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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Collection: Vail Village
Year Released Year Retired Right Now on eBay
5 Hawk Cabin20134
A Cowboy Christmas201720190
A Day At The Park20200
A Pack Of Pups20170
After School Hockey Match20094
All Geared Up201420194
Alpine Fire Station201320161
Alpine Ranger Station200120062
Alpine Skiier201620191
Alternative Energy20133
Angel's Wings20043
Apres-ski Lodge20178
Around The Fire20105
Aspen Inn & Ale House200920143
Aspen Ridge Landscaping & Nursery20221
Atv Action201220151
Aunt Betty's Jams & Jellies201620200
Axe And Logs20203
Backwoods Snowshoe Rental Shop20181
Bass Lake Fishing Cabin20120
Bear Family Snow Day20200
Bed & Breakfast 1993199925
Beginner Skaters20201
Big Cat Cabin20133
Big Game Hunter201120142
Big Mountain Outfitters200920122
Big Pine Gas Station20177
Birch Creek Ice Fishing Festival20232
Block & Cleaver Butcher Shop200820120
Blossom's Flower Shop200720124
Blue Ridge Gallery20120
Boarding Fun20230
Bonfire, Set Of 320043
Brad's Place20171
Branson Springs Mercantile20200
Bringing Home Our Tree20230
Bringing Home The Christmas Tree201420180
Buck's Hunting Cabin200720145
Bucky's Trading Post & Casey's Camping Gear200420071
Building A Sled20176
Bunny Slope Beginners20212
Cabin Canteen20194
Camp Fire20116
Campfire Fondue201320130
Campfire Music20150
Camping Couples20202
Camping Hammock Buddy20221
Camping Tent200720163
Cardinal Cafe20203
Carlton Residence20120
Carol's Christmas Corner20132
Cat Nap20140
Catching Air201219990
Cedar Creek Outfitters201020151
Chestnut Cabin20206
Chestnuts Roasting201220181
Chicken & Waffles Brunch House20200
Chocolate Swirl201220152
Christmas Cabin20237
Christmas Moon20186
Christmas On Horseback201520190
Christmas Outhouse200635
Christmas Tree Dad20173
Christmas Tree Transport20146
Christmas Tree Wagon, Set Of 2200428
Christmas Wreaths 4 Sale20154
Cider Service, Set Of 320171
Clark's Snowcap Retreat20215
Claws & Paws Pet Hotel20130
Clearing A Path200519
Clearing The Ice20170
Clearing The Sidewalk20212
Coming Through20170
Community Church 199419980
Construction Crew201520194
Cozy Cabin201020145
Create A Reindeer20182
Creek Side Cabin200420122
Creekside Mountain Bed & Breakfast20204
Cross-Country Coffee Break20132
Cross-Country Friends, Set Of 220132
Cumberland Lake Cottage200620100
Curious Bunnies200126
Dad Gets Help201820200
Dad Helps Out Set Of 2201420170
Dapper & Debonair Snowman20191
Deer Family20202
Deer Fountain20113
Deerfield Creek Trading Post201320172
Digging Out The Doghouse201420182
Dog In Snow, Set Of 2201520180
Dog Sledding Afternoon20211
Dog Snow Saucer Fun20220
Doggone Winter Fun20230
Dottie's Flapjack House20200
Double The Fun200320150
Duck Duck Goose20230
Eagle Ridge Ski Lodge20204
Eagle's Nest Fire Lookout200220120
Edelweiss Cabin20132
Elk Lake Lodge20221
Elk Mountain Music Festival20181
Emergency Snow Removal20140
Emily's Bed & Breakfast200820100
End Of The Ride199720030
Family Holiday Shopping Spree20226
Family Ice Follies20228
Family Skating Day20200
Family Snow Day201910
Family Trek20202
Farm Fresh Christmas Trees20230
Father & Son Skiing19965
Father Daughter Practice Time20230
Feeding Deer201320190
Fine Chocolate Shop20152
Fire Pit20170
Fire Pit, Set Of 520105
Fireside Books & Magazines200220050
Firewood Delivery20210
First Ski Date20144
Fishing Lesson201420190
Fly Fishing Tours201020144
Foot Warmer20170
For Sale: Trailer20171
For The Love Of Chocolate Shop20203
Fox Hunt20200
Friendly Competition20126
Frolic In The Snow200410
Front Yard Santa201320183
Frosty Frolic20195
Frosty Goes Ice Skating20220
Fuel For The Fire20099
Fun On Ski Mobile200320131
Future Sled Dogs20202
Garden Bench20137
Garland Grove Tree Lot20181
Gathering Firewood20161
Gathering Kindling200620181
Gearing Up20171
Geppetto's Toy Shop201320172
Gerrys Hamburger Joint20183
Getting Dinner201520170
Getting Ready To Decorate20213
Girls Play Hockey, Too!20230
Glenbrook Ferry201220150
Global Bean Coffee Kiosk20198
Going Skating20226
Gone Fishin’20220
Good Morning Joe20174
Granite Peaks Family Restaurant201020143
Grillin' & Chillin'20105
Handel's Bake Shop200420094
Happy Antlers Reindeer Shelter And Veterinarian20172
Happy Camper20162
Have A Bite20163
Havenwood Lodge20230
Hearth & Home Quilt Shoppe201220200
Henry's Christmas Tree Farm20173
Her First Fish!202013
Her First Snowman201420190
Here Comes Our Tree201420193
Here's To The Holidays20230
Herschel's Sawmill20200
Hidden Trails Nature Center201020160
Hide-Away Cabin20230
High Rock Lake Trailer20183
Highway Patrol Hq200820150
Hiker's Hangout20130
Hikers' Cabin200720120
Hillside School201220204
Hockey In The Park Set Of 1920144
Hockey Tryouts201320191
Hoffman's Brat House20230

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