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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
B.a. Freyed Clocksmith2022Spooky Town5
B.B.Q. Pit Restaurant20002003Harvest Crossing1
Babys First Christmas2018Caddington Village2
Back At Base Lodge20022013Holidays6
Back From The Dead20072011Spooky Town13
Back To School20122014Coventry Cove2
Backlit Tombstones20122016Halloween7
Backwoods Snowshoe Rental Shop20182024Vail Village1
Backyard Camping20102015Village Collection2
Backyard Drive-in2023Caddington Village3
Bad Dog2012Kmart Exclusive0
Bad Moon Broom Rides20142016Spooky Town4
Bad To The Bone2017Spooky Town7
Bag O'Bones20122015Spooky Town16
Bag Of Bones20182022Spooky Town0
Baggage Handlers20012012Holidays5
Bailey & Bella Pet Shop2022Spooky Town5
Baily's Music School Carolers2020Caddington Village0
Bainbridge Abbey 19931997Lighted House / Building1
Bake Sale Fundraiser20112013Holidays0
Baked Cookie Christmas Tree20042007Sugar n Spice0
Baker's Dozen20162023Jukebox Junction0
Baker's Mill19972024Harvest Crossing15
Baker's Wagon20012012Village Collection3
Bakery Delivery2021Caddington Village3
Baldcypress Large2014Harvest Crossing1
Baldcypress Tree Medium2014Harvest Crossing0
Ball Street Lamp20042015Holidays0
Ball Street Lamp, set of 22010Coventry Cove5
Ballerinas2012Coventry Cove0
Balloon Baby20112018Carnival1
Balloon Clown2013Spooky Town11
Balloon Rides20062012Carnival34
Ballroom Couple20032007Caddington Village1
Ballroom Dancers2011Coventry Cove2
Balsam Fir Tree, Large2016General Products3
Balsam Fir Tree, Small2016General Products1
Balsam Glen Church2022Caddington Village0
Bamford House20062008Caddington Village0
Band Of Police20042006Holidays3
Banker20052015Holidays Seasons0
Banshee's Boo-B-Traps20152023Spooky Town10
Banshee's Treats2024Spooky Town0
Barber Shoppe 19961999Plymouth Corners10
Bargain Hunting20052011Holidays0
Barmaid20042015Coventry Cove4
Barn Birdhouse20072014Holidays13
Barn Dance20002004Harvest Crossing8
Barn House20122021Harvest Crossing2
Barn Sale20022006Harvest Crossing2
Barnacle Bob's Scuba & Boat Salvage20092016Plymouth Corners5
Barrington Fine Tailors20162020Caddington Village0
Barsom's Furniture20092013Holidays7
Bart's Country Produce & Crafts2020Harvest Crossing0
Barton's Books20132016Caddington Village1
Baseball Buddies20182019Summer Americana1
Baseball Practice2023General Products4
Basket Of Seashells20032007Holidays0
Basket Weaving20052007Holidays0
Bass Hall20012008Holidays10
Bass Lake Fishing Cabin20122017Vail Village1
Bat Bath2015Spooky Town6
Bat Fence Gate2020Spooky Town6
Bat Lair20092013Spooky Town10
Batboy20122015Spooky Town0
Bathtime Battle20152021General Products0
Batting Practice20102014Holidays2
Battle Anubis20092014Spooky Town0
Batty For Pumpkins Tree2019Spooky Town7
Bauer's Wiener Schnitzel Haus20112014Holidays2
Bavarian Ale House2009Carole Towne Collection4
Bavarian Pretzel Factory20042006Holidays2
Bay Boat Works20042008Plymouth Corners8
Bay Harbor Lighthouse19982002Holidays0
Bay Street Dry Goods 19911999Lighted House / Building0
Bay View Cottage20142023Plymouth Corners1
Bay View Lighthouse20062010Plymouth Corners4
Bayberry Hill Police20042007Caddington Village4
Bayberry Place20142021Caddington Village1
Bayham Street Market 19911996Lighted House / Building0
BBQ Weekend20192020Summer Americana7
Be Careful What You Wish For20072013Spooky Town3
Be-Witching Bike Ride2013Spooky Town9
Beach Chairs20042011Holidays0
Beach Wagon20082012Holidays14
Beach Wagon20012008Village Collection0
Beacon Hill Chapel20202023Caddington Village1
Beadle Bumble20092011Holidays1
Beadwell's Bank 19911996Lighted House / Building1
Beamans Bakery20182023Caddington Village2
Bean Bag Toss20192020Summer Americana2
Bean Happy Coffee Shop2022Caddington Village4
Bear Buffet2017General Products6
Bear Cave20102014Holidays1
Bear Creek Chapel2024Vail Village0
Bear Family Snow Day2020Vail Village1
Bear Sculpture20042011Holidays1
Bears At Play20002014Holidays8
Bears By River20092014Holidays0
Beaumont Inn20022006Village Collection3
Beautiful Bonnet20052006Holidays0
Beauty Salon19982002Holidays1
