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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
E12 12Volt Replacement Bulbs (Clear)2007General Products0
Eagle Point Lookout20092014Holidays0
Eagle Ridge Ski Lodge2020Vail Village4
Eagle's Nest Fire Lookout20022012Vail Village2
Eagles Feeding20032019General Products10
Earl's Farmers Market20102016Holidays0
Early Christmas Presents, set of 22010Coventry Cove0
Early To Bed2010Spooky Town1
East Junction Station2017Michaels Exclusives0
East Lake Station20132020Caddington Village6
East Moorland Windmill20022019Harvest Crossing5
East Side Brownstone2010Members Only1
East St. Police Station20082013Caddington Village0
East Street Firehouse20042006Caddington Village1
East Township Clock Tower20032005Holidays0
East Village Barber Shop2021Caddington Village0
Eastport Junction19982002Holidays2
Eastside Fire Station2011Caddington Village2
Easy Pickins20032011Holidays4
Ebenezer's Apartments20022005Caddington Village1
Eclair Bench20042007Sugar n Spice1
Ed's Christmas Tree Lot20072012Holidays5
Edelweiss Cabin2013Vail Village4
Edward Bros. Fine Woodworking2021Caddington Village0
Eerie Birch Tree20102012Spooky Town0
Eerie Elm Tree20102013Spooky Town0
Eerie Oak Tree Large20122014Spooky Town0
Eerie Oak Tree Medium20122014Spooky Town0
Eerie-go-round2018Michaels Exclusives4
Egg Nog Stand20122015Holidays0
Egyptian Ruins20082011Spooky Town0
Egyptian Urns20082011Spooky Town2
Elegant Equestrian Carousel2014Coventry Cove1
Elegant Lady2014Caddington Village4
Elementary School20072008Harvest Crossing2
Elf Academy1993Santa's Wonderland9
Elf Carolers20062008Holidays0
Elf Choir20012006Holidays0
Elf Confections20002005Holidays1
Elf Crossing Sign, Set Of 22017Santa's Wonderland4
Elf Crossing Signs20062011Holidays3
Elf Diner20072009Santa's Wonderland1
Elf Dormitory20002005Holidays0
Elf In Christmas Countdown20062011Holidays1
Elf Made Toy Factory2017Michaels Exclusives2
Elf Naptime20072010Santa's Wonderland0
Elf Sauna20062008Santa's Wonderland0
Elf Skating Pond20062012Santa's Wonderland1
Elf Sledding Party20072013Santa's Wonderland1
Elf Toymaking School20012008Santa's Wonderland2
Elf Tree Trimming20032008Holidays0
Eli's Cobbler Shoppe2016Caddington Village4
Elk Mountain Music Festival2018Vail Village3
Ellen's Flower Shop20072012Caddington Village0
Eller Christmas Winter Trailer2015Carole Towne Collection0
Elm Cottage 19911993Lighted House / Building0
Elm Tree Inn 19951999Harvest Crossing9
Elm Valley Church2017Harvest Crossing1
Elmer's Country Grocery Store20132015Harvest Crossing1
Elmer's Tractor20142019Harvest Crossing0
Elsa's Umbrellas2019Caddington Village2
Elves and Snowman 19931994Figurines1
Elves At Play20002003Holidays1
Elves At Work20062011Holidays0
Elves Carrying Gift Bag 19931994Figurines0
Elves Making Snowman, set of 2 19941999Figurines3
Elves with Lamp Post 19931999Figurines0
Emergency Snow Removal2014Vail Village0
Emerson House20102014Caddington Village0
Emery Schooner2010Carole Towne Collection0
Emily's Bed & Breakfast19982004Holidays1
Emily's Bed & Breakfast20082010Vail Village1
Emma's Cottage2018Caddington Village0
Emma's Flower Shop2002Carole Towne Collection0
Emma's Tea Shoppe20102013Holidays0
En Pointe Balletwear2017Caddington Village0
End Of The Ride20032013Holidays0
End Of The Ride19972003Vail Village0
End Of The Trail20082014Spooky Town5
Enemies To The End20102013Spooky Town0
Engine Co. No.3320072010Caddington Village3
Engine Company No. 620042006Caddington Village3
Engine Company No. 92021Caddington Village1
Engine Company No.920062009Caddington Village5
Engine House No. 820052011Holidays0
English Lane2017Caddington Village1
Enjoying A Chat20062010Holidays4
Enough For Everyone1997Memory Makers5
Equestrian Flag Bearers20092013Holidays0
Escape From A Grave2017Spooky Town6
Esmeralda The Great2021Michaels Exclusives0
Esmeralda's Balloon Rides2020Spooky Town0
Espresso Bar2011Caddington Village0
Espresso Yourself2018Caddington Village1
Esquire 19961999Figurines0
Essex Corner Market20092018Caddington Village0
Essex Fire House19982002Holidays1
Essex House 19921993Lighted House / Building0
Estella's Cafe And Hotel Clair20062009Caddington Village0
Europe Cathedral2014Caddington Village0
Evans Residence20102013Holidays2
Evening Ma'Am20052006Holidays1
Evening Promenade2016Spooky Town4
Evergreen Drug Store20032012Holidays0
Evergreen Fir Tree Extra Large20092011Holidays0
Evergreen Fir Tree Large20092011Holidays0
Evergreen Forest Realty20022006Holidays0
Evergreen Tree Pack 2 Extra Large19982005Holidays0
Evergreen Tree Small19942004Holidays1
Evergreen Tree, Medium2013Coventry Cove47
Everlasting Love20062019Spooky Town3
Evil Clown Juggler20102014Spooky Town2
Evil Pumpkin20082013Spooky Town2
Evil Pumpkin Tree2018Spooky Town6
Evil Pumpkin Water Tower2018Spooky Town8
Evil Pumpkins2014Spooky Town9
Evil Scarecrow20132015Spooky Town0
Evil Sinister Clowns, Set Of 32011Spooky Town18
Evil Spirits Whiskey Distillery2021Spooky Town0
Executioner2020Spooky Town12
Executioner's Tools20052009Spooky Town0
Exotic Vendor20032005Figurines0
Express Delivery20062010Holidays3

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