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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Collection Right Now on eBay
W. C. Ashford Dmd19932001Caddington Village20
W.E. Slabbum Tombstone Quarry2012Spooky Town10
Waffle House Waitress2018Kmart Exclusive00
Waffle Hut2014Vail Village40
Wagman's Dept. Store20052011Holidays30
Wagon Ride2018Summer Americana30
Wags-N-Whiskers Pet Lodge2015Coventry Cove40
Wait For Me20022006Spooky Town40
Waiting for Bus 19971999Figurines00
Waiting For Lift19972010Holidays00
Waiting for Mailman 19911999Figurines10
Waiting For Santa20022015Holidays50
Waiting For The Bus20052011Autumn Harvest40
Waiting For The Local20072012Holidays00
Waiting To Get On A Ride20102011Holidays00
Waitress2011Coventry Cove20
Wake The Dead20102012Spooky Town00
Wakeman's Cottage20042007Holidays00
Walker Residence20042006Caddington Village00
Walker's Dept. Store20062014Caddington Village00
Walker's General Store20012005Harvest Crossing10
Walking Along20072011Holidays10
Walking Betsy20122015Jukebox Junction00
Walking Children 19921999Figurines00
Walking Family2018Caddington Village10
Walking Fifi 19931999Figurines00
Walking In A Winter Wonderland19982003Holidays10
Walking In the Rain2016General Products10
Walking in the Snow 19931999Figurines00
Walking Nanny20092015Holidays00
Walking Rudolph2014Coventry Cove00
Walking Zombies, Set Of 32015Spooky Town100
Walltown Lumber19982002Harvest Crossing20
Wally's Music City19982002Holidays00
Wally's Pet Wash Wagon , Set Of 32017Plymouth Corners30
Wallys Waffle House2018Kmart Exclusive10
Walt's Malts2019Jukebox Junction20
Waltz Weary2019Figurines20
Wanda's Wicked Cupcakes2016Spooky Town40
Warlock's Workshop20122015Spooky Town40
Warming Hut20092015Holidays10
Warming Up20032006Caddington Village10
Warwick Chapel 19951999Harvest Crossing10
Washburn's Country Home 19951999Plymouth Corners20
Washerwoman2017Caddington Village10
Washin' Wagon20132015Holidays20
Wasteland Pub2018Michaels Exclusives181
Watch Your Step20082015Spooky Town50
Water Fountain2010Caddington Village80
Water Pump19952003Holidays140
Water Pump, Tree & Firewood, Set Of 32003General Products40
Water Tower20042011Holidays Seasons30
Water Tower2015Vail Village140
Water Tower2017General Products20
Water Well2003Harvest Crossing140
Waterfall Display Platform20072015Holidays00
Watermelon Feast2018Summer Americana60
Watson House2009Coventry Cove00
Waving Girl 19911999Figurines10
Waxing Skis2014Vail Village20
Wayside Church2018Caddington Village50
Wayside Cottage2012Caddington Village00
Wayside Diner2008Harvest Crossing20
Wayside Tea Room 19941996Lighted House / Building10
We'Re Late!20072012Holidays30
We'Re Not Done Yet20112014Holidays00
Weary Travelers20012006Caddington Village10
Weatherford House2013Plymouth Corners10
Weaver House2010Carole Towne Collection10
Weavers Carpet Barn20092011Harvest Crossing00
Wedding Carriage And Driver20042007Sugar n Spice00
Wedding Party20032013Caddington Village10
Wedding Photo20132015Spooky Town10
Wedding Portrait20022015Caddington Village20
Weekend Getaway2014General Products10
Weekend Skier2000Vail Village10
Weekend Skier2000Vail Village20
Weekly Ride2014Coventry Cove00
Weeping Willow Large20012012Holidays20
Weeping Willow Medium20012012Holidays00
Weeping Willow Small20012011Holidays00
Weighing Kitty20112014Holidays10
Weighing Kitty, set of 22011Coventry Cove10
Welcome Home20052008Harvest Crossing30
Welcome Home!2019Caddington Village10
Welcome Santa Sign20132015Holidays00
Welcome To Church20042007Holidays10
Welcome To The Boneyard2017Spooky Town80
Well 19911999Figurines500
Well Done20082010Spooky Town10
Well Of Souls20102013Spooky Town00
Wellington Academy 19911994Lighted House / Building00
Werewolf20102013Spooky Town10
Werewolf20102013Spooky Town10
Werewolf Crossing Sign20102013Spooky Town00
Werewolf Grooming And Night Spa2012Spooky Town00
Werewolf's Den20072008Spooky Town20
Wesley Pub2004Caddington Village40
West Bend Station2002Coventry Cove10
West Hills Chapel20032006Caddington Village20
West Side Police Station2016Caddington Village00
Westfield House2014Harvest Crossing10
Westmill Farm House 19921994Lighted House / Building00
Westminster Abbey19962003Caddington Village40
Whale Point Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast2007Plymouth Corners00
Whale Watching Boat20072013Holidays10
Wharton's Farm20012004Harvest Crossing20
What A Cute Doll20002014Figurines10
What A Pair20052007Sugar n Spice30
What Do You Think?20042006Holidays00
What Lovely Voices19992006Holidays20
What Scares Monsters20082010Spooky Town20
What's Inside?20082011Holidays20
What's New, Set Of 22015Caddington Village30
What's Next?2014Vail Village00
Whatley's Elementary20042015Caddington Village40
Wheelbarrow Tree2018Vail Village00
Wheelbarrow With Poinsettias2006General Products10
Wheeler House20042008Caddington Village00
Whispering Sisters20022006Holidays10
White Christmas Predicted1997Memory Makers20
White Christmas Tree Extra Large20062011Holidays00
White Christmas Tree Large20062011Holidays00
White Christmas Tree Medium20062011Holidays00
White Cliffs Lighthouse19972002Holidays80
White Foot Bridge20042012Holidays10
White Hawthorn Tree2019General Products10
White Lion Pub20032005Holidays00
White Pine Extra Large19992014Holidays00
White Pine Jumbo19982014Holidays00
White Pine Large2014General Products00
White Pine Large19972014Holidays Seasons00
White Pine Medium2014General Products00
White Pine Medium19972014Holidays Seasons10
White Pine Pack 2 Extra Large19982005Holidays00
White Pine, Large2017General Products20
White Pine, Medium2017General Products10
White Pines National Park Visitor Center2018Vail Village20
White Rabbit Book Store20122016Caddington Village10
White Rail Fence20042012Holidays00
White Swan Inn20092012Holidays00
White Water Kayaks20082016Plymouth Corners20
White Water Ruckus20112014Holidays10
Whitfield Mansion20112013Holidays00
Whitley Residence20122016Caddington Village60
Whittlin' The Day Away20032006Holidays00
Whole Grain Co-Op19982002Harvest Crossing10
Wick & Sons Candle Shop20032006Caddington Village30
Wicked Fast Broomsticks20112015Spooky Town50
Wicked Wanda20102015Spooky Town00
Wicked Windmill20112015Spooky Town10
Wicker Lawn Set, Set Of 82016General Products00
Wilburn Co. Bingo Hall20082012Harvest Crossing70
Wild Animals2019Vail Village30
Wild Pumpkin Ride20092013Spooky Town30

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