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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
A Bone for Buzz 19981999Figurines10
A Chilling Band Of Two2020Spooky Town20
A Chip For Chelsea Bob20042011Holidays20
A Christmas Carol Play2014Caddington Village70
A Christmas Eve Balloon Ride2018Michaels Exclusives40
A Christmas Song20002006Caddington Village30
A Cowboy Christmas20172019Vail Village00
A Cup & Book Cafe20102013Caddington Village20
A Cut Above Jewelers2017Caddington Village70
A Day At The Park2020Vail Village10
A Day In Town2017Caddington Village20
A Day Of Curling20092013Village Collection10
A Doe And Her Fawns20092015Holidays30
A Farmer's Life20072011Harvest Crossing00
A Fine Vintage, Set Of 22017General Products10
A Fox And Her Pup20092015Holidays30
A Friendly Card Game2002Carole Towne Collection10
A Full Cart20042015Village Collection10
A Gift For Father20042007Holidays00
A Gift For Frosty20082014Holidays30
A Gift For Rex1997Memory Makers00
A gift for the trip2014Coventry Cove00
A Good Day's Catch20042013Holidays10
A Good Throw1997Memory Makers00
A Hero's Reward20062015Village Collection30
A House For Dolly20152019General Products10
A Little Night Music20072009Spooky Town40
A New Friend20102015Village Collection20
A New Friend2017General Products10
A Night Of Trick Or Treat2003Spooky Town20
A Pack Of Pups2017Vail Village20
A Perfect Proposal20072011Holidays00
A Pirate's Life20082014Spooky Town20
A Popular Address20062012Village Collection50
A Prayer for Those Not With Us 19981999Figurines10
A Ride And A Walk2020General Products00
A Season Of Giving, Set Of 22015Caddington Village40
A Short Break, Set Of 22015This and That00
A Sister's Mischief20052006Holidays10
A Stitch in time knitting shop2011Coventry Cove10
A Taste Of Italy20072018Caddington Village10
A Teddy Of My Own20062012Holidays10
A Toasty Treat20142015Holidays00
A Touch Of Provence2015Caddington Village00
A Wassailing2015General Products00
A Winter Breakfast 19971999Figurines90
A Wolf And His Dog20132015Spooky Town00
Abandoned Fountain2016Spooky Town40
Abandoned House2008Spooky Town20
Abramson Jewelers/Penelope's20052006Holidays10
Ac Power Adaptor20032007Spooky Town160
Ac Power Adaptor - 4.5V 700Ma (Black)20032005Spooky Town10
Ac Power Adaptor - 4.5V 700Ma (White)20032005Village Collection10
Ac Power Adaptor 4-Output Jacks19952007Village Collection330
Ac Power Adaptor W/3-Output Jacks Ul/Cul20042007Village Collection00
Accordion Player 19961999Figurines00
Adam's Five & Dime Store2012Jukebox Junction10
Adirondack Autumn20052013Spooky Town30
Admiral Stevens' House20082013Plymouth Corners00
Adults Keep Out Treehouse20042008Village Collection10
Adventurer20102013Spooky Town00
After School Hockey Match2009Vail Village20
After School Hockey Match, set of 102012Coventry Cove10
After The Hunt20072011Village Collection10
After The Sock Hop, Set Of 22015Jukebox Junction00
After You 19981999Figurines10
Afternoon Nap2016Kmart Exclusive00
Afternoon On Carolina Street2006Carole Towne Collection00
Afternoon Picnic20072013Village Collection00
Afternoon Stroll2020General Products00
Agatha's Costume Crypt2007Spooky Town20
Ainsworth Coach House2020Caddington Village00
Air Mail2014Spooky Town10
Al's Cab19992005Village Collection20
Al's Diner19982002Holidays10
Al's Gas Station20062013Harvest Crossing20
Albee's Pharmacy20072009Harvest Crossing20