Bed & Breakfast 19931999Vail Village31
Bedford Tailor19932003Dickensvale4
Bedingfield's Landscape & Tree20202023Harvest Crossing0
Beersmith Row2020Caddington Village3
Begging for a Bone 19931999Figurines5
Beginner Boarder2023Caddington Village3
Beginner Skaters2020Vail Village2
Belgian Waffle House20102015Caddington Village5
Belinda's Biscuiteer2021Caddington Village3
Bell Hop Blues 19981999Figurines3
Bell Ornament Lamp Post, Set Of 22015General Products0
Bell Ornament Lamp, set of 22015Coventry Cove2
Bell Ringers 19931999Figurines26
Bell Ringing Fireman20052008Holidays8
Bell's Gourmet Popcorn Factory2017Caddington Village26
Bella's Bon Bons2019Caddington Village17
Bella's Boutique20142023Jukebox Junction0
Bellows And Co. Blacksmith2019Caddington Village2
Bells & Whistles20162020Caddington Village8
Belmont Bank 19961998Caddington Village3
Belmont Carousel20042012Carnival21
Bench Figures2015General Products3
Benjamins Bakery20182023Caddington Village0
Bentley Estate20062010Caddington Village0
Berkshire Bank & Trust Company2023Norman Rockwell2
Berkshire Cathedral19992001Holidays0
Bernie's Bicycle Shop2001ShopKo Exclusive0
Bernie's Teddy Bears20122021Caddington Village6
Berquist Ballet / Mcallister Gallery20032005Holidays0
Berry Brothers Big Top2015Carnival5
Berry Pickers 19931999Figurines0
Berryville Bus Depot20182022Harvest Crossing0
Bessie - Tug Boat20012007Plymouth Corners8
Best Buds Dog Supply Store2019Spooky Town12
Best Decorated House20122020Harvest Crossing4
Best Decorated House20182019Sears Exclusive Product0
Best Friends Share2022Caddington Village9
Bethel Memorial Cathedral19942001Holidays4
Bettes Cake Boutique20182019Sears Exclusive Product0
Betty's Blue China Shop20202023Caddington Village0
Bicycle (Self-Stand)20022003Holidays0
Bicycle (Self-Stand)2011Holidays Seasons2
Bicycle, set of 22014Coventry Cove44
Bicycles, Set Of 2 (Self-Stand)2011Enhancements1
Biding Time20072012Holidays5
Biding Time Lamp Post20032006Holidays1
Big Bear2017Gift Spice6
Big Ben Pub20122021Caddington Village5
Big Bite Sandwiches2019Jukebox Junction0
Big Cat Cabin20132023Vail Village5
Big Fish20082012Holidays3
Big Game Hunter20112014Vail Village3
Big Game Sportsman20142019Down to Business2
Big Mountain Outfitters20092012Vail Village5
Big Pine Gas Station2017Vail Village12
Big River Station20082010Caddington Village0
Big Tarantula20082024Spooky Town13
Bigfoot Brewhaus2023Halloween9
Biggest Christmas Pudding!2024Caddington0
Bijou Theater20102022Harvest Crossing0
Bijou Theater2009Sears Exclusive Product0
Bike Ride Date2019Caddington Village0
Bike Ride, Set Of 32017General Products11
Bike, Barber & Stationery Shop20082021Plymouth Corners1
Biking Fun2019Caddington Village3
Bill's Produce Mart20062008Harvest Crossing2
Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival2023Vail Village18
Birch TreeCarole Towne Collection25
Bird Bath Dog Fountain2019Caddington Village7
Bird Fountain2018Accessories13
Bird Rock Lighthouse20042005Plymouth Corners0
Bird Watching Family20012008Holidays0
Bird Watching Family20092015Holidays Seasons6
Birdhouse Curiosity20042012Holidays3
Birds Nest Cottage20022006Caddington Village5
Birds' Friends20162018General Products0
Birthday Party At The Stanwicks20192024Caddington Village2
Black Bull Tavern2008Coventry Cove3
Black Castle20092016Spooky Town1
Black Cat Adoption20142022Spooky Town10
Black Cat Countdown2022Spooky Town11
Black Cat Halloween Decor20202024Spooky Town16
Black Cat Millinery, Set Of 220172024Spooky Town8
Black Cauldron Bootique20102024Spooky Town0
Black Cauldron Inn20022007Spooky Town3
Black Crow Antiques 19931999Harvest Crossing9
Black Crystal Tree Large20052007Sugar n Spice0
Black Crystal Tree Medium20052007Sugar n Spice0
Black Hat Costume Co.20052007Sugar n Spice1
Black Jack's Casino, With Adaptor2009Spooky Town0
Black Mountain Coal Mine20112016Spooky Town1
Black Raven Manor2020Spooky Town16
Black Raven Manor, With 4.5v Adaptor2021Spooky Town14
Black Tupelo Tree Medium2014Harvest Crossing1
Black Walnut Tree2016General Products3

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