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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
R.I.P. Railroad2016Spooky Town121
Rabid Racoons20082014Spooky Town10
Race To The Finish19972003Holidays00
Racing Downhill19992005Holidays20
Racing Rover20062011Holidays00
Racing The Rapids20092013Holidays00
Radical Snowboarder20002003Figurines10
Radical Snowboarder2003Holidays Seasons10
Radio Station19982002Holidays30
Raiding Party20092015Spooky Town00
Rail Worker20012012Holidays10
Railroad Trestle Pillars 419992012Holidays00
Railway Signal Light, Set Of 22017General Products10
Railway Stop Light19982003Holidays120
Railway Stop Light, set of 22015Coventry Cove141
Railway Switchman20112013Spooky Town10
Rainbow Kindergarten19942002Holidays00
Rainy Day With Friends2018Figurines40
Ranch House20082016Harvest Crossing00
Randolph Manor20062009Caddington Village10
Ranger Anderson20092014Holidays00
Ranger Rover20102013Holidays00
Rascal Raccoons, Set Of 32015Vail Village10
Rascal Rover2014Vail Village20
Rat Attack20092013Spooky Town60
Rave At Grave's20112016Spooky Town00
Raven's Roost Brewery & Cafe2019Spooky Town00
Ray's Record Shop20082014Vail Village00
Reading Morning Papers2017General Products50
Ready For A Fight2005Caddington Village40
Ready For Action1997Memory Makers01
Ready For Winter20162019Vail Village30
Ready To Launch2011Vail Village20
Ready, Set-treats, Set Of 22017Spooky Town30
Readying Reindeer20062011Holidays00
Really Late Train2014Spooky Town20
Realty Sign20132015Spooky Town30
Reaper Bench2013Spooky Town100
Reaper Motorcycle Co.20172020Michaels Exclusives50
Reaper's Landing2017Spooky Town60
Reaper's Sign20082014Spooky Town80
Reaper, Zombie And Mummy2005Spooky Town20
Recess20032012Caddington Village60
Red Carpet, Set Of 72016General Products00
Red Fireworks2016General Products10
Red Globe Street Lamp2018Accessories30
Red Moped2007General Products70
Red Plum Extra Large20012005Holidays00
Red Plum Large20012008Holidays00
Red Plum Medium20012008Holidays00
Red Plum Small20012008Holidays00
Red River Motel20072009Spooky Town50
Red Wagons, Set Of 22004General Products201
Red X'Mas BowSet/919982003Holidays00
Red, White & Blue Fireworks2018Summer Americana80
Red-Lion Restaurant 19911998Plymouth Corners40
Regal Shoe Store20082009Caddington Village00
Regency Ballroom20112020Caddington Village00
Regency Brown Door1997Memory Makers00
Regents Dentistry20072013Caddington Village00
Regis Hotel2007Members Only40
Reindeer and Sleigh, set of 3 19931999Figurines20
Reindeer Corral20062011Santa's Wonderland00
Reindeer Crossing Signs20062015Holidays00
Reindeer Feed Trough20062011Holidays00
Reindeer Flying School19932002Holidays10
Reindeer Games20012003Holidays00
Reindeer Goodies2019General Products90
Reindeer Grooming Barn2017Gift Spice80
Reindeer Hot Air Balloon2018Table Pieces110
Reindeer Loft20072009Santa's Wonderland10
Reindeer On Holiday2016Santa's Wonderland70
Reindeer Parking Only Sign, Set Of 22015Vail Village10
Reindeer Petting Zoo2020Vail Village00
Reindeer Refreshments20062011Holidays30
Reindeer Rides20082013Holidays70
Reindeer Rides20092013Holidays10
Reindeer Ridge State Park2017Kmart Exclusive20
Reindeer Roost20002007Holidays00
Reindeer Treats20072010Holidays10
Reindeer Treats, Set Of 22006Santa's Wonderland20
Reindeer, Set Of 32006Outdoor Wildlife240
Relaxing Day2019General Products30
Remedies From Afar20032005Holidays00
Renting Skates2019Michaels Exclusives20
Replacement C7 Bulbs19962006Holidays20
Reptile House20082013Carnival00
Rest In Peace20062012Spooky Town100
Rest In Pieces Mausoleum20052010Spooky Town40
Resting Deer 19911999Figurines60
Resting on Stump 19961999Figurines00
Restless Tombstones20072016Spooky Town70
Retail Service Center20002004Plymouth Corners00
Retired Witches20092011Spooky Town10
Returning from Shopping 19951999Figurines60
Reunion Chapel19972002Holidays00
Revere St. Candles2020Caddington Village00
Reverend Smythe2002General Products50
Rex & Spot's Doggy School2016Harvest Crossing80
Ribbon & Giftwrap Factory20062008Santa's Wonderland30
Ribbons And Bows2019General Products10
Rich's Retreat20022005Holidays10
Richardson's Market20082012Harvest Crossing30
Rickshaw Rides20062014Holidays00
Ride In The Country20122018Caddington Village10
Ride-On Snowplow2015Vail Village20
Ridge Runner19962014Holidays10
Ridley Station 19921996Lighted House / Building20
Right This Way20042008Holidays40
Ring Around The Snowman, Set Of 32005General Products10
Ring-Around The Tree20042007Spooky Town30