Alden House2019Caddington Village60
Alder Tree2019General Products00
Alfred's Book Nook2006Members Only00
All 'Round The Campfire20092011Holidays00
All Aboard!2005Coventry Cove10
All About Baby20112020Plymouth Corners00
All Geared Up20142019Vail Village10
All Hallows Cathedral2016Spooky Town32
All Hallows Hospital20102015Spooky Town00
All Hallows Mausoleum2014Spooky Town80
All I Want For Christmas2018Harvest Crossing40
All Lined Up20052007Sugar n Spice20
All Saint's Church19942001Harvest Crossing10
All Saints Cathedral20052008Holidays20
All Set?20062011Harvest Crossing00
All Together Now!20022013Holidays10
All Wrapped Up2005Caddington Village30
All Ye Faithful Church2018Caddington Village30
Allison House20172019Caddington Village00
Almost Home Rescue & Adoptions2014Coventry Cove10
Almost Ready20062010Santa's Wonderland20
Along The Trail20092013Holidays10
Alpine Fire Station20132016Vail Village20
Alpine Lodge Pet Retreat2017Michaels Exclusives30
Alpine Musicians Set Of 42014Caddington Village00
Alpine Peak B & B20092013Holidays30
Alpine Ranger Station20012006Vail Village50
Alpine Ski Party, Set Of 42011Caddington Village10
Alpine Skiier20162019Vail Village00
Alpine Skiing19962003Holidays00
Alternative Energy2013Vail Village30
Amanda's Dress Shoppe20092012Holidays00
Amateur Musicians 19931999Figurines10
Ambulance20072014Village Collection10
Ambushed1997Memory Makers10
American Customs Paint Shop2015Sears Exclusive Product60
American Flag Decoration2018Summer Americana101
American Flag Pole19962015Holidays20
American Flag Post2018Summer Americana00
American Flag String Decor2018Summer Americana00
Amsterdammertje, Set Of 42016General Products00
Amy's Bridal Shoppe20022006Caddington Village00
Amy's Pancake House20152019Caddington Village40
Amy's Sundial Inn2013Caddington Village10
An Elf Greeting20002006Holidays10
Ana's Cakery2014Caddington Village00
Anabel's Bed And Breakfast20052007Holidays40
Ancient Gods20082015Spooky Town00
Ancient Statues20102015Spooky Town00
Anderson Family Grocery Store20082010Plymouth Corners00
Anderson Residence20062008Caddington Village10
Anderson Valley Mill20112018Down to Business10
Andrew's Music Shop2006Carole Towne Collection10
Andrews Residence2014Caddington Village00
Angel Of Death20142019Spooky Town30
Angel Of The Sea Hotel2006Carole Towne Collection00
Angel's Garden20032005Village Collection30
Angel's Song Church2005Members Only00
Angel's Wings2004Vail Village30
Animal Cages20062013Carnival10
Animal Toy Drive2013Coventry Cove00
Animated Hockey Game20012007Village Collection20
Animated Skating Pond19952005Village Collection60
Animated Tree Lot20022009Holidays30
Ann of Green Gables - Avonlea Lighthouse Set20022006Kits00
Ann of Green Gables - Avonlea Presbyterian Church20022006Kits00
Ann of Green Gables - Avonlea School Set20022006Kits10
Ann of Green Gables - Bright River Train Station20022006Kits00
Ann of Green Gables - Green Gables Barn Set20022006Kits00
Ann of Green Gables - Green Gables House20022006Kits00
Ann's Nursery19942003Dickensvale50
Annibelle-Trawler20042009Plymouth Corners40
Annual Toy Drive20132015Coventry Cove21
Antique Anchor20082010Holidays30
Antique Street Lamp, Set Of 42009General Products21
Antique Treasures20052010Holidays00
Antler Art20062011Holidays10
Antler Peak Cabin20142020Plymouth Corners00
Anybody Home?2008Holidays Seasons40
Anything For Me Mr. Postman?20072011Holidays20
