Trip2017Christmas & Holiday3
Family Football, Set Of 32017General Products0
Family Holiday Shopping Spree2022Vail Village0
Family Ice Follies2022Vail Village0
Family Photo20042014Holidays3
Family Pulling Tree 19941999Figurines14
Family Skating 19961999Figurines10
Family Skating Day2020Vail Village2
Family Ski Along19972008Holidays3
Family Sleigh Ride20082015Holidays8
Family Snow Day2019Vail Village14
Family Tradition20022012Caddington Village1
Family Tradition2020General Products0
Family Trek2020Vail Village3
Family Vacation Photo2014Spooky Town4
Fancy Paws Boutique2020Michaels Exclusives9
Fancy Paws Boutique2021Caddington Village0
Fancy Victorian Sleigh20142019Caddington Village0
Fanfare Music Shop2016Caddington Village1
Fantastic Footwork19992005Holidays1
Farm 2021Harvest Crossing0
Farm Animals20012009Holidays37
Farm Animals, set of 4 19931999Figurines0
Farm Fresh Vegetable Trailer2021Harvest Crossing4
Farm Wagon20052019General Products18
Farmer's Passenger20052008Autumn Harvest0
Farmers Market19982001Harvest Crossing0
Farmers Market20052013Autumn Harvest11
Farmhouse2015Harvest Crossing2
Farmington Creamery2014Harvest Crossing1
Father & Daughter Day20112015Holidays2
Father & Son 19911999Figurines11
Father & Son Skiing1996Vail Village3
Father and Daughter 19921997Figurines4
Father And Son Fix-It20102014Holidays3
Father Christmas20082012Holidays16
Father Christmas!20062015Holidays0
Father Daughter Dance2017Caddington Village5
Favorite Passenger20082010Holidays2
Fawn At Rest19992012Holidays6
Fearsome Flowers2022Spooky Town0
Feed For The Horses, Set Of 62001Harvest Crossing10
Feed The Birds20032011Caddington Village2
Feeding Cow & Bull, Set Of 32001Harvest Crossing10
Feeding Deer20132019Vail Village0
Feeding Deer, Set Of 32000General Products24
Feeding Lamb20112013Holidays0
Feeding Pigeons20062013Holidays7
Feeding Pigeons, Set Of 22004Caddington Village1
Feeding The Birds20062018Caddington Village7
Feeding The Birds2022Spooky Town0
Fefferman Financial/Tailor20022004Caddington Village0
Feliz Navidad20132015Holidays0
Feliz Navidad2018Table Pieces0
Fernando's Hideaway20072013Caddington Village1
Festive Children 19921999Figurines5
Festive Family Photo2015General Products0
Festive Fido20052008Holidays1
Festive Fire Engine19992012Holidays4
Festive Friends2021General Products5
Fezziwig's Christmas Shoppe2015Caddington Village3
Fiber Iced Tree Extra Large20072008Holidays0
Fiber Iced Tree Large20072008Holidays0
Fiber Iced Tree Medium20072008Holidays0
Fibre-Optic Tree Large20072013Spooky Town0
Fibre-Optic Tree Medium20072014Spooky Town0
Fibre-Optic Tree Small20072013Spooky Town0
Fido's New House2017Gift Spice0
Field Lights2014General Products2
Fieldstone Wall20042006Holidays6
Fiesta de los Muertos, Set Of 62015Spooky Town3
Fill 'Er Up2005Harvest Crossing5
Finding Buddy Boney Goodman2020Spooky Town3
Fine Chocolate Shop2015Vail Village7
Fine Feathered Friends2003General Products14
Fine Harvest Winery19992002Harvest Crossing3
Finishing Touches 19941999Figurines0
Finn's Haberdashery2019Carole Towne Collection2
Fire Brigade To The Rescue20112014Holidays0
Fire Chief20002006Caddington Village0
Fire Eater20082013Holidays4
Fire House No. 122014Caddington Village1
Fire Hydrant20152018General Products12
Fire Matey!20082014Spooky Town1
Fire Pit2017Vail Village0
Fire Pit, Set Of 52010Vail Village6
Fire Station19982002Holidays21
Fire When Ready!20092013Spooky Town0
Firehouse Band2019General Products2
Firehouse Family20092015Holidays0
Firehouse No. 920042006Caddington Village6
Fireman2003General Products1
Fireman 19931999Figurines0
Fireman & Policeman20032006Spooky Town1
Fireman's Ball20042011Holidays6
Fireman, Set Of 62000Caddington Village78
Fireman/The Dalmatian/Hydrant19992010Holidays0
Firemen's Friend20052011Holidays3
Fireside Books & Magazines20022005Vail Village0
Fireside Fun2007Santa's Wonderland5
Firewood Delivery2021Vail Village2
Firewood For Sale2022Harvest Crossing0
Firewood For The Hearth2010Harvest Crossing4
Firework Soundbox2017General Products3
First Aid Station20002002Holidays0
First Aid Station20092013Holidays Seasons0
First Bite20092015Spooky Town0
First Car In Town2020Caddington Village0
First Christmas, Set Of 112017General Products3
First Day of School 19931999Figurines0
First Halloween2021Spooky Town17
First Mate20072014Spooky Town1
First National Bank20052014Holidays5
First Skating Lesson1997Memory Makers0
First Ski Date2014Vail Village5
First Time At The Salon2008Coventry Cove0
First Time Buyers2018Spooky Town3
First-Time Skater, Set Of 320052018Caddington Village0
Fish and Chips Fan2012Coventry Cove0
Fish Fry With Dad2020Plymouth Corners4
Fish Market, Set Of 22016Plymouth Corners5
Fish Tale In The Making20142020Plymouth Corners0
Fish Vendor 19941999Figurines9
Fisherman Snowman20102014Village Collection0
Fisherman's Bounty20032011Plymouth Corners4
Fisherman's Cove Lighthouse20052010Plymouth Corners2
Fishin' Pond20082013Carnival5
Fishing For Supper20022012Holidays0
Fishing Lesson20142019Vail Village0
Fishing Max20102014Village Collection2

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