Ringing The Christmas Bell20132015Holidays20
Ringing the Dinner Bell 19961999Figurines00
Ringler's Assaying2014Harvest Crossing10
Rise And Shine Cafe2017Caddington Village30
Rising Ghoul20102011Spooky Town00
Rising Star Bakery2013Caddington Village50
Risky Business20072012Holidays00
Ritual Sacrifice20102013Spooky Town10
River Belle20042006Holidays30
River Moors Christmas Street Festival2018Caddington Village60
River Princess20042008Plymouth Corners20
Riverdale Lumber Yard20082012Harvest Crossing20
Rivermouth Lighthouse20022005Holidays10
Riverside Memorial19962002Holidays10
Road Kill Roadhouse20102015Spooky Town10
Road Rebel20122018Jukebox Junction10
Roadhouse Sign20142016Spooky Town10
Roadside Assistance Headquarter2018Harvest Crossing10
Roadside Produce Stand20072013Harvest Crossing00
Roasted Chestnut Stand, Set Of 41999General Products40
Roasted Chestnut Vendor, Set Of 22007Caddington Village70
Roasted Chestnuts2014Caddington Village50
Roasted Peanut Treats, Set Of 22016Caddington Village00
Robin's Antique Shop20082012Plymouth Corners50
Robin's Toy Store2002Coventry Cove50
Robinson House2011Caddington Village00
Rochester Cottage19982002Holidays00
Rock Candy Tree2016Gift Spice60
Rock Candy Tree Grape20042007Sugar n Spice00
Rock Candy Tree Wintergreen20042007Sugar n Spice00
Rock Island Lighthouse20042008Plymouth Corners10
Rock Monsters20052009Spooky Town00
Rock-A-Bye Cribs & Cradles20042008Caddington Village00
Rocket Ride20112014Holidays00
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree20132015Holidays00
Rocking Chair Skeleton2012Spooky Town20
Rocking Horse Topiary20062011Holidays10
Rocking Reindeer20062013Santa's Wonderland10
Rocks & Docks Display Platform2008General Products20
Rocky Cape Historic Lighthouse20152016Plymouth Corners00
Rocky Mt. Falls19972006Holidays20
Rocky Point Lighthouse19972003Holidays80
Rocky Top Sporting Goods2014Vail Village10
Rod's Car Lot19992002Holidays00
Rod's Parts Store2014Jukebox Junction00
Roger's Model Trains20042005Caddington Village10
Roller Skate Waitress20122015Jukebox Junction00
Rolling Hills Bed & Breakfast20112014Harvest Crossing00
Rolling Hills Police Station2017Caddington Village00
Rolling Hoops 19911997Figurines00
Rolling Readers20182019Caddington Village00
Rolls For Father20062011Holidays20
Romance At The Lodge20062013Holidays20
Romantic Bike Ride, Set Of 220051999Autumn Harvest20
Romantic Campfire2015Plymouth Corners20
Romantic Carriage Ride20102015Holidays00
Romantic Couple20062015Holidays20
Romeo's Pizza19992002Holidays00
Ron's Fish And Tackle20012020Harvest Crossing10
Rope Skippers20042008Holidays30
Rosa's Family Restaurant2012Harvest Crossing00
Rosalie's Dresses And Accessories20042005Caddington Village00
Rose Creek Cottage20002003Caddington Village50
Rose's Flower Emporium20082015Plymouth Corners00
Rosebud Chapel2013Coventry Cove20
Rothchild Automobiles20072013Caddington Village30
Rotten Railroad Crossing2012Spooky Town40
Rotten Rover20102013Spooky Town20
Round Bristle Tree Small19912015Holidays00
Round Evergreen Tree Mini19942015Holidays10
Round Spot Light Set Of 22014General Products50
Round Spot Light, Blue, Set Of 22015General Products10
Round Top Market20092011Harvest Crossing00
Round Up2012Carnival90
Round-Shaped Topiaries19982003Holidays10
Rover As Rudolph2010General Products10
Rover Plays Rudolph2020Vail Village00
Rover Takes Charge2010Vail Village40
Rover's Loose 19981999Figurines10
Row House 19921996Lighted House / Building10
Row House Apartment/Curio Shop20052009Holidays00
Row Houses19992004Holidays10
Roy's Diner20072009Harvest Crossing10
Royal Carousel2011Coventry Cove00
Royal Coach Inn20002003Plymouth Corners20
Rub-A-Dub-A-Cowboy20082011Spooky Town00
Rugged Snowshoers20072014Holidays40
Rum Pum Pum Pum19992006Holidays20
Runaway Rover2016Vail Village30
Rural Point Rustic Tent20092014Holidays00
Rural Victorian Family2015Caddington Village10
Russell's Garden Accessories2019Caddington Village20
Rustic Birdhouse Raid2016Vail Village20
Rustic Church20142019Lighted House / Building00
Rustic Log Swing2018Accessories40
Rustic Retreat Bed & Breakfast2018Vail Village10
Rustic Street Lamp, Set Of 42005General Products30
Rustic Washhouse2020Harvest Crossing00
Rustic Wood Fence2014Harvest Crossing20
Rusty Old Fence20092013Spooky Town30
Rusty Pelican Restaurant & Market20082014Plymouth Corners00
Ruthie's Dolls2014Caddington Village20
Ryan & Morgan Jewelry & Clocks20072009Caddington Village00

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