Anything For Me?20002015Figurines50
Anything For Us2018Table Pieces10
Apothecary 19911996Lighted House / Building40
Apple Harvest20042006Spooky Town10
Apple Hill Grocery2018Caddington Village10
Apple Pickers20072014Harvest Crossing00
Apple Stand 19911999Figurines00
Apple Vendor 19931999Figurines00
Apple Vendor, Set Of 22015Caddington Village00
Appleton's Country House19942001Harvest Crossing20
Applewood Acres20062013Harvest Crossing00
Apres-ski Lodge2017Vail Village00
Aquatic School Of Swimming, Snorkeling & Scuba2020Plymouth Corners00
Arbor St. Pawn Shop2016Kmart Exclusive40
Arch Of Sweets20042007Sugar n Spice20
Are Those Trees Moving2012Spooky Town30
Argyle Griffin Pub20132016Caddington Village00
Argyle Hotel2017Caddington Village30
Arline's Pie Shop20022005Plymouth Corners30
Around The Fire2010Vail Village40
Around We Go20052013Holidays00
Arriving In Town20062011Holidays00
Art & Wine Festival Billboard20092015Holidays00
Artful Dodger2020Caddington Village00
Arthur's Fish & Chips2012Coventry Cove00
Arthur's Manor20042005Caddington Village20
Artigiano Bakery2020Caddington Village00
Ash Tree Extra Large20092011Holidays00
Ash Tree Large20092011Holidays00
Ash Tree Medium20092011Holidays00
Ashford House20052008Harvest Crossing10
Ashley Inn19972003Caddington Village50
Ashton Antiques20042010Holidays00
Ashton Court Apartments2020Caddington Village00
Aspen Inn & Ale House20092014Vail Village20
Aspen Pine Tree - A Large20082012Holidays00
Aspen Pine Tree - B Large20082012Holidays10
Aspen Pine Tree - C Large20082012Holidays00
Aspen Ridge Ski & Snowboard Shop2013Coventry Cove00
Assorted Birds, Set Of 52008Spooky Town10
Assorted Birds, Set Of 52008General Products10
Assorted Birds, Set Of 62008General Products10
Assorted Figurines2007Spooky Town40
Assorted MenCarole Towne Collection30
Assorted Pine Tree19932012Village Collection20
Assorted Stand Of Birch, Set Of 92003Landscaping00
Assorted WomenCarole Towne Collection10
Astro Burgers, Set Of 22012Jukebox Junction20
At The Carnival , Set Of 22010Carnival00
At The Market, Set Of 32004Caddington Village30
At the Movies2019Kmart Exclusive00
At The Park2006General Products10
At Your Service20042011Village Collection20
Atkinson's B & B2012Carole Towne Collection00
Atlantic Canning Co.20012003Plymouth Corners10
Attending Services2007General Products00
Attorney-at-Law 19961999Figurines00
Atv Action20122015Vail Village00
Aunt Betty's Jams & Jellies20162020Vail Village00
Autumn Acres Farms20112016Holidays00
Autumn Carriage Ride20052008Autumn Harvest00
Autumn Chores20072014Holidays10
Autumn Display20112013Holidays00
Autumn Jog2020General Products00
Autumn Mulberry Extra Large20012014Spooky Town00
Autumn Mulberry Large20012014Spooky Town00
Autumn Mulberry Medium20012004Holidays10
Autumn Mulberry Medium20042014Spooky Town10
Autumn Mulberry Small20012014Spooky Town20
Autumn Oak Extra Large20002014Holidays00
Autumn Oak Large20002014Spooky Town00
Autumn Oak Medium20002014Spooky Town00
Autumn Oak Small20002015Spooky Town60
Autumn Rust Tree Extra Large20002014Spooky Town00
Autumn Rust Tree Large20002014Spooky Town00
Autumn Rust Tree Medium20002014Spooky Town70
Autumn Rust Tree Small20002014Spooky Town20
Autumn Scenery20052009Autumn Harvest10
Autumn Wreaths20062013Holidays10
Avon Carriage Maker1994Harvest Crossing00
Axe And Logs2020Vail Village00

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