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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
Packard Inn20042006Caddington Village30
Packing Candles20032005Holidays00
Paddy's Brownstone2010Caddington Village00
Painting A Winter Scene20012014Holidays20
Painting Wooden Santas20112014Holidays10
Pair Of Skeletons20072014Spooky Town10
Palace Ballroom20032012Caddington Village31
Palace Casino20092013Harvest Crossing00
Palladian House20012004Caddington Village00
Palm Tree Large20082014Spooky Town00
Palm Trees Medium20082014Spooky Town00
Palm Trees Small20082014Spooky Town00
Panda Cage20092013Holidays20
Panhandler 19931999Figurines00
Papa Bear Cub20012015Holidays10
Papa Christmas!2019Caddington Village10
Papa's Lesson20002007Caddington Village30
Papa's Pasta Place2017Michaels Exclusives00
Paper Birch Tree Large20092012Holidays00
Paper Birch Tree Medium20092012Holidays00
Paper Boy20042015Holidays30
Parade Photos20132015Holidays00
Parents Of The Bride20052007Holidays00
Parish Church 19911997Lighted House / Building20
Parisian Stairs2014Caddington Village20
Parisian Street Lamp Set Of 22014Caddington Village00
Parisian Street Lamp, set of 22014Coventry Cove00
Park Bench Chat20032006Caddington Village00
Park Bench Chat & Postman20022003Holidays00
Park Bench In Winter2015Vail Village70
Park Bench People 19951999Figurines80
Park Bench, Set Of 22003Enhancements130
Park Footbridge2006General Products80
Park Gazebo2018Summer Americana280
Park Hotel20072011Caddington Village00
Park Ranger20032011Holidays10
Park Square Bistro19972002Holidays60
Park Statue - Charles Darwin2016General Products00
Park Statue - George Washington2016General Products11
Park Statue - Shakespeare2016General Products00
Park Swing19952001Holidays80
Park View Realtors2011Caddington Village10
Park View School20042011Caddington Village10
Parke House19992001Holidays00
Parker House2007Coventry Cove00
Parker's Cabin2016Vail Village20
Parker's Corner Market20102013Caddington Village10
Parking Meters20062011Holidays50
Parkside Ice Skating Plaza20042006Vail Village20
Parkview School2017Caddington Village00
Passing The Puck1997Memory Makers20
Pat's Party Place2017Plymouth Corners10
Paterson's Pub2016Caddington Village10
Patio Bench, Set Of 22003General Products30
Patio Group, Set Of 32003General Products30
Patriotic Pups2018Summer Americana50
Patterson House20062008Caddington Village10
Patty's Donuts20072013Vail Village20
Patty's Home & Garden Shop20132016Holidays20
Pauline's Pie Shop2014Harvest Crossing00
Pauly's Pet Store19992002Holidays00
Paw Prints Pet Shop2012Coventry Cove00
Pawfection Pet Foods & Bakery2015Caddington Village30
Pawn Shop Treasures2017Plymouth Corners10
Paws & Claws Pet Shop20062013Harvest Crossing20
Peace And Quiet2018Caddington Village20
Pearl's Ice Cream Parlor2008Plymouth Corners30
Pearl's Millinery Shoppe2013Caddington Village10
Pearson Cottage2016Caddington Village40
Pebble Mat1997General Products50
Peck on the Cheek 19931999Figurines00
Pedal Car Firemen20122015Jukebox Junction10
Pedal Car Hitchhiker20132015Holidays00
Pedicab Ride2018Spooky Town50
Pee Yoo! 19981999Figurines00
Peek A Boo!20102013Holidays20
Peek A Bunny2016Kmart Exclusive00
Peek-a-Boo 19931999Figurines20
Peek-A-Boo!20062012Spooky Town40
Pelham Manor19962002Holidays00
Pembroke Chapel19972002Holidays00
Penelope's New Skates19992008Holidays10
Penelope's Petite Pastries2016Sears Exclusive Product10
Penelope's Puddings & Custards2019Caddington Village20
Penelopes Pottery Studio2018Caddington Village00
Penfield Butcher20002004Caddington Village10
Penguin Crossing20072011Santa's Wonderland00
Penguin Frolic20062013Holidays00
Penguin Warmup20072014Santa's Wonderland10
Penguins House2008Caddington Village30
Pennsylvania Farm House19992003Holidays20
People Admiring Fireworks2019General Products30
Peppermint Candy Topiary2016Gift Spice20
Peppermint Cookie Bench, Set Of 22015General Products10
Peppermint Delight20072011Holidays00
Peppermint Food Truck2018Michaels Exclusives110
Peppermint Lane Post Office20052007Sugar n Spice00
Peppermint Pickets20062012Holidays30
Peppermint Tree Topiary2016Gift Spice10
Percys Paints2018Jukebox Junction00
Perfect Fit20042006Holidays00
Perfect Paws Dog Training2017Sears Exclusive Product00
Perfect Poinsettias, set of 22014Coventry Cove00
Perfect Touch2010Coventry Cove00
Perry's Corner2014Caddington Village00
Pet Campers2013Coventry Cove10
Pet Costume Contest2009Spooky Town80
Pet Gift Exchange2014General Products10
Pet Hotel2016Kmart Exclusive20
Pet Office2015Caddington Village00
Pet Photos Santa20132015Holidays10
Pet Photos with Santa2013Coventry Cove00
Pet Pics Photography2018Michaels Exclusives200
Pete's Popcorn Place2016Sears Exclusive Product30
Peter's Pumpkin Patch20102014Holidays50
Peterson Ice House & Cold Storage20052010Harvest Crossing20
Petes Fishing Cabin2018Vail Village50
Pets & Potions20122015Spooky Town10
Petting Zoo20082015Carnival90
Phaeton Carriage20052008Holidays60
Phantom Of The Opera20062014Spooky Town60
Phantom Parcel & Post2014Spooky Town10
Phantom Station20082015Spooky Town40
Phantom Way2004Spooky Town60
Phantom's Opera House20092013Spooky Town10
Pharaoh And Queen20082011Spooky Town10
Phat Air20121999Vail Village20
Phil's Diner20082012Harvest Crossing00
Phil's Farm Stand20002008Holidays20
Photo with Santa 19941999Figurines210
Photos With Santa, Set Of 52012General Products30
Pick Me Pumpkin Wagon2019Spooky Town40
Pick-Up Truck20012008Enhancements20
Pick-Up Truck2008Holidays Seasons90
Picking out the Poinsettia2011Coventry Cove00
Picking The Tallest Tree, Set Of 42011Vail Village30
Picnic Table20082015Carnival80
Picnic Table2018Summer Americana20
Picture Day20062012Holidays00
Pie Chomping Champ20112014Holidays10
Pie in the Sky Bakery2015Coventry Cove20
Pie In The Sky Bakery2017Jukebox Junction10
Pie Thief, Set Of 22005Caddington Village10
Pied Piper 19921999Figurines00
Piedmont Police19992004Holidays10
Pier Theater20062013Plymouth Corners00
Pierce House19992004Holidays10
Pierre's Christmas20132015Caddington Village40
Pierre's French Bakery20092012Holidays10
Pierre's Restaurant2015Caddington Village20
Pierre's Toy Shop2014Caddington Village20
Pig Family Doings20092015Holidays00
Piggy Back Ride 19931999Figurines00
Piggyback Ride20072013Harvest Crossing30
Pile O' Skulls20072014Spooky Town70
Pine Creek Market20092014Holidays50
Pine Crest Nature Preserve2016Vail Village20
Pine Grove Chapel2012Vail Village20
Pine Grove Lodge2012Vail Village00
Pine Haven Pond20002014Holidays30
Pine Hill Bed & Breakfast20102014Caddington Village00
Pine Hill Ski Lodge20072009Vail Village30
Pine Hill Tree Farm2016Vail Village90
Pine Mt. Cabin20052008Autumn Harvest20
Pine Peak Retreat2019Vail Village70
Pine Reindeer19982003Holidays00
Pine Ridge Church2015Harvest Crossing00
Pine Ridge Ice Rink2008Carole Towne Collection10
Pine Valley Dam20092013Holidays00
Pine Valley Inn 1998Lighted House / Building00
Pine Valley Logging Co.20012004Harvest Crossing60
Pine Valley Mill20072011Vail Village20
Pine Valley Town Hall19982002Holidays30
Pine View Restaurant20062012Vail Village00
Pinecones & Holly20062015Holidays30
Pinewood Peak Mountain Getaway20132015Vail Village00
Pinewood Perch20022012Holidays80
Pinewood Springs Chapel2019Vail Village40
Pink Flamingos2016Gift Spice70
Pinnacle Pete's Pool Hall2006Plymouth Corners21

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