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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
O' Buoy! Frozen Yogurt20132015Plymouth Corners0
O'Connell's Irish Pub20152019Caddington Village0
O'connor's Billiards2014Harvest Crossing1
O'neil's Irish Tavern2014Caddington Village0
O'Reilly's Irish Gift Shop20132019Caddington Village0
Oak Creek Grist Mill2003Harvest Crossing10
Oak Creek Lighthouse19992003Holidays1
Oak Glen Cabin2014Vail Village0
Oak Grove Winery2015Coventry Cove1
Oak Hill School2018Caddington Village5
Oak Leaf Farm20052008Autumn Harvest0
Oak Ridge Bridge1991Dickensvale2
Occupied20122015Jukebox Junction1
Ocean Bay Youth Aquarium2017Plymouth Corners0
Ocean Display Mat2001Plymouth Corners3
Oceanport Yacht Club2008Carole Towne Collection0
Octo-Swing20112013Spooky Town1
Off To School20012014Holidays0
Off To The Fire19961998Village Collection16
Off To The Library2018Caddington Village4
Off To Work20122015Holidays0
Off Trail Adventurers2021General Products0
Officer And Friend20032016Coventry Cove4
Officer Snowflake20152018Vail Village0
Officer Spratt Makes Way20042008Holidays5
Ogre20052006Spooky Town0
Oh Can I Pet Him?20112013Holidays0
Oh Christmas Tree!20112015Holidays0
Oh No!20032005Holidays1
Ok Truck Stop2018Harvest Crossing1
Oktoberfest20072018Harvest Crossing0
Ol' Fisherman's Shack19982003Holidays0
Ol' Jed's Homestead Cabin2014Vail Village0
Old Anchor20072012Spooky Town1
Old British Pub2018Caddington Village0
Old Cape Lighthouse20052012Plymouth Corners1
Old Country Store2020Harvest Crossing1
Old Creek Cider Mill2003Harvest Crossing0
Old Cronies Ice Fishing20132015Vail Village1
Old English Lamp Post, Set Of 22017General Products2
Old Fashioned Dairy2017Christmas & Holiday0
Old Fishermsn's House2003Plymouth Corners0
Old Jetty Lighthouse20042008Plymouth Corners1
Old Man 19911999Figurines3
Old Mission Church20102013Holidays0
Old Mossy Tree Large20112014Spooky Town0
Old Oak Tree20102014Spooky Town0
Old Pacific Theater20002004Caddington Village2
Old Pier Lighthouse20002003Plymouth Corners0
Old Rickety Fence20092013Spooky Town0
Old School Customs20192020Sears Exclusive Product3
Old Time Toy StoreCoventry Cove0
Old Town Artisans Gallery And Shop2013Harvest Crossing4
Old Woman with Dog 19911999Figurines0
Old World Shopper20112013Holidays0
Olde Fashioned Chocolate Co2009Caddington Village1
Olde Firehouse Pizza & Brewery2014Coventry Cove0
Olde Orchard Inn20092012Caddington Village1
Olde Orchard Inn2009Sears Exclusive Product1
Olde School19932002Holidays10
Olde Stone Bridge2000Vail Village15
Olde Stone Church20032005Caddington Village0
Olde Stone Mill2020Harvest Crossing3
Olde Theatre20092020Caddington Village0
Olde Time Toys2010Coventry Cove1
Olde Town Antiques20072012Caddington Village2
Olde Town Playhouse2014Sears Exclusive Product6
Olde Town Street Lamp20092015Holidays0
Olive Hills Fellowship2021Caddington Village0
Oliver House20042007Caddington Village1
Oliver's Lodge 19941999Caddington Village1
Olivers Organic Fruit Market2018Caddington Village0
On The Lone Prairie20082011Spooky Town1
Once Upon A Toy2016Caddington Village2
One Last Hug2016General Products2
One LED Light Cord20132017General Products0
One Led Light String Moonlander2017General Products1
One Light CordAccessories (Lighted)1
One Light Cord - Ul19962006Holidays1
One Light String20062020General Products0
One Light String20062010Holidays0
One Man Band20012008Caddington Village1
One Of The Gang2015Vail Village2
One On One2010General Products1
One Starting Up, One Finishing Up 19981999Figurines0
One Tough Customer20052007Holidays0
One-Man Band20082015Holidays Seasons0
Oom Pah Band20102015Holidays0
Oops20032018Caddington Village5
Oopsy! 19951999Figurines5
Orchard Inn2006Carole Towne Collection1
Orchard's Best Pie Shop2020Harvest Crossing0
Organ Grinder 19911999Figurines1
Organ Grinder 19961999Figurines1
Oriental Ceramics Gift Shop20112015Holidays0
Ornament Sleigh20012006Holidays1
Ornate Street Lamp20042008Holidays2
Orville's Bicycle Shop2014Coventry Cove0
Our Barn, Our Home2021Harvest Crossing0
Our Family Ski Cabin2021Vail Village0
Our First Christmas2013Caddington Village2
Our First Tv Set20082011Holidays1
Our Outing20142018General Products0
Our Santa Snowman20052006Holidays0
Our Snowman20052015Holidays4
Our Snowman 19931999Figurines1
Our Snowman19992005Holidays8
Our Summer Paradise!20192020Summer Americana7
Our Tiny House2019Vail Village5
Our Town Home2020Caddington Village0
Our Tree20152018General Products3
Our Winter Outing20172019Caddington Village1
Out For A Bite20062009Spooky Town5
Out For A Spin20122018Vail Village0
Out For A Stroll20022013Caddington Village1
Out For A Walk20102014Holidays0
Out For The Evening20042006Holidays2
Out Of Control20032013Holidays1
Out Of This World Toy Shop2021Jukebox Junction0
Out Shopping20072012Holidays3
Out To Dinner20062011Holidays0
Out With Dolly20152017Caddington Village0
Out You Go!20032011Caddington Village0
Out-Of-Control Witch2012Spooky Town6
Outdoor Fire Pit2013General Products0
Outdoor Fireplace2014Vail Village1
Outdoor Pizza Oven, Set Of 42016General Products0
Outdoor Skating Rink2021Vail Village0
Outdoor Table Heat Lamp20132015Holidays0
Outhouse Marauders2012Vail Village8
Oval Bristle Tree Medium19912013Holidays0
Oval Bristle Tree Small19912015Holidays1
Overloaded Elf20062011Holidays4
Overloaded Mailbox20132015Holidays0
Oxford School 19921994Lighted House / Building0
Oyster House Restaurant20062008Plymouth Corners0
Oyster Point Lighthouse20112013Holidays0